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Some Schools Closed Today Because: Power Outages (Dec 19th 2023)

School Notes: update 7am
- Anglo East: Bessborough School Closed, Hillcrest School Closed, Maplehurst Middle School closed, also Caledonia Regional High School, Hillsborough Elementary, Petitcodiac Regional School, Riverside Consolidated School, Shediac Cape School Closed (power outages.)
- Franc South: Abbey-Landry School, Grande-Digue School, École Blanche-Bourgeois, École des Bâtisseurs, and École Sainte-Anne closed

But I'll Have a Weird, Weird Christmas! The What a Weird Week Show Fri Dec 15, 2023

What a Weird Week is a show about the weird stuff that happened in the news this week. For Full Shownotes see ... Subscribe to the Audio Podcast at ... and see the Video Podcast at
* Note: it is Christmas Time, baby! So this week is less Weird Headlines and more Weird Christmas stuff. "You'll be doin' alright with your Christmas of White, but I'll have a weird, weird Christmas!"

*UPDATE* Salvation Army Kettles Help Families, Kids, and other folks in Our Own Neighborhood! Please consider donating and Thanks!

First things first: The Salvation Army is kicking off their Kettle Campaign for 2023 with a fun family event on Wednesday (Nov 22) at their location on Centennial Drive off St. George Blvd.
- Starts at 6:30p
- at 20 Centennial Drive in Moncton.
- Tree Lighting!
- Sounds of the Season!
- Treats!
- Fun!!

Hop Pop Cop and Flying Cats! What a Weird Week for Fri Dec 8th 2023 #WeirdNews #Catchup #Podcast

What a Weird Week is a show about the weird stuff that happened in the news this week. For Full Shownotes see ... Subscribe to the Audio Podcast at ... and see the Video Podcast at

The What a Weird Week Show for Friday, November 10th 2023: Weird Things in the News!

What a Weird Week is a show about the weird stuff from this week's news. Shownotes ... Audio Podcast ... Video Podcast

(this is an episode transcript) "Hi Friends, I'm Scott. This is the What a Weird Week Show, a Top Ten Countdown of weird news. For audio, video, and shownotes see!
Season 4, Episode 59 first published on Friday Nov. 10th, 2023...


❿ Nike Lawsuit! Nike suing New Balance and Sketchers for patent infringement.
This is about sneakers and technology in our sneakers.
I'm not a lawyer, but here is my paraphrase.
Nike is saying, you stole our idea.
New Balance and Sketchers are saying, they're sneakers.
They go on your feet.
Come on.
You don't have the worldwide rights to feet.
I don't know.
That's kind of it.
You can read the article.
The link is in the show notes.
Here's a quote.
Nike's fly knit technology uses high strength fibers to create lightweight uppers with targeted
areas of support, stretch, and breathability.
Now I feel like those are the end quote.
I feel like those are good qualities to have in a shoe that could possibly, if you've
ever had a smelly shoe situation going on in your life, I mean breathability? Yes. Support? Who doesn't like support? Stretch? Listen, the end of the day after a lot of salt... Yes.
All good qualities, Nike says, whatever is happening there with the other, with their
competitors, stolen, and it is all patented technology.
This one to be continued.
Oh, by the way, Nike has already sued Adidas, Puma, and Lulu Lemon concerning the patents
on fly knit technology.
Adidas and Puma settled, LuluLemon is a case that is still going on.
No word yet from New Balance or Sketchers.
If there's a big ol' Shoe Showdown/ Shoedown (©2023 Weird Week Productions) it's just gonna drive up the cost of shoes isn't it? They'll be coming for our Crocs next you guys!

❾ The Chainsaw-wielding thieves in the news and what they're stealing...
- It's Olive Trees you guys. They are stealing Olive Trees. I mean, maybe not what you thought and definitely a clickbait headline...- the price of olive oil is getting high enough that thieves are thieving that stuff. Sometimes with chainsaws... chopping off branches or entire trees.
- not a sustainable business model.- why is the price of olive oil so high? All the things you are imagining. bad crop ... climate change... Mercury in retrograde* (citation needed)
- we might have to switch to bacon grease instead of Olive Oil for our salad dressing for awhile until this thing gets solved...
- quote from story: "In Greece, a 1-liter bottle of extra virgin oil jumped from $8 to $9 last year to as much as $15 this year."

You're Listening to the What a Weird Week Show: Catching up on the weird news of the week!

