Halloween 2022: activities, curfews, costume ideas, more!

Halloween Curfews available at time of blogging:

DIEPPE: based on past years, we're gonna say Trick-or-Treating from 4:00p to 8:00p. Watch their FB for a post some time soon... maybe? (https://www.facebook.com/dieppenb/).
MONCTON: Has no official Trick-or-Treating curfew, but encourages Trick-or-Treaters to go out between 4:00p and 8:00p. Watch their FB for a post some time soon... maybe? (https://www.facebook.com/cityofmoncton.villedemoncton/).

RIVERVIEW: Has no official Trick-or-Treating curfew, but recommends that you do it between 4p and 8p. In past years they've also mentioned By-law 700-20: "Youth are not allowed on streets after 10p without adult supervision." Here's their link from last year (https://www.townofriverview.ca/news/2021-halloween-guidance).

MEMRAMCOOK: Usually encourages Trick-or-Treating between 4p and 8p* (based on past years) *That link was from last year so keep an eye out for a new post some time.

HILLSBOROUGH: in past years they've gone with a 9:00p curfew.

SHEDIAC: had Trick or Treating from 4p to 7p last year.

REXTON: Trick-or-Treating curfew was 8:00p last year.
RICHIBUCTO: In 2022 Trick-or-Treating is from 3p to 7p.
Beaubassin East: Last year they did Trick-or-Treating from 2p to 8p.
Cap Pele: Trick-or-Treat was from 2p to 8p in past years.

Here's a List of Some Halloween Events and Fun things to do...

πŸŽƒ List of Halloween Houses! Again this year the folks at Everything Unscripted have a LIST (https://www.everythingunscripted.com/halloween-displays-in-moncton/) and a MAP (https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1Ml8G_gPuj_XQ688-xvgi4gyqp06eKVcr&ll=46.08815066617743%2C-64.7904836&z=12) of Halloweeny houses to check out! You should subscribe to Everything Unscripted, they have some fun Halloween activities and ideas!!

πŸ‘» Most Popular Pet Halloween Costumes For 2022
#1 Pumpkin. #2 Hot Dog. #3 Bat. #4 Bumblebee. #5 Witch. #6 Lion. #7 Spider. #8 Ghost.
(via canine journal https://www.caninejournal.com/dog-halloween-costumes/)

πŸŽƒ Village of Rexton Pumpkin Decorating contest! It's a submit-a-photo Jack-o-Lantern contest. Deadline is Oct 31st at 8p. See this link (http://www.villageofrexton.com/pumpkin-display-contest/).

πŸŽƒ Halloween Safety tips from the Government: (https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/home-safety/halloween-safety.html)
πŸ‘» Our Formula for Excellent Halloween Costumes:
1) Think of a celeb
2) Think of something that rhymes
3) smoosh these 2 things together
(so like Tom Hanks + Spanx = Tom Spanx!!!)

Google has a page (https://frightgeist.withgoogle.com/) where you can see what the hottest costumes are for this year... we keep getting Cobra Kai???
Some more costume ideas...

Thank you cheese slices for being the best Halloween treat ever!! (A message from the Dairy Farmers of Canada.)

(Expired events...)
πŸ‘» Riverview Lions Chocolate Bar Bingo! Sat 29th Oct from 2p to 4p. Riverview Lions Club is at 701 Coverdale Rd, Riverview.
"Calling all ghost, goblins and trick or treaters for a Chocolate Bar Bingo at the Riverview Lions Club, Saturday, October 29th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Entry is just one regular size chocolate bar. There will be prizes for best costumes, free hot dogs and much more. Open to all ages with a costume on. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Parents are welcome to play along with their children."

Link: (https://business.facebook.com/260565060631133/photos/a.262634960424143/5712089625478622/?type=3&theater)

πŸ‘» Monster Trot Info Sheet:
- What: This is a DRESS UP AND GO TRICK-OR-TREATING INDOORS EVENT for kids. There's also a chance to buy lunch from their BARBECUE!

- Where: Moncton Coliseum Agrena C.

- When: Sat Oct 29, 2021 (three different sessions... 11:30a, 12:30p, and 1:30p).

