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Fake Hallmark Holiday Movies 2022: More Christmas Movies that Almost Were...

Back with an Advent Calendar full of Fake Hallmark Movies for your Countdown to Christmas! Check back every day for a new title until Christmas! (See last year's batch HERE )  December 5th: Arson! At the Kecksburg Wrapping Paper Factory!! A Christmas wrapped in Love. December 4th: The Christmas Crapshoot 2: Atlantic City Kitty Bets it all on Love. the House always wins at holiday Romance! December 3rd: A South Pole Christmas: Climatologist Dr. Rudyard Johnson and the unlikely romance. his world is about to turn upside down! December 2nd: Christmas at 50,000 feet: A Colonel Jock Martini Holiday FlyBy! Fasten your Seatbelts!   December 1st: Dr Maria Waterside and the shark who hated Christmas! chum the water with Christmas spirit!  

What a Weird Week Fri Dec 2, 2022: The Mystery of the Muncle! also So Much Guacamole! and Flossie, the Oldest Cat in the World!

Episode Audio πŸŽƒ Episode Blogs πŸŽ… Subscribe πŸ“‘   Hello Weirdos! If you like weird stuff and/or countdowns, welcome home!! Here's the show notes blog for the What a Weird Week Podcast: the top 10 weird stories from the news. Listen to the Episode Audio and Subscribe to the podcast ! These are the show notes for Fri Dec 2, 2022, Season 4 Episode 9 ...   ❿Headline: "Every monk in Thai temple defrocked after testing positive for meth" Notes: - every one of the monks?! - they are being sent to rehab. - there's a lot of cheap meth in Thailand and it infiltrated the monastery. - my question is who decided to do drug tests at a monastery?  - Followup question: were they surprised that every monk failed the drug test? Link/media: ( )     ❾Headline: "Rats blamed for eating 500 kilograms of cannabis stored by Indian police" Notes: - if you don't do metric, that's over a thousand pounds of cannabis. -

Our Stuff-a-Bus Toy Drive is Thursday Dec 1 and Friday Dec 2 2022 #Donate #Toys #GiftCards #Cash #HelpKids

Notes: πŸŽ… 2022 is our 13th annual Stuff-A-Bus Toy Drive. πŸŽ… Where: Sobeys Vaughan Harvey Boulevard πŸŽ… When: it happens from 6a to 6p on Thursday 1 December and Friday 2 December πŸŽ… More: we take your toy donations, gift cards, and cash donations and we stuff 'em in a Codiac Transpo bus. Then the Salvation Army gets your donation to a kid this Christmas! πŸŽ…Thanks!     πŸŽ… Bonus Toy Notes:   -- The Most Popular Toys of ALL TIME! ( ) ... including Rubik's Cube, Barbie, Lego, Teddy Bear, Tamagotchi, Star Wars Figures, and Yo-Yo!! -- Toys to avoid donating:  1) The Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab... from the 1950's/ contained ACTUAL URANIUM!/ link ( )   2) Snacktime Cabbage Patch Doll... so bitey!/ link (

Reverse Advent Calendar Challenge! #FeedTheHungry #PeterMcKeeFoodCentre

The Reverse Advent Calendar is where you add one item to the box every day leading up to Christmas, then you donate that box of food to the Peter McKee Food Centre on December 23rd. This is perfect for the Office, a Class Challenge at School, Church and Community Groups, or for Families who want to help this holiday season! Thanks for you support!! Here's the list: Dec 1 Cereal Dec 2 Peanut Butter Dec 3 Stuffing Dec 4 Instant Potatoes Dec 5 Macaroni Dec 6 Canned Tomatoes Dec 7 Canned Meat Dec 8 Ketchup or Mayo Dec 9 Applesauce Dec 10 Canned Fruit Dec 11 Pudding Dec 12 Granola Bars Dec 13 Cookies Dec 14 Canned Tuna Dec 15 Rice Dec 16 Instant Oatmeal Dec 17 Pasta Dec 18 Spaghetti Sauce Dec 19 Soup Dec 20 Canned Stew Dec 21 Canned Veggies Dec 22 Jam Dec 23 Drop Off at the Centre before noon ! ( 475 Saint George Street ) you can also donate $ online or volunteer at the Centre! CLICK

What a Weird Week