❽ Two amazing cooking records in the news! There's a couple of world records that have been broken this past week... they involve cooking and or baking. The longest cooking marathon where a chef from Ireland cooked and cooked and cooked and cooked and cooked. Like cooked!
A hundred and nineteen hours and fifty seven minutes of non-stop cooking you guys. That's impressive.
If you're at this restaurant ordering food from a chef who's a couple hours into the world record, you're going to get a quality dish.
A hundred and nineteen, almost a hundred and twenty hours into the record, I don't know if your eggs are going to be exactly how you wanted them. I'm just saying that chef doesn't want any dishes sent back to the kitchen. "I will have none of that!" Wouldn't you be so tired? You'd be like, "I'm not putting up with any guff... They're having their eggs scrambled."
Anyway, this Alan Fisher of Ireland set that record almost a hundred and twenty hours of non-stop cooking and then turns around and does baking for forty seven hours and twenty one minutes.
Another record. Obviously, can stand the heat and stay in the kitchen. Hey?
We link to an article that gets into his background and inspirational story of how he got to where he's at.
If you want to read that,

❼ the UFO was a no-fo ... Bunch of people reported seeing UFOs in San Diego... turns out it was US Navy sky divers...
The US Navy leap frogs were skydiving into the San Diego Wave Football Club game... Into the snap dragon stadium Sunday...
so a lot of people saw this who weren't at the game didn't realize and didn't see the social media post from the United States Navy leapfrog saying "that's us" so the football club or soccer team and the US Navy were behind the UFO sightings. I don't know sometimes I like it when we figure out what they are...
I hate a mystery. I like a solution. You know I used to say I like a good mystery, but I don't. I hate a good mystery. I like a bad mystery. When you can solve it... That's my definition of a bad mystery. So this one was a bad mystery and I am grateful.
photos and video and stuff in the show notes
Welcome back to our weird news countdown - What a Weird Week!

❻ Men charged in Golden Toilet Heist that might be an insult to America... The headline from Associated Press is, "Four Men Charged in Theft of Golden Toilet."
The story out of London, Four Men were charged on Monday after an 18-carat gold toilet was stolen
from the English country mansion where Winston Churchill was born. The golden toilet is valued at close to $6 million.
It was art. An Italian artist made this golden toilet and called it America. So I don't think that's nice.
I don't think that was meant in a nice, like a tribute to our American friends. You friends in America, I wouldn't put up with that.
Why would you make a golden toilet and call it America? Am I not seeing it right? Like maybe it was some kind of honor,
high praise, "even the toilets are paved with gold?" I don't know, maybe. It's not my first instinct is to see a golden toilet labeled America
and think it was a nice thing that this Italian artist was doing. Why can't we all just get along?
Why can't we focus on our similarities rather than our differences and just get along instead of making golden toilet art about one another?
If you wanna see what the golden toilet looks like, we have a link in the show notes, but just imagine a toilet made of 18-karat gold.
Boom, you got it.
Incidentally, if convicted, these fellows go to jail...  and they are discussing with some other people in jail, "what are you in here for?"
And they say, "we stole a golden toilet." Are you gonna be, is that gonna garner respect? Or is that going to be trouble for you if you're in for golden toilet theft?
Just curious, I don't know. I ain't had much learning.

❺ Whales sink another boat...
It's a phenomenon you guys.
This time it was a Polish yacht off the coast of Morocco that got sunk.
Killer whales.
In the Strait of Gibraltar... they just. went. to. town!
Smashing into this yacht for 45 minutes... major damage and the boat sank.
The crew is safe, not harmed. Notes from previous episode: they ram boats... they bite rudders... they've sunk boats... and it seems to be happening more often.
- it's not really a question of Are They Doing It On Purpose... it's more a question of Why? Do they know what they're doing? Is it cold-blooded attempted murder? Do we need to lock up all the whales in some kind of Whale Jail©?
- Right now, the researchers are trying to figure it out. If you ask most people, they say the whales are finally getting even with us for all the nets and ships bumping into them and whatnot. Whale researchers don't really think that, but they're still trying to find answers.
We covered similar stories before
Thanks for being here, this is the What a Weird Week Show!
❹ Headline from Global News: "Human skull found amid Halloween decor in Florida thrift store!"This one is scary! Creepy! Human skull!
Would you even know right?! You're in this thrift shop...  you're in a store...  you're looking for creepy Halloween stuff for your creepy creepy fun creepy Halloween creepstacular... And you see this skull and you're like yeah that's pretty good how much is that?! Who would know if it was real? Well, it turns out the person in the thrift store happened to be an anthropologist! ... and they were like "I'm pretty sure this is human", reported it to the authorities. It was human! They don't believe the case is suspicious in nature but that's all we know so far... to be continued.
❸ The Best Cheese in the World is...
some kind of semi solid blue cheese... a blue cheese from Norway took top spot best in show whatever it's called at the world cheese awards.
So the best cheese in the world comes from Norway... blue cheese. Here's the top 10 list and, I don't know, being from Canada I was hoping maybe some sort of representation at the world cheese awards. I got my cheese pride you guys. I got my cheese pride. But nope. The top 10:
number 10 was from Italy... Number nine was a Netherlands cheese... Number eight also... Germany had number seven...  Austria was number six... Switzerland ... India... Switzerland again at number three... then a cheese from Belgium and Norway at the number one spot with that blue cheese.
Mmm. Mmm. Stinky.
The What a Weird Week Show - we're getting close to the weirdest story of the week!

