It's Too Hot for School #HeatDome #EarlyDismissals

Icymi, it's hot. 

It's so hot that Franc South School District has given the OK for parents to keep kids home today if they want (paraphrase) and Anglo East Schools around here are doing early dismissal (it's basically a half-day now.) They are quick to mention that any proms/ award ceremonies/ special events can still go ahead...

Splashpads and hot weather links


Graduations and Proms 2024

Thanks to the crew at Anglo East for reaching out with this info!
The Graduation dates for each high school:

June 19-Salisbury Regional, Harrison Trimble and Riverview High School
June 20- Bernice MacNaughton and Petitcodiac Regional
June 21-Caledonia Regional
June 22-Tantramar Regional (10 a.m.)
June 24- Moncton High

The Proms are:

June 17- Harrison Trimble, Riverview High, Caledonia Regional, Salisbury Regional
June 18- Bernice MacNaughton, Petitcodiac Regional
June 20- Tantramar Regional, Moncton High

Congratulations, Grads! Be safe and have fun!!


Summer 2024: Weather Warnings/ Heat Warnings/ Keeping Cool/ Sportsfield Conditions/ Pools/ Beaches/ More Info

SUMMER UPDATE from Moncton... 
"🥁 The moment we’ve all been waiting for…
On June 22, 2024 pools and splashpads open at parks across the City! 🌊🎉
While both pools and the majority of splashpads will open on time, there are some undergoing repair this summer! To know what’s opening near you, visit our Recreation Fun Map:

SUMMER UPDATE from Dieppe... 
"Water conservation is super important! 💦 If you're watering your lawn, garden, or plants, do so before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m., and only when it’s not raining. Keep it to a max of two hours a day. Just a heads-up: if your house number is even, you can water on even days, and if it’s odd, you can water on odd days. 🔗 Bylaw 78-5:"
Alright, here come the links! ... 
In case of Severe Summer Storms Click HERE for EMO NB's website.
Report storm problems or flooding:
MONCTON 506-859-2643
DIEPPE 506-877-7990
RIVERVIEW 506-387-2025
Sports Field Conditions & Closures:
Moncton Field conditions HERE 
Dieppe Field conditions HERE
Riverview Sports Field conditions HERE
Beach Water Quality:  
Firepit Index:
HERE is Gov NB Twitter for the latest Heat Warning Level (or see their Facebook
HERE's some tips for keeping hydrated... article says besides drinking lots of water you can have your coffee/tea to stay hydrated... also eat fruit
NOTE: Heat Stroke is a medical emergency. Like, a call 911 situation.
Symptoms: confusion, dizziness, slurred speech and abnormal heart rate. Passing out may occur, sometimes the first symptom, is this.
If someone is having these symptoms, get them to a cool, shaded place.

Here's the Moncton Summer Fun Map... 

--- Air conditioning unit in giant foam cowboy hat
--- Air conditioning unit in loose-fitting Hawaiian shirt
--- Air conditioning unit in sweat pants
--- Air conditioning unit inconspicuously placed under sombrero
--- unplug hot tub, fill with ice, place self inside
--- eat watermelon and also wear it like a helmet
--- replace office chair with block of ice
--- instead of sunscreen lather up with ice cream