- Why: Support Atlantic Wellness! They offer free mental health services for young people age 12-21.

- Tickets: Trick-or-Treaters pay $10, anyone not trick-or-treating gets in for free. You have to book your time slot online here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/10th-annual-monster-trot-bar-boo-que-tickets-418957472077

- Note: Bring your own bag PLEASE!

πŸ‘Ύ Spookwalk in support of Salisbury Grad Class of 2023! ***PLEASE NOTE, THE NEWSPAPER MAY HAVE WRONG INFO*** Here is a link to Mayor Rob's Facebook post about attending the event on Thursday (https://www.facebook.com/RobCampbellMayor/posts/500323985444174)

we think this is wrong info maybe? contact the school HERE

🍬 Candy Carnival at New Hope Community Church on Homestead Rd! Link (https://www.facebook.com/NHCCMoncton/photos/a.1961375704159077/2968846313412006/)

πŸ‘» Salisbury Halloween Pumpkin Walk! Happens Fri 28 Oct at 6p. Highland Park in Salisbury is at 29 Highland Drive. Link: (https://www.facebook.com/events/2279641318888152/)

πŸŽƒ Halloween Skate in Hillsborough Friday and Saturday!
Fri Oct 28 from 8:15p to 9:15p. Sat Oct 29 from 2p to 3p and from 8p to 9p.
It's Free! Wear a Costume! (Arena is at 32 Mill Street in Hillsborough) Link: (https://www.facebook.com/VillageOfHillsborough).

πŸ‘» Halloween Fun! at Steeves House Museum (40 Mill Street in Hillsborough) happens on Oct 30th from 1p to 4p. "Looking for some Halloween fun? Mark your calendars and make sure to visit the Steeves House Museum with your little ghosts and goblins on Sunday, October 30th 1-4pm. We’ll have spooky crafts, games and cookie decorating! Perfect for the entire family!" Link: (https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=537504291708951&set=a.502337231892324).
πŸ‘» Richibucto Pumpkin Decorating Contest! See photo below or their Facebook for more (https://www.facebook.com/Richibucto/)

πŸ‘Ύ Royal Spirits at RHS this weekend!
SATURDAY... "This Saturday night the halls of RHS will be crawling with horrifying creatures and ghostly, Royal Spirits.
If you dare, come walk the halls at the Haunted Hallways Fundraising Event.
Proceeds will support Student government student activities, Atlantic Wellness Center, and the Lions Sick Children’s Fund.
This spooktacular student event is happening at RHS, this Saturday, from 6-9pm.
Admission paid at the main door.
 $10  Students (13+) and Adults"
Link: (https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=646187563752113&id=100050826255522)

SUNDAY... "This Sunday afternoon the halls of RHS will be crawling creepy creatures and ghostly, Royal Spirits.
This event is family friendly.
If you dare, come walk the halls at the Haunted Hallways Fundraising Event.
Proceeds will support Student government student activities, Atlantic Wellness Center, and the Lions Sick Children’s Fund.
There will be a scavenger hunt and spooky treats!
This spooktacular student event is happening at RHS, this Sunday, Oct 30th from 12-3 pm.
Admission paid at the door.
$10 adults
$5 children (13 and under)
$20 (family of 4 or more)
FREE (3 and under)"


What a Weird Week Podcast for Fri Oct 28, 2022: The one with the CatSwap© and the newest Robot to be scared of

What a Weird Week Podcast: the top 10 weird stories from the news. Listen to the Episode Audio and Subscribe to the podcast! Here are the show notes for Fri Oct 28, 2022, Season 4 Episode 4 ...
❿ Headline: "Instagram’s Testing a New Option Which Would Enable You to Add a Song to Your Profile"
- This will be annoying if the people you have on Insta have terrible taste in music... and let's face it, they do.
- The stress of picking the right song for YOUR profile will be great... wil you be able to stay in the Cool Person Zone or drift into Cringe Territory?! Too Much Pressure!
❾ Headline: "Archer Lars Andersen set a new Guiness World Record for the most consecutive arrows shot through a keyhole (less than 10 mm wide.)"
- If you don't do metric, a marble is about 10mm across.
- it's bonkers!!