❷ headline from Fox 13 is NYC Green Slime puzzlers New Yorkers...
So in New York, this green slime started oozing onto the street up through the sewer, and then look at that gutter full of green slime.
What the heck? And it was a very, very vibrant green slime. Such... I mean, when you picture green slime, you don't even have to go to the show notes and click the thing... Picture green slime. There, you got it. I'm confident that you're picturing what this is, the vibrancy and the consistency, the slimy goodness that is the green New York City street slime. It turns out... so it went viral and got reported and stuff... People are like, what is this? And some people are just walking by it.
Don't even care. Green slime. Vibrant green slime coming out of the sewer drain... It turns out when they're doing work... I didn't know this... this is not how they do it in my city... but when they're doing work in the sewer trying to detect leaks... they put this vibrant green dye in the water, and that was what came bubbling up. So mystery solved. Did I mention before I love an easy mystery?
I love it when a mystery is solved. What a great day.

ICYMI The Top Ten from Last Week (episode is still online, see
Weird Archeological find is the number one story next...

The What a Weird Week Show!

❶ It's time for the number one weird story of the week...
All right, number one is an archeological find that surprised the researchers, a 400-year-old skeleton with an iron hand who was uncovered in Germany.
They did some tests, they believed the skeleton belonged to a man between 30 and 50 years old who died maybe in the mid-14, who died between like 1450 and early 1600s. A long time ago to have an iron hand and the researchers were quite impressed with the iron hand. The researchers were impressed with all the medical ingenuity... that's me paraphrasing. Also, I learned that m(I don't know my history at all) It's not a first?!
Old iron hand, a German knight from the early 1500s lost his right hand at the wrist. It was a cannon sword accident. I mean, how unfortunate can you be? It wasn't a cannon accident. It wasn't a sword accident. It was a cannon sword accident where a cannon misfires and the sword flies and cuts off
the hand... and so old iron hand, the German knight got an iron hand. This has been a lot of iron hand talk.
First time ever though on this program... and number one this week.
That's the What a Weird Week Show! For Shownotes and more go to ShowNotes Dot Page.
One final note... thank you to our veterans, serving members of the military, and military family members. Tomorrow is Remembrance Day in Canada. Here's a link to more info (
OK, See you next Friday for another countdown of weird news on What a Weird Week!

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Wildlife Wednesday Report: ♪The Bears are Back in Town♫ #VanThief #Bearvasion #Bears #DaBears #WildlifeWednesday #BearProofSuits 8 Nov 2023

Wildlife Wednesday Nov. 8th 2023:

A lady in BC is the latest human van owner to fall victim to attempted bear-theft-auto.

It seems clear that the bears are organizing, either by ringing our doorbells so that we answer the door in our pajamas leaving us open to bearvasion, by climbing into our second story windows to eat our delicious pork chops, or (the latest) by breaking into our vans in what can only be seen as an organized bear cabal of vehicle thievery. 

- What is going on here? According to THIS EXPERT, the bears are evolving and this is the beginning of a Planet-of-the-Bears situation where we will become subservient.  

- What is the next phase? According to THIS EXPERT, the bears will learn to drive our vehicles and use them to go to the grocery store, and honey manufacturing plants.

- What can we do? According to THIS EXPERT, we need to start wearing Bear-Proof-Suits 24/7.

story continues to unfold. check back for updates.


Remembrance Day 2023: ceremony locations, legion and poppy information, coloring pages for kids, more #LestWeForget


MONCTON: Honor veterans and pay tribute to their sacrifice on November 11th at these ceremonies (via the City Facebook) ... 

