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Monday 25 September: Biggest Lobster in the World was caught off NS #LobsterDay, New Contest Starts #ArtistOfTheDay Toy Hall of Fame Nominees #BaseballCards? also #Reveen and #SolarEclipse details

Shownotes for Mon Sept 25th.  Info every day on the Scotty and Tony blog . Listen to the radio online here: Artist of the Day-ah for Crash My Playa! Listen at 8:20a. - we tell you who to listen for. - you listen for that artist. - when you hear the artist of the day, go to our website and put in an entry for a Trip for Two to a Sunny Mexico Resort to enjoy Luke Bryan's famous concert series!!  see here and listen online here Local News:  - Current Gas prices link.   see What's Trending at Sept 25 is National Lobster Day...  would you rather eat one 44 pound lobster roll, or 44 one-pound lobster rolls? " The largest lobster ever caught weighed a whopping 44 pounds and 6 ounces! This lobster was an astonishing catch made in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1977. This enormous crustacean was around 100 years old according to

Details on Partial Eclipse of the Sun on Sat Oct 14th. Note: a total eclipse of the heart also possible on that date.

T otal Eclipse of the Heart ( artist depiction ) According to Gary, the Backyard Astronomer , we will have a partial eclipse of the sun in North America on Saturday, October 14th, 2023. (That's the one where the moon appears to partly-cover the sun.)  From Gary TBYA : "Solar eclipses come in basically three flavours, total, annular and partial... On Oct 14, the moon will be farther from Earth and... not block the entire solar disk..." Notes: - It is dangerous to look at any solar eclipse so please DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN! - You can use a certified solar filter or a number 14 welder’s lens to look at it. - You can also make a pin hole camera and have the double satisfaction of making something cool, and using it to check out a dadgum solar eclipse! Pin Hole Camera Tutorial: or watch... 

1st Moncton Scouts' Camping Gear Stolen! #Fundraiser

According to their Facebook , the 1st Moncton Scouts had a bunch of their camping gear stolen. This is another case of thieves stealing from kids! There is a fundraiser online if you'd like to kick in a couple bucks to help them replace the stolen gear... and here's more info on what happened...

Bookstravaganza 2023 Giant Book Sale happens at Moncton Coliseum Oct 20, 21, 22. Donate Books at Sobeys until Oct 5th.

Bookstravaganza happens at Moncton Coliseum . You get good deals on books and READ NB gets money to help people! Hours are: - Fri Oct 20 5p to 8:30p - Sat Oct 21 10a to 4p - Sun Oct 22 10a to 2p Notes: last year it was Free Admission so we assume it is again this year but double check the Facebook Also last year they reminded us to bring cash and that there will be ATMs on site.  What is Bookstravaganza?? Well... Bookstravaganza is a Big Ol' Book Sale. A book sale turned up to 11!!!!! Dramatic re-creation. Your experience may differ. Reminder, There's nothing like a real, physical book. It's science.     2nd reminder: While at the sale, keep an eye out for our autobiography, "Derp"...     Third reminder: Book donations can be dropped off at Sobeys in Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe until October 5th.  

What a Weird Week: The One with Big Onions! Fri Sept 22, 2023

This is What a Weird Week, a show about the weird stuff from this week's news. Scroll Down to Listen to audio and Watch the video. Links: Shownotes Page and Audio Podcast and also Video Podcast Here's the Top Ten for Season 4, Episode 52 first published on Friday Sept 22, 2023...  ❿ Large Onion Makes News, Everyone Cries... - Post article says the onion "made him cry tears of joy." - Gareth Griffin, in the UK, has grown an almost 20 pound onion... - That's unofficially the biggest onion ever recorded. - it is larger than the gardener's head. - old record was an onion from 2014 that was under 19 pounds. - onion still needs to be given the official all-clear from the Guinness folks. ❾ Flaming Hooper Breaks World Record... - new record is 8 (on-fire) spinning hula hoops... - congratulat