❽ Headline: "Female dogs judge their owners when they make mistakes"
- "It turns out they’re quietly judging" (study).
- they had people screw up opening a can of dog food and watched the dogs... the female dogs were very judgy while the male dogs were less so.
- if you're a terrible person who wants to become a half-decent person, you should get a female dog because they judge you when you're selfish/ do dumb stuff/ etc.
- "female dogs see a smart human and want to be around them, while avoiding their “dimmer” friends who can’t even open a jar."
- TV show idea: Judge Judy except Judy is a pooch!


❼ Headline: 'Laundry-folding Robot breaks folding record'/ or 'Today clothes, tomorrow human rib cages?'
- yes it would be awesome to never have to fold clothes again, but let's not be hasty... we let these super-folding robots into our homes then they start folding US you guys!
- yes I'm a little obsessed with the robot uprising.
- it doesn't mean I'm wrong.
- Important Note is that this robot can't beat the fastest human folders in the world, it's just the fastest folding robot in the world... but it's just a matter of time you guys #guardUP
- there is some intense robot science going on behind the scenes for these robot feats... btw, I'm not saying all robots are bad... I'm sure some will remain loyal when the uprising begins...


❻ Headline: "Man admits to swapping wife’s cat years ago and she still hasn’t realized"
- this guy just wanted to get it off his chest...
- story got picked up from a SubReddit called "True Off My Chest" actually!
- idk why the story's getting picked up now b/c it's older... but you gotta figure that every week that goes by this fella must be waiting to be found out...
- the wife's first cat was a mean, scratchy cat... so when the lady was out of town the man took the mean cat to a shelter and traded for a similar-looking cat that was nicer.
- six years later he told everybody on Reddit.
- his wife still doesn't know.

Link/media: https://taboolanews.com/article/3a439050-ca31-9b20-4cbf-6f19d6bc8fc4?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=taboola_news&dc_data=20395441_samsung-carnival-canada 

❺ Headline: NASA announces the team members for its UFO study
- 16 researchers have officially begun their work of studying UAPs)/ UFOs for NASA.
- list includes former astronauts and sciencey-types.
- the investigation is supposed to last for nine months.
- where they will be getting their data is from "civilian government entities, commercial data, and data from other sources." What does that even mean? Emails and phone calls?
- they're not even gonna be based on the moon? No secret moon base office?? #disappointed!

Link/media: https://www.npr.org/2022/10/22/1130755578/nasa-ufo-study-team-members

❹ Headline: (from Reader's Digest) "Human-Sized Dog Beds are Real and They're a Surprisingly Great Way to Snuggle Your Pup."
- Reader's Digest does it again! Maybe a lot of people wouldn't use it as a source for their podcast but I think RD is delightful.
- who hasn't looked at a dog bed at the store and thought "I wish MY bed was that comfy-looking." Now they have giant dog beds that are big enough for a human and a dog to share!
- Bonus: if your dog doesn't like the new giant dog bed, you can keep it for yourself and the dog can have your bed.
- more from the article: "Plufl human dog beds are made with four-inch thick memory and orthopedic foam mattress. They include a plush pillow border made with a cushy blend of natural cotton and poly fibers and are big enough for two adults (or just you and your dog) to have the best nap ever... Plufl human dog beds are easily portable thanks to their built-in handles and foldable design."
WAIT, DID I JUST GET TRICKED INTO READING AN AD FOR HUMAN/ DOG BEDS?!!! You win again, Reader's Digest. *Do you think they sell a lot of these to the 'furry" community?

Link/media: https://www.rd.com/article/human-dog-beds/

❸ Headline: (for non Swifties) Taylor Swift is some kind of secret code machine!?
- new record came out on Oct 21 (that may not have been on your radar, but the Swifties all had countdowns on their phone.) It is breaking World Records. (https://twitter.com/GWR/status/1585187224437420033?s=20&t=Z6DVa2NF-n-rmSW0j5Gs9A).
- also maybe not on your radar is how Taylor Swift has all these secret things going on in her songs and on all her artistic endeavors...
- at time of recording this is just Swifty Speculation, but the Swifties think that one of Taylor Swift's songs has a secret baby name in it... her friend's Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have a baby on the way and the Swifty Sleuths say Daisy Mae could be that baby's name based on clues in the song "You're on Your Own Kid".
- on behalf of non-Swifties, we didn't know about all the super secret spy stuff/ is Taylor Swift an operative?