🍁 Royal Canadian Legion Branch #6 Remembrance Day Ceremony is at Moncton Coliseum (377 Killam Dr). Arrive by 10a.
🍁 a Community Ceremony is at Victoria Park (Weldon St.) from 10:45a to 11:15a.
🍁 Royal Canadian Legion Branch #54 Remembrance Day Ceremony is at Sunny Brae Park on Massey Ave from 11a to 12p. *Around 10:45a, traffic will be stopped while the procession moves from Sunny Brae Legion (164 Broadway St) to the  park ceremony. **Around 12p after the ceremony, traffic will be stopped while the procession returns to Sunny Brae Legion. (via)


DIEPPE: ceremony November 11th at École Mathieu-Martin (511 Champlain Street) beginning at 10:30a

🍁 will began with a parade of veterans, cadets and members of the RCMP, forming at 10:30a and moving indoors for a ceremony "that commemorates the signing of the Armistice, formalizing the end of World War I in 1918." This was followed by a reception at the Dieppe Golden Age Club (445 Acadie Avenue). See Dieppe Facebook for more information.

RIVERVIEW: The Town of Riverview's Remembrance Day service is at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church (5 Fatima Drive) starting at 10:50a on Nov. 11th, 2023.

🍁 Veterans line up at the Dan Bohan Centre and march into the church alongside firefighters, police, cadets, guides and scouts. Veterans and their families invited to a reception after the service at Coverdale Centre (50 Runneymeade Rd.)  
*"For those unable to attend the ceremony, the cenotaph outside of Riverview Town Hall is a popular location to pay respects to veterans and can often be found covered in poppies on November 11." (via)

MEMRAMCOOK: Remembrance Day ceremony will be held at Veterans Park (on the corner of Royal Road and St. Thomas Street), beginning at 11 a.m., Saturday, November 11. 

🍁 "Information: Etienne Gaudet, 506-962-7770. Veterans Dinner: Following the 11th November ceremony, a meatloaf dinner with scone, dessert and tea or coffee will take place around 12:30pm at the Memramcook Golden Age Club (Cradle). Cost : $10. Please book by November 8th by emailing or by phone 506-758-9137." 

SHEDIAC: Remembrance Day Service will be at Pascal Poirier Park starting at 10:30a. 

🍁 There will be a reception at Legion Branch #33 (386 Main St) following the service.

TANTRAMAR: Gather at Dorchester Cenotaph on Main St. at 10:45a.

🍁 "Join us on Nov 11th, 2023, 10:45am at the Dorchester Cenotaph, 4984 Main St. Honor our heroes and remember their sacrifices. Organized by the Dorchester IODE Shepody Chapter." via

SCHEDULE 2023... 10a church service, 10:55a cenotaph service." (via)  

🍁 Here is the Salisbury Legion Facebook. Here's a MAP to the Salisbury Legion.

🍁 Some other links to check (not all of these places had info available at publishing time) ...
Bouctouche ... Dorchester ... Hillsborough is now Fundy Albert ... Saint-Antoine is now the Town of Champdoré ... Saint-Louis-de-Kent is now Beaurivage ... Petitcodiac/ parts of Salisbury is now Three Rivers .

🩸 Please consider donating blood for Remembrance Day 🩸
This is a wonderful way to honour our veterans and members of the Canadian Armed Forces.
The Moncton donor centre is at at 500 Mapleton Road.
Get an appointment through the GiveBlood app (iphone) (android), call 1 888 2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283) or book at

CLICK HERE to find a Royal Canadian Legion near you
CLICK HERE for a list of War Memorials
CLICK HERE to support the Poppy Campaign online
Canada Remembers Facebook (

We wear a poppy to remember the sacrifice made by our veterans, and to support people serving in the Canadian Armed Forces as we strive for peace. Money donated to the poppy campaign around here stays in our community! Each year, MANY high school kids receive the Legion College Bursary because of your donations!!
If you'd like to find out more or help the Royal Canadian Legion, call Branch 6 Legion at 1-506-382-5411 or 506-855-3364. To get in touch with them online: Branch 6 Facebook HERE, Branch 6 Website HERE.
Here are a couple coloring pages to put in your window... (thanks to Pickle Planet Blog for the idea)


What a Weird Week Show: Mariah Carey Sued Again?! Fri. Nov. 3rd 2023

What a Weird Week is a show about the weird stuff from this week's news. Links:

1) Shownotes Page

2) Audio Podcast

3) Video Podcast


(this is an episode transcript) "Hi Friends, I'm Scott. This is the What a Weird Week Show, a Top Ten Countdown of weird news. Link:
Season 4, Episode 58 first published on Friday Nov. 3rd, 2023...


