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What a Weird Week Podcast for Friday Feb 3rd 2023: Weirdness at the Zoo, in the Earth's Core, and amongst unicycle enthusiasts!

Audio 🔊   Video 📺 Shownote Blog 📰 Subscribe 📲   Weird Stuff Happens. That's just science. This week we have extraordinary claims of Wingbezzlement, Robot Lawyers, and evidence that the earth's core is spinning in reverse. icymi, every Friday we run down the Weird-News-of-the-Week Top 10. We put all the links/ videos/ photos in a show notes blog just like this one.  ( ) You can Listen to the Episode Audio and Subscribe to the podcast ! New: see the enhanced episodes with video on YouTube (@weirdweekpod) Here are the show notes for Fri Feb 3rd 2023, Season 4 Episode 18 ... ❿Headline: Robocop 7: Robolawyer! (Coming sOON TO dISNEY pLUS!) Notes: Danger! Danger! The Chatbot from the Open AI company just got a C+ in law school. A professor at Minnesota University Law School gave the same exam that all the law students have to pass, and the artificial intelligence... is now a lawyer?? It wrote twelve essays and did the 95 multi

Comet with Catchy Name ("C/2022 E3 ZTF) is in our night sky (Feb 2023)!

Moon Image brought to you by Comet. This Sky Watching season think COMET for Out-of-This-World-Clean! Notes: - icymi, there's a newly-discovered comet that is flying close to us. - we are going through a stretch of dangerously cold weather so the first tip the experts give is WAIT UNTIL IT'S NOT DANGEROUSLY COLD OUT. - This comet has a pretty catchy name... C/2022 E3 was closest to earth on Wednesday (Feb 1).  - it can be seen high in the north (so Canada has a great vantage point). - they say it's hard to gauge how bright comets will be, so they couldn't predict how well the thing would show up. - If you miss this comet you'll have another chance to see it in 50,000 years. - how to view: you should be able to see it with binocs... you can use the website ( ) to get situated... when I typed in Moncton this is what popped up... VISIBILITY RIGHT NOW C/2022 E3 (ZTF) is above the horizon from Moncton (CA) [ change ]. It is visible looking in the Nort

UPDATE: Fireworks moved to Sunday! Riverview Winter Carnival 2023 is February 3 to 12th. Suggested Slogan: Yay Winter (party horn sound effects)

⛄ There's a ton of fun for everyone at the 2023 Riverview Winter Carnival! N ote that some events could be impacted by bad weather so check the Town Facebook for up-to-date info ( ) . Here are some Carnival Highlights: - Fri Feb 3 until end of festival... Scavenger Hunt - Fri Feb 3 from 10a to 11a Virtual Learn to Snowshoe - Fri Feb 3 from 6:30p to 7:30p Ignite! at Winter Wonderland Park , NOTE FROM TOWN OF RIVERVIEW: Winter Carnival Ignite Date Changed to Sunday, February 5 ( ) SAME TIME FRAME so 6:30p to 7:30p with Fireworks at 7p... END OF UPDATE... Quinn Court (fireworks and fun kickoff includes skating and sledge skating on the oval and btw, helmets recommended... also bring-your-own-mug for hot chocolate... and see the Briggs Maples t

Trivia and Baked Goods to support RHS Dragonboat Team on Thurs Feb 16. I'm calling it Baked Trivia.

If you like trivia and/ or baked goods, it's like this night was MADE for you! Event happens at the Holy Whale ( 391 Coverdale in Riverview ) on Thurs Feb 16 at 7:00p. It's 5 bucks to do trivia and there's also a bake sale so be ready to dip into your Baked Goods Emergency Fund. (Is it only me who has that? It's 10 emergency dollars that I only access when I'm cake pop adjacent.) This night is for the Royal Warriors Dragon Boat Team at Riverview High School. REGISTER your team of up to six people HERE: Notes: 1) In case you don't know about the Dragon Boat Festival, it sponsored by another radio station which means that we are forbidden from telling you that it is a fundraiser every summer on Jones Lake that raises money for the Lions Sick Kids Fund. So if anyone asks- especially if they seem like a corporate lawyer- tell them you heard about it on the Morning Zoo with Wallace and Screech©. 2) Even if you don't know any of

Groundhog 2023: Even Among the Skeptics there is an Odd Marmot Fascination

*UPDATE* All the Groundhogs are predicting more Winter for 2023. *End Update* Shubenacadie Sam is scheduled to predict our weather future at 8:00a. No Live Facebook stream this year! The folks at Shubenacadie Provincial Park are handing things over to the heavy hitters in Weather News... shadow schmadow! watch for the Crocs Fact: Groundhogs have a worse weather predicting record than random chance. They are horrible at it. But they still get tasked with deciding our weather future. That's messed up you guys. They didn't ask to have all that responsibility. They asked for zero responsibility. They asked for sleep. Sleep is what they asked for. And maybe some Ol Red brand Gopher Nugs© (*affiliate link) That being said, we all love a good Groundhog Day celebration. and now, Better Know a Groundhog: - Shubenacadie Sam (obvious) - Phil - Dunkirk Dave - Buckeye Chuck - Staten Island Chuck *might be the most accurate   - Chuckles IX - Chattanooga Chuck (R.I.P.) - Thistle the Whist