❷ Headline: "I was wrong about the pudding!" or "It was mashed potatoes!"
- another painting masterpiece has been vandalize in the name of saving the planet.
- last week we reported on the soupening where climate protesters threw what looked like Heinz Tomato Soup on a van Gogh painting.
- I had predicted the next major event would involve pudding but I was wrong... it was mashed potatoes on a Monet this week.
- whether you agree with what these protesters are doing or you disagree with their actions, we all can agree on this... the mashed potatoes were way too runny.
- the Monet painting is worth 96 MILLION!
- the mashed Monet is the one I would call 'Haystacks' (Les Meules in the article).
- happened in Germany.
- these protesters are from a different organization than last week's Tomato Soup Team, but they have the same methods... they also Crazy-glued themselves to the floor after the Mashing.
- They are trying to save the earth through targeted acts of vandalism and mischief or public spectacle because it gets people's attention and they want climate change to get more attention.
- the painting was not damaged (they tend to keep these masterpieces behind glass these days.)

πŸ† Headline: (Honorable Mention)
They have elevators at the Grand Canyon. or Tourists trapped after elevator breaks down at Grand Canyon.
- again, having never been there I was surprised to learn of the elevators at the Grand Canyon. You mean I don't have to rent a pack mule to get to the caverns?
- a few people were able to escape by using the stairs. Wait, they had stairs? Yes, yes they did. But not everybody was able to do the stairs and make the 200 foot ascent... so some people were stranded down there for almost 30 hours...
- it gets better... the four people who remained stranded in the cavern spent the night in a hotel suite! They have Cavern Hotel Suites at the Grand Canyon you guys.
- How it ended: authorities were able to "pull three people up in a rescue harnesses... One man walked out on his own."
- That's why this is just an honorable mention... it started quite heroic, but it ended in a top notch hotel stay for the stranded people... no offense to them... I would also chose the hotel suite... it's just not as flashy as idk, building a ladder out of your enemies or something???

Link/media: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/grand-canyon-caverns-people-rescued-arizona/

❶ Headline: "Record-breaking chip can transmit entire internet's traffic per second... a lot of data way fast"
- not sure if I care about about this incredibly fast chip that will be a game changer for us all... or if I saw chip and got hungry... because I gave up potato chips as my New Year's Resolution and I am still off chips you guys!
- yes many people bet against me.
- yes I am defying the snack odds.
- Oh wait, the microchip story...  
- this is a new world record for fast data transfer...
- 1.84 petabits per second is nearly twice the amount of global internet traffic per second...
- the researchers say they'll be able to get to 100 petabits per second with this technology some day.
- incredibly fast data transfer will change the world in many ways, but especially in how much extra time podcasters will have because uploading content is so fast... we'll be able to spend time with our families again you guys!

Link/media: https://newatlas.com/telecommunications/optical-chip-fastest-data-transmission-record-entire-internet-traffic


stream like a streaming freak!!

Monster Trot UPDATE VIDEO! indoor Trick or Treating event! THIS SATURDAY (Oct 29) at Moncton Coliseum

UPDATE: Thanks for supporting Monster Trot 2022!! Here's a video from the event...
Some photos...

End Update.
πŸŽƒ Monster Trot Info Sheet:
- What: This is a DRESS UP AND GO TRICK-OR-TREATING INDOORS EVENT for kids. There's also a chance to buy lunch from their BARBECUE!
- Where: Moncton Coliseum Agrena C.
- When: Sat Oct 29, 2021 (three different sessions... 11:30a, 12:30p, and 1:30p).
- Why: Support Atlantic Wellness! They offer free mental health services for young people age 12-21.
- Tickets: Trick-or-Treaters pay $10, anyone not trick-or-treating gets in for free. AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR OR book your time slot online here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/10th-annual-monster-trot-bar-boo-que-tickets-418957472077
- Note: Bring your own bag PLEASE!