❿ This week, I'm playing catch-up on a few stories because last week was our Halloween special... kicking things off at number ten is the heroic world record where a bunch of people did a shot of booze off a ski...
- there are a couple of ski resorts who have a bit of a back and forth, friendly competition over this shot ski world record for most people doing a shot off of a ski...
- Last week, Park City, Utah set a new one...  
- how they did it: first they glued close to 1700 rubber shot glass grippers onto skis... the 500-and-something pairs of skis were fastened together... then you get a giant line of people down the street holding up these shot skis.... and "ready, set, go!" they all tip that giant FrankenSki© and do a shot together.
- the world record is 1363 people doing a shot ski at once...
- they did it for charity...
- a resort in Colorado is hoping to take back the record in December...
❾ Another Catch-up... the loudest house cat purr world record belongs to Bella the cat from the UK who can purr somewhat loudly...
- not gonna sugar-coat this, it's a bit of a loud purr for sure, but when you hear "World's Loudest Cat Purr" you think paintings are gonna fall off the wall or something... instead, Bella purrs at 54.59 decibels which is like: "A quiet conversation, A quiet office or home, A quiet residential street, A quiet refrigerator, Moderate rainfall."
and see and also

❽ Next we're catching up on the Glass Dancing World Record as reported by Hoops Hooper at UPI...
- a man in Cyprus did a dance while balancing 319 wine glasses on his head... that's a new world record!
- the 62 year old fella doesn't even do it full-time... he has a day job, and then in his spare time he breaks wine glass world records?!
- if you want to try to beat the record... I would recommend starting with plastic cups first... the rules are that you have to keep the glasses balanced for at least 10 seconds while dancing...
and see the video
❼ Here's another one that got bumped for the Halloween episode last week... headline from Business Insider: "A man posed as a mannequin in a shop window to steal jewelry after hours, Polish police say" ...
- happened at a mall in Warsaw, Poland...
- a 22 year old suspect posed in the shop window until he thought the coast was clear, then he tried to steal jewellery and stuff...
- was it a sudden-decision to try this caper, or did he practice at home for weeks and weeks to be the perfect mannequin? Either way, he must've forgot about the security cams.
- the article talks about other times where people tried to se the mannequin approach to stealing... it's not brand new?!

❻ Bears try to steal minivan, escape arrest...
- happened in North Carolina...
- three bears got into a mini van and then got locked inside somehow...
- did they actually try to steal the mini van? I'm gonna say yes. 100%. Can't trust bears, you guys...
- imagine it though... you're called to the scene... there are three unhappy bears in a mini van and you have to get them out... what do you do?
- these officers tied a rope to the door handle and got far away before they opened the door...
- it was a mama and two baby bears...
- the bears ended up not being charged with anything... they messed up the van pretty good apparently...
and see
❺ Possible Spiderman World Record!
- organizers think they got two thousand people dressed as Spiderman gathered together in Buenos Aires... that would be a new world record but it needs to be confirmed by the Guinness folks...
- old record was 685 spiderpeople...
- the record attempt also helped ot charity...
- the drone footage is really impressive...
- most of the costumes were the real deal.. very few Spiderman pajamas
and see

❹ OK... earmuffs for the kids on this one... and it's gross... a Charity Shop/ Thrift Store in the UK had to post this on their social media... Please stop donating Grownup Happy Fun Time Toys *paraphrase ...
- why would someone donate that kind of thing to a Thrift Store? Did they think it was funny? Or did they really think they were doing some good charity work by donating a box of Love Machine Tingle Boppers© ??
- It's weird. We reported it. Now I want to move on...
if you like to help the charity (by not donating saucy toys) get in touch via

❸ @GWR headline: "Colossal cup of ‘smelly’ instant noodles sets record in China"
- a food company in China made a giant cup of rice noodles which sounds delicious... but then the noodles are described as "Smelly Noodles" which puts a damper on things a little bit... why smelly?
- the official record is largest cup of instant rice noodle ever made... the cup was over 4 feet tall and weighed 112 pounds!
- the world record ingredients were the traditional smelly rice noodle ingredients... "vinegar, chilli oil, peanuts, sour bamboo shoots, dried tofu skin, and bean curd sticks."
- after they set the record, staff at the company ate those noodles.
- back to the why smelly question... according to the GWR folks the bamboo shoots give it the most offensive of all the aromas this dish offers, apparently.


❷ A pig named Kevin Bacon who escaped from his Pennsylvania home has returned after 17 days on the loose.
- at first, I was like, catchy name... funny pig story... but there's a little bit more to this one...
- the actor Kevin Bacon put the missing pig report on his social media...
- in what I assume would be controversial to some people, the owners made up a homemade knock-out bun full of Benadryl and left it for Kevin Bacon (the pig)...
- another unusual move was that the pig owners made a new pen AFTER Kevin Bacon had already escaped... you don't get that every day... but...
- Kevin Bacon must've liked his new pen because after the delicious, sedative-filled sticky bun went missing and the owners figured they'd find Kevin sleeping it off somewhere... they found Kevin Bacon in his new pen!
- What an adventure!
*this portion of the show brought to you by Benadryl: not just for humans anymore!
UPI story and also see