Wildlife Wednesday: Guinea Pig Sanctuary in Albert County

If you'd like to find out more about For the Love of Guinea Pigs Rescue and Sanctuary in Albert County, HERE'S their Facebook . See news story below...  Living my best life ✨️ — Alana Pickrell (@APickrellCTV) January 30, 2023

Battle of the Bridge Blood Drive 2023 wraps up Jan 31st!

Battle of the Bridge is a Blood Drive Challenge where it's our Moncton Wildcats versus PEI versus Saint John. If you give blood, tell them it's for Moncton in the Battle of the Bridge!  It all wraps up on the 31st so let's get crackin'!! 🩸 Canadian Blood Services Moncton donor centre is at at 500 Mapleton Road. 🩸 Get an appointment through the GiveBlood app ( iphone ) ( android ), call 1 888 2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283) or book at BTW, they call it Battle of the Bridge because each city put up a bridge as collateral...  Winner gets to take ownership of their choice... PEI's Confederation Bridge , Saint John's Reversing Falls Bridge , or Moncton's little bridge that gets you into Magnetic Hill Zoo . ( *citation needed ) the bridge is ours

The What a Weird Week Podcast for Friday 27 January 2023: They ran a Santa Cookie through CODIS and the results are in, also that M&Ms thing has everybody taking sides and getting hungry!

Show  Audio 🔊 Show  Blogs 📺 Subscribe 📲   Hi, How Am You?  It's been another week of weirdities© (copyright 2023 Weird Week Productions.) We have ghost trains on fire, the Girl with the Megalodon Tooth (which sounds like a Swedish Crime Novel), and the best Cheese-Eating News you'll hear all day! If you're new, we do a Weird-News-of-the-Week Top 10 Countdown every Friday and put all the links, videos, and photos in a show notes blog just like this one.  ( ) You can Listen to the Episode Audio and Subscribe to the podcast ! new: trying out an enhanced episode with video... Here are the show notes for Fri 27 Jan 2023, Season 4 Episode 17 ...   ❿Ghost Train on Fire! Notes: - Last Friday first responders in southern Germany responded to a 'train-on-fire' call. - Before they got to the scene, the burning train started rolling down the track! - "With firefighters in hot pursuit, railway officials managed to sw

Radiothon 2023 for Friends of the Moncton Hospital is Jan 27th

Our Radiothon for Friends of the Moncton Hospital is Friday 27 January. To Donate: - CALL: 506-857-5488  (Press 2) - CLICK  HERE  to pledge online - MAIL a donation to Friends of The Moncton Hospital Foundation, 135 MacBeath Avenue, Moncton, NB, E1C 6Z8 *UPDATE 6pm: Thanks for your support! *end update   please help us spread the news about this! We have mentioned before that ANY AMOUNT HELPS! If you are in a position to donate please consider contributing, if you're not able to donate, we would love it if you could help us spread the word about this wonderful fundraiser that will save lives! One more thing... here are some untested-but-seem-legit ways to make extra money which you could then donate: - Pyramid Scheme: Of all the schemes, this one is the most geometric, which should count for something! From the Pyramid Scheme FAQ: Is it illegal? Yes. Yes it is. Will you go to jail? We're not lawyers, but, Yes. IF YOU GET CAUGHT! On a positive note, if you sign up

Storm Links for Winter 2023

Send us a cancellation or read the latest cancellations HERE Report storm problems or flooding: MONCTON 506-859-2643 DIEPPE 506-877-7990 RIVERVIEW 506-387-2025 School Links: ~Anglo East INFO ~Franc South INFO and ALSO HERE ~Anglo West , North , South , Chignecto (NS) ~School Zones and Districts franc / anglo :   More Links: ~CF Champlain Mall Facebook ~Codiac Transpo Alerts and also their Facebook   ~Confederation Bridge Info ~Dieppe Facebook and Dieppe closures + Cancellations ~Dieppe Traffic Cam from Champlain & Acadie ~ EMO NB website ~Greater Moncton Airport Flight Info ~Horizon Health Care Services Facebook ~Maritime Bus ~MONCTON ALERTS ~Moncton Facebook ~Moncton Traffic Cam ~NB Highway Cams ~NB Highway Cams Map ~NB Highway Plow Tracker ~NB Driving Conditions ~NB POWER OUTAGES *you can report power outages on your mobile device at ~NS Driving Conditions ~PEI Driving Conditions and Closure info ~RCMP NB Facebook  and TWITTER ~Riverview F