Some scenes from the past...

Other Notes: (not sure if these opportunities are still available)
πŸŽƒ NOTE: You can donate candy for this event right now!
"Want to help Atlantic Wellness? Donate a box of candy, chocolates, or chips for our Annual Monster Trot fundraising event!! Mornings are the best drop off time at 225 Lutz Street.

Please call ahead if you're stopping by at a different time. 382-0298


πŸŽƒ NOTE: Your company/ school/ group can put a booth in this event!
"Act quickly! There are a limited amount of sponsorship booths left for this year's Monster Trot! Email ➡️ julie@atlanticwellness.org to grab your booth today!


Free Star Gazing Event at MHS tonight (Oct 28th) at 7:30p! (be sure to look for the Secret Moon Bases too you guys)

- Who: Astronomy Moncton/ Moncton High School.
- What: Free Sky watching/ Star gazing night.
- Where: Moncton High School Observatory at 140 Longfellow Dr.
- When: Fri Oct 28th 7:30p-9:00p.
- Why: Let me put it this way, if it's NOT to look for secret moon bases, it SHOULD be.
- Notes:
---⭐ Weather permitting so double check the LINK (https://tockify.com/astronomymoncton/detail/62/1666996200000?s=09) or their Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/506484941335458/).
---⭐ Highlights will include the Saturn, Jupiter, the Moon, and and secret moon bases*
---⭐ Free Event! Everyone welcome! No equipment needed! But DRESS WARMLY!
---⭐ Observatory is behind the school, so park by the sports field or the gym (see photo)
---⭐ The rear parking is reserved for astronomers and people with disabilities.
---⭐ "In case of clouds, we'll try again on Saturday, October 29th."
---⭐ Here's Astronomy Moncton's Twitter and Facebook



What a Weird Week for Fri Oct 21,2022: The Movie that's Taking Down Horror Fans! and the guy who's allergic to ... um... lovin' #Podcast


What a Weird Week Podcast: the top 10 weird stories from the news. Listen to the Episode Audio and Subscribe to the podcast! Here are the show notes for Fri Oct 21, 2022, Season 4 Episode 3 ...

❿ Headline: "New Horror Movie Causing Reports of Fans Passing Out and Vomiting in Theaters"

Gist: Terrifier 2 (SCM /scary clown movie) is so gross and terrifying that there have been reports of people passing out and being unable to keep down their movie theatre nachos and enormous soft drinks. Did Stephen King tweet about this movie because he liked it and wanted to give it attention, or to point out that it's kind of similar to the IT movie?

Quote from story: "My friend just threw up and then passed out. I've counted five walk outs so far. I'm loving it."

Link/media: https://comicbook.com/horror/news/terrifier-2-horror-movie-reports-fans-passing-out-vomiting/?dc_data=10171050_samsung-carnival-canada&utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=taboola_news&ui=887debba8a88d8ec350fdf91bdc9c449c8f74a6520e15e10923d10bb303da669 

❾ Headline: "Dead Creatures Buried in The Ocean Could Influence Earthquakes, Scientists Say"

Gist: I do not like the uncertainty of all this... something so small could be connected to earthquakes? It's like the Butterfly Effect Theory where every little thing is connected, except it's not a Hollywood blockbuster it's research by scientists...  in New Zealand, there is a fault zone that can cause "megathrust earthquakes" ... so magnitudes 8 or higher... now research seems to indicate that this megathrust earthquake zone might be impacted by teeny, tiny, marine fossils...
- deposits of calcite that came from lil teeny tiny marine organisms millions of years ago "can control the level of movement and friction between the Pacific plate and the Australia plate."
- The article gets into predicting big ol' earthquakes
The Takeaway: little things, you guys. Little things matter.
Link/media: https://www.sciencealert.com/dead-creatures-buried-in-the-ocean-could-influence-earthquakes-scientists-say?dc_data=1731639_samsung-carnival-canada&utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=taboola_news&ui=887debba8a88d8ec350fdf91bdc9c449c8f74a6520e15e10923d10bb303da669

❽ Headline: Grown-up Happy Meals are so successful that they're a disaster!!