Honorable Mention!
- No Last Week ReCap this week because last week was our Halloween Special. The episode is still online if you want to check it out... it's seemingly terrifying I think... see ...
- We do have an Honorable Mention this week though... and it goes to the staff at Buzzfeed who are promoting a delicious Croissant Candle that costs around 65 bucks... the comments are what sold it for me (not that I can afford a 65 dollar candle... so I use the term "sold it for me" very loosely.)
- Charlotte F writes: "Wow! I was so excited for this candle drop- ever since my first Snif (lol) of the perfume! The candle arrived SO quickly and was actually bigger than I was expecting (I got the smaller one). Smells just like the flaky buttery goodness of the lotion bar and fragrance. Buying the bigger size candle next!"
- Miguelito writes: "Don't let your dreams be dreams!
I've always dreamed of my entire home smelling like the best bakery ever. Well, now it does, and I'm never going back! Crumb Couture is the jam!"

❶ The day after Halloween Mariah Carey announced that it was time once again to enjoy her song "All I want for Christmas is You".
- It is the song that famously took 15 minutes to write and makes Mariah Carey around 3 million dollars per year.
- She is also being sued again over that song.
- we reported on the first lawsuit ast year... it's basically the same suit, re-filed.
- Vince Vance and the Valiants had a song called "All I Want for Christmas is You" before Mariah Carey had her song. In my expert opinion *citation needed* they are not similar at all, other than the title.
- the writer's of the Vince Vance song want 20 million dollars though.
- they are suing for copyright infringement
- lawsuit quote from the article: "Carey has, without licensing, palmed off these works with her incredulous origin story, as if those works were her own. Her hubris knowing no bounds, even her co-credited songwriter doesn't believe the story she has spun. This is simply a case of actionable infringement."
- that's pretty intense.
Lawsuit article
and the Can't Wait for Christmas Podcast had a good post about the first lawsuit
watch MiMi start Christmas 2023 here
@mariahcarey It’s…… TIME!!! 🎃🧊🎄 #MariahSZN ♬ original sound - Mariah Carey

That's the What a Weird Week Show! For Shownotes and more go to ShowNotes Dot Page. A big thanks to you friends on the stream... every weekend we are one of the things you can hear on FunHouse Radio. Ask your smart speaker to play FunHouse Radio or see the link on our Shownotes Page. See you next Friday for another countdown of weird news on What a Weird Week!

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*UPDATE* Donations can be dropped off until November 3rd! Donate Socks for Socktober at Queen Elizabeth School #Donate #Socks #Socktober #Socktoberfest


Queen E School classes 5 Murray and 5 Robichaud are collecting socks and toiletries for Socktober.
All donations go to people living in shelters.
There's only one week left in October/ Socktober!?!
Get in touch with Queen E School for details! The school is at 31 Lynch Street.
- Socks are one of the most-needed/ least-donated items at shelters.
- Any new socks are welcome (any size, any color, any style).
-You can also donate things like soap, toothbrushes, shampoo, and hand sanitizer!


*UPDATE Staff Photos* Halloween 2023: FUN! curfews info, costume ideas, photos, more!

Scotty Update:

Here's what some of the radio station staff wore for Halloween yesterday...



Halloween Curfews available at time of blogging:

- DIEPPE: no official curfew but Dieppe recommends Trick-or-Treating from 4:00p to 8:00p. See their FB (

- MONCTON: Has no official Trick-or-Treating curfew, but encourages Trick-or-Treaters to go out between 4:00p and 8:00p. See their FB (

- RIVERVIEW: Has no official Trick-or-Treating curfew, but recommends that you do it between 4p and 8p. See their FB ( In past years they've also mentioned By-law 700-20: "Youth are not allowed on streets after 10p without adult supervision." Here's that past link (

- MEMRAMCOOK: Has encouraged Trick-or-Treating between 4p and 8p in past years. See FB (

- HILLSBOROUGH: in past years they've gone with a 9:00p curfew. Their social media is down at time of blogging. Try

- SHEDIAC: recommends Trick or Treating from 4p to 7p.

- REXTON: Trick-or-Treating curfew has been 8:00p in past.

- RICHIBUCTO: In past, Trick-or-Treating was from 3p to 7p.

- Cap Pele: Trick-or-Treating was from 2p to 8p in past years. In 2023 there is an event planned at the Cap Acadie Fire Station. See

🎃 List of Halloween Houses! Every year the folks at Everything Unscripted have a LIST ( and a MAP ( of Halloweeny houses to check out! You should subscribe to Everything Unscripted, they have some fun Halloween activities and ideas!!