Gas Prices, Corn Mazes, Love is Bllind Season 5. #Radio #Shownotes Fri Sept 22

Shownotes for Fri Sept 22.  Info every day on the Scotty and Tony blog . Listen to the radio online here: Local News:  - Gas Prices increased today (was 184.9, now 189.2) and current price of diesel is 214.9 which is basically the same as yesterday (was 215.1). Here's the Current prices link.   - icymi, Plug/ Power Bar Recall! NB Power wrote on their Facebook: "Out of an abundance of caution we are asking anyone who received a white and green power bar from our Energy Efficiency Kit to stop using it as we have been made aware of issues with some of the units. This includes the white and green power bars contained in the Energy Efficiency Kit and distributed as part of the Renter Energy Savings Kit Program and the Community Outreach Program... call 1-800-663-6272 if you have any questions." Here's the full Facebook Post ... see What's Trending at Thinking about a Corn Maze Adventure this

Riverview Lion's Club Brunch is Sunday, Sept 24 from 10:30a to 1:30p

Who: Riverview Lions Club What: Pancake Sunday Brunch! Where: Rivervview Lions Club 701 Coverdale Road When: Sunday, Sept 24th from 10:30a to 1:30p Why:      1) raises money for the community - helping school kids, seniors, families, a ton of outreach!                 2) pancakes are delish. More: - You get Pancakes, sausage, eggs, beans, toast, coffee, tea and juice! - Cost is $10 per person or $30 per family of four. Lions Club Facebook   *artist rendering, your pancakes may not be wearing sunglasses

Live Theatre: Hairy Tease Theatre Troupe doing another Norm Foster comedy by popular demand! Sept 21-24

  Hairy Tease Theatre Troupe presents the comedy "Renovations for Six" at l'Escaouette Theater ( 170 Botsford Street ) "Norm Foster's comedy, RENOVATIONS FOR SIX involves 3 married couples undergoing renovations in both their homes & their home life." Showtimes: - Thurs Sept 21 at 7:30p - Fri Sept 22 at 7:30p - Sat Sept 23 at 7:30p - Sun Sept 24 at 2:00p Tickets: - are $25.00 - available at Théâtre l'Escaouette ( 170 Botsford Street ), by phone at 506-855-0001 ext 207, or click  HERE  to buy online. Notes: - Proceeds from Hairy Tease Productions go towards bursaries for High School Kids!! #SupportTheArts - More info on the production  HERE

Surfing Snake! Gas Price Prediction. The Very Long Sleep. Tim and the Glory Boys Contest!! Family Feud Night! #Radio #Shownotes Thurs Sept 21.

Shownotes for Thurs Sept 21.  Info every day on the Scotty and Tony blog . Listen to the radio online here: Surfing Snake Owner gets fined ... - fella in Australia took his snake out on the surfboard... video went viral... video also got the attention of wildlife authorities... snake owner fined $2,322... more here The Long Sleep... Tony mentioned that Blue Jays pitcher who likes to get 13 to 14 hours of sleep so he can be fresh for a game... We got wondering what the long sleep world record is... In 2017 Wyatt Shaw,  a little boy in Kentucky, slept for 11 days. "doctors ran various tests on him with no conclusive explanations" He was treated with medicine that is usually prescribed to treat seizures... Wyatt made a full recovery... and still has the world record for longest sleep (11 days)! See What ab

BMHS Teachers on Family Feud Canada Thursday (Sept 21) to Support School Theatre! #WatchParty

A Team of Teachers from BMHS competed on Family Feud and there's a Watch Party tomorrow from 7p to 8:30p at BMHS... Facebook Event . They are trying to raise funds to restore the BMHS Theatre... Here's the write-up: "Come celebrate with our Family Feud Canada Teachers Week Team! -Doors open at 6:45pm -Hear about our experience filming -Watch our episode live -Q & A with the team -purchase concessions -donations for our Theatre appreciated" If you'd like to help restore the school theatre reach out to the school