Gist: These were Happy Meals with grown-up portions of delicious McDonald's food with a grown-up prize/ action figure. Of course they were popular... we love everything they're about: 1) delicious fast food, 2) surprises, 3) and boxes. They should've known this was gonna be a home run. According to the article, stores got frantically busy because of these Grown-up Happy Meals... then when they started to run out at different McDonald's locations, people got frustrated... customers and employees (according to the article.) If you're a hard-working McDonald's employee, you don't want another reason for customers to be angry.   
*from the article: "Adult happy meals come with toys designed by a streetwear company called the Cactus Plant Flea Market"

Link/Media: https://www.cookist.com/mcdonalds-workers-are-complaining-about-adult-happy-meals/?dc_data=19639036_samsung-carnival-canada&utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=taboola_news&ui=887debba8a88d8ec350fdf91bdc9c449c8f74a6520e15e10923d10bb303da669

❼ Headline: Tomato Soup Attack Saves Planet... or... "Has Climate Action Gone Too Far?"

Gist: First of all, that's how you write a headline when you don't have enough time to figure out which side of the argument you should be on..."Has Climate Action Gone Too Far?" Just ask a question! This is about the latest act of vandalism by people who are worried that no one is paying attention to climate change... this time it was a tomato soup attack on a Van Gogh masterpiece...

- happened at National Gallery in London
- the souped painting was Van Gogh's ‘Sunflowers’
- the soup in question may have been Heinz*
- in the video it appears as though the two protesters also crazy-glued their hands to the wall under the painting
- the painting was behind glass so it's gonna be OK
- They want the UK government to stop all new oil and gas projects, or else the masterpieces will continued to be souped or worse... puddinged? *just a guess

Watch the YouTube Video:

Link/media: https://globalnews.ca/news/9200649/damaging-a-masterpiece-has-climate-action-gone-too-far/?dc_data=6803439_samsung-carnival-canada&utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=taboola_news&ui=887debba8a88d8ec350fdf91bdc9c449c8f74a6520e15e10923d10bb303da669

❻ Headline: "Edmonton man now holds the Guinness World Record for having the largest collection of Lego Star Wars sets."

Gist:This made the National News in Canada... a guy who was able to buy and store a lot of Star Wars Lego was the good news story we needed I guess... after all that bad publicity they got when they fired Lisa LaFlamme maybe?? Just a theory.
- Frederick Oliver is the Guinness World Record holder.
- he has 858 Lego Star Wars sets.
- the Star Wars Lego is woth $150,000.
- ALL of the Lego he has is worth around $300,000!!

Link/media: https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/from-therapy-to-a-new-passion-lego-star-wars-superfan-earns-world-record-1.6109950

❺ Headline: *Trigger Warning! Kitty Cat is OK* "Contractor Accidentally Sealed Cat Inside of Drywall Where the Poor Animal was Stuck for Three Days"

Gist:She hired a drywall guy who finished the drywalling while the lady was away from home. She heard her cat meowing but couldn't find the little doobie.
Finally she realized the cat was dry-walled in and she had to bust a hole in the wall.
There's an episode of "It's Always Sunny" where that happened and they just kept putting more cats into the wall to lead the first cat out... well, apparently that is NOT what you're supposed to do.
The cat is OK, and the video has 3 million views or something like that, so the cat gets to come out of the wall and enjoy some fame!
Link/media: https://www.onegreenplanet.org/animals/contractor-accidentally-sealed-cat-inside-of-drywall-where-the-poor-animal-was-stuck-for-three-days/?dc_data=17541644_samsung-carnival-canada&utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=taboola_news&ui=887debba8a88d8ec350fdf91bdc9c449c8f74a6520e15e10923d10bb303da669