👻 Most Popular Pet Halloween Costumes For 2023 haven't changted much from last year... it's all about Pumpkins and Hot Dogs. Full list

🎃 Halloween Safety tips from the Government: (

👻 Our Formula for Excellent Halloween Costumes:
1) Think of a celeb
2) Think of something that rhymes
3) smoosh these 2 things together
(so like Tom Hanks + Spanx = Tom Spanx!!!)

Google has a page ( where you can see what the hottest costumes are for this year... 
Some more costume ideas...

Thank you cheese slices for being the best Halloween treat ever!! (A message from the Dairy Farmers of Canada.)

Scotty note from 2022: First things first, I did not win the Company Costume Contest. Was I robbed by the people from Yellowstone? Yes. Yes I was. (*citation)

my Sen. John Fetterman costume just didn't vibe you guys... and as far as Dumpkins, our break-up-pumpkin-delivery-service? We're not sure if the business will survive. Your donations are vital!!!!

This Halloween Season say it with Dumpkins. #halloween #dumpkins— scotty horsman (@scottyhorsman) October 31, 2022
BTW... after the pumpkin contest, I took the pumpkin home and we fixed it up so the whole neighborhood wouldn't be scandalized... (originally just had the "F" and "U") ...

Popular Costumes: Last year it was 1) Max from Stranger Things, 2) Elvis, 3) House of the Dragon. ICYMI, At the radio station, people dressed like "Yellowstone". For 2023, Google Frightgeist says the Top Three costumes are 1) Barbie, 2) Princess, 3) Spider-Man 

Scary Stats:
- 83% of people surveyed said they had some kind of paranormal activity in their home
- Most common types of paranormal activity are hearing sounds, lights turning on and off, and hearing voices
- 1 in 10 people say they sold their home after a paranormal experience
- Good News, Split Level Home owners, your home is far less likely to be haunted!

A quick and careful look at Ouija Boards...
- Steer clear of those things you guys!
- Legend: Ouija boards got their name when one of the investors of the product asked it "What's your name" and it spelled out Ouija.
- Legend: when they went to get the thing registered at the patent office they had to show the patent office guy how it worked and used it to spell out the patent office guy's name... "A patent file confirms she did a demonstration and the patent was issued on February 10th 1891"
- the things sold like crazy and they had to open more factories to produce them... in 1927 one of the guys running the company fell to his death from the roof of a new factory - one he claimed a Ouija board told him to build.
- Steer clear of those things you guys!
play with whatever this is instead. safer.
Some tips on Candy Hangovers...🍬 If you end up with a candy hangover the day after Halloween, consider eating pineapple... The article we link to says "The tropical fruit contains enzymes that aid digestion and break down proteins that usually cause bloat and also contains 180 milligrams of bloat-busting potassium per cup. Researchers have also found that pineapple can reduce colonic inflammation that may be leading to that distended stomach."
Other things to try if you have a candy hangover include: 1) have more candy and 2) try someone else's candy to see if it has healing properties. *citation needed*
Not much change in Popular Pet Halloween Costumes...  For 2022, according to Canine Journal, it was 
#8 Ghost
#7 Spider
#6 Lion
#5 Witch
#4 Bumblebee
#3 Bat
#2 Hot Dog
#1 Pumpkin ...
Canine Journal ...
This year, for 2023, Canine Journal updated the list to include these stats from the National Retail Federation ...
- Pet costume sales are projected to be $700 million in 2023...
- Pumpkin and Hot Dog continue to be a favourite dog costume... 
Here are the most popular Halloween costumes for pets in 2023 according to Canine Journal ...
#10 Witch
#9 Ghost
#8 Lion
#7 Cat
#6 Devil
#5 Spider
#4 Bumblebee
#3 Bat

#2 Hot Dog

#1 Pumpkin.
(So this year, witch and cat have moved up the list... but not much change all-in-all.)

In June we talked about the Ohio lady who made news for refusing to remove a nine foot tall werewolf statue...
- Mary Simmons says Phil the werewolf has sort of become a mascot in her yard...

- it went up as a Halloween decoration but after October was over, she started to really enjoy having Phil up as a year-round decoration... 
- Mary began to dress Phil for different seasons...
- somebody complained and the city sent Mary a warning... but... then they said they're not gonna follow up or enforce the werewolf removal! So at the time, it sounded like Mary won the neighborhood werewolf fight...
* UPDATE: Still going strong you guys. Check out Phil the Wolf on Facebook!

ICYMI, story from the other day when that Chucky Doll was placed in handcuffs, arrested, and booked for crimes in Mexico...
- At the time I wholeheartedly supported this move because if the scary Chucky movies have taught us anything, it's that you cannot trust evil Chucky...
- there was a series of attempted robberies in Mexico and authorities traced the crime back to a couple of suspects... one was a Chucky doll and the other was the owner of the Chucky doll.
- witness reports seem to indicate that the human suspect got arrested after making Chucky hold a large knife to scare people into handing over their money...
- suspect is believed to have been high at the time...
- at the time, media reports said that the police officer who put Chucky in cuffs got in trouble for not taking their job seriously...
- *UPDATE* There's not a lot of followup, still unanswered questions... the human suspect has been released but it doesn't seem like Chucky was released, and now the doll's whereabouts are unknown! This is how it all starts you guys. We need a Chucky BOLO!!

ICYMI A little while back we sent out congratulations to Steve from Missouri who broke the Guinness World Record for longest journey by pumpkin boat! It took almost 11 hours to paddle his 1200 pound pumpkin 38 miles on the shark-infested* Missouri River. (*citation needed. River may not be shark-infested. Sounded good though.) 
*Update to this one... it's fairly recent but the update is that it turns out the Missouri River is not shark-infested. It is home to thousands of piranha though. *citation needed.

ICYMI, we talked about that Big Ol' Pumpkin that broke the world record... over a ton!
- 2749 pounds!
- a farmer from Minnesota and his enormous pumpkin won the World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-off in California...
- congratulations to Farmer Travis and the pumpkin he named Michael Jordan... (Travis is also a horticulture teacher at a college in Minnesota)
- btw, Farmer Travis says it cost about $15,000 to raise up Michael Jordan the pumpkin... but he won $30,000 in prize money...
- also btw, Farmer Travis has grown prize-winning pumpkins before, and last year's pumpkin got into the Guinness World Records book as the world's largest jack-o'-lantern... #Halloween!- ever wonder how competitors get their giant pumpkins to the weigh-off in California? Travis and his driving team of his dad and his father-in-law drove 35 hours to California inside the pumpkin! JK, they used a pickup truck you guys.
- *UPDATE* Travis and the giant pumpkin are back in the news... not because of some giant pumpkin scandal either, thank heavens. During a special city council meeting the other day, the mayor of Travis' hometown in Minnesota (Mayor Phil Rice) declared Saturday, Oct. 28, 2023 "Travis Gienger Day."
artist rendering. actual ceremony will be fancier.
Another Halloween world record... from @GWR "Farm celebrates Halloween with giant Jack Skellington pumpkin mosaic" ...  it's a giant mosaic using different colored pumpkins on the side of a hill and these pumpkins form a scene from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.
It's almost the size of a tennis court... 2081 square feet in case you want to get going on beating that record... they think there's around 10,000 pumpkins in that thing! 

Some more Halloween World Records... 
- Most people dressed in certain costume... largest group of zombies was 15458 zombies... scarecrows was 2495... then there were the 2018 skeletons... and the 1607 witches... 1580 superheroes... 1369 vampires... 1275 angels... 878 fairies... 560 ghosts... and 252 dinosaurs.
*editor's note: what if a zombie apocalypse broke out while you were trying to set the zombie record?
world record attempt. artist rendering. or zombie apocalypse?
- Fastest pumpkin carving record belongs to Stephen Clarke who carved one regulation size pumpkin in 9.4 seconds... and also carved a ton of pumpkins in 3 hours, 3 minutes, and 49 seconds!
- most pumpkins smashed in a minute is 52!

- The oldest ghost in the world is a little bit controversial because... some people don't believe in ghosts... but the oldest ghost, unofficially, is 220 million years old. There's a ranch in New Mexico where people reported seeing this sort of snake-like ghost... people reporting sightings... then in 1947 a paleontologist discovered fossils of an animal that looks like the ghost. The animal is phytosaur.

- Most TP Mummies within a 3 minute time limit... In 2015, in London, 51 people got wrapped as toilet paper mummies in three minutes.
- Largest collection of haunted dolls in the world is at the Island of the Dolls, Mexico. Imagine thousands of broken, scary-looking dolls and doll pieces hanging from trees. The article I read says it started in the 1950s and the dolls were placed around the island to appease a ghost... also the legend is that these dolls come to life at night... I will not be investigating that one so no need to hit up our patreon for that.
- Largest Ouija board in the world was 3158 square feet... record was set in 2019... unveiled in Salem, Mass. they called it "Ouijazilla"... the planchette alone weighed 400 pounds! 
This Halloween, eat candy instead of summoning spirits. Fewer curses.
And finally... not sure what you're expecting for Halloween this year... but the National Retail Federation says spending for Halloween 2023 will surpass pre-pandemic numbers... we'll spend $12.2 billion on Halloween this year. Great news! Right?