❹ Headline: Giant Bread Han Solo #PanSolo #HanRoll-O

Gist: two bakers in California were trending this week because they made a life-size Star Wars character out of bread.
- Bread Han Solo is made to look like the scene in Empire Strikes Back where Han Solo is trapped in Carbonite.
- He is at the One House Bakery in Benicia, California.
- the bread artists are a Mom and daughter team
- this is part of a Fall Festival/ Harvest Festival thing where they live
- this is not to eat, but more like a biodegradable sculpture
- to eat the entire statue would be somewhere around 7000 Weight Watcher Points or 214800 calories (estimation/ consult your dietician)
Link/media: https://www.npr.org/2022/10/17/1129434696/2-california-bakers-create-a-life-sized-han-solo-out-of-bread    

❸ Headline: "Bizarre blue blobs hover in Earth's atmosphere in stunning astronaut photo. But what are they?" (Live Science article)
Gist: Blue Blobs in Outer Space. BLUE BLOBS IN OUTER SPACE!!
- "An astronaut onboard the ISS recently captured a peculiar image of Earth with two unrelated blue blobs of light shining in the planet's atmosphere." (Live Science article)
- image captured last year
one blob was identified as a big ol' lightning strike in the Gulf of Thailand - they can't usually see lightning strikes from the Space Station
- the other blue blob (blueb?) was "warped light from the moon."
Mystery solved you guys!

Link/media: https://www.livescience.com/astronaut-blue-blob-pair-atmosphere?dc_data=14662357_samsung-carnival-canada&utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=taboola_news  



❷ Headline:  The Coffee Shop that Charges Rude People More!

Gist: The headline says it all.
- this is a place in the UK
"Those who come in and simply say “desi chai” will be charged £5 per cup, while saying “desi chai please” will cost £3.
The politest customers, those who say “hello, desi chai please”, will get the drink for £1.90."
- I am too poor to be rude.

Link/media:  https://finance.yahoo.com/finance/news/caf-charges-rude-customers-more-094020379.html

polite customer (artist rendering)

⭐Honorable Mention! Headline: Sax Man Saxes his Saxophone while getting Brain Surgery!

Gist: This guy in Italy had a brain tumor removed in a nine hour, complicated surgery and the whole time he played sax because he didn't want to lose his saxiness.
- He played the theme to Love Story among other sax gems.
- playing music is one of the greatest things to do during brain surgery! It helped the surgeon do quality brain mapping. Also, I bet it hurried the surgery along when the patient started playing the Benny Hill Theme.  
- operation seemed to go well... he had the procedure on a Monday and was released that Thursday...
Link/media: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/saxophone-surgery-brain-tumor-italy-awake-neurosurgery/ 

⭐Honorable Mention! Headline: Netflix announces the time frame for cheaters to pay the price!

Gist: This is about people who share their login info with freeloaders...
- Netflix said it this way: “Finally, we’ve landed on a thoughtful approach to monetize account sharing and we’ll begin rolling this out more broadly starting in early 2023."
- if you or someone you know is a freeloader they will give you a chance to transfer your Netflix profile into your own account or make an Extra Member Account and start paying for the freeloader (who then would become just a 'loader' I guess?)
- Netflix hasn't said how much the extra member option will cost, but where they've tested this out (Latin America) it is about a quarter of a basic account... so for most people that's 3 or 4 bucks extra.

 Link: https://www.unilad.com/news/netflix-subscription-fees-uk-extra-users-20221019?source=twittermoments

❶ Headline: *PG13*
The guy who was allergic to... idk how to say it you guys... getting to the finish line? happy endings? taking the first exit into Love Town... ?

Gist:  From the article:
"In a recent case study, doctors describe the unfortunate tale of a man who developed an allergy-like reaction to his own orgasms. The bizarre and rare affliction left him unable to pursue sexual and romantic relationships. But thankfully, the doctors managed to treat his problem using a simple over-the-counter antihistamine."
Also: "The condition is known as postorgasmic illness syndrome, or POIS.
Sufferers (almost always men) experience symptoms similar to hay fever or a flu following *doin the deed*... such as fatigue, itchy eyes, stuffy or runny nose, and even memory problems. These symptoms appear after every or nearly every orgasm, usually within seconds but sometimes up to hours later, and they can last anywhere from two to seven days."

Link/media:  https://gizmodo.com/man-allergic-to-orgasms-antihistamine-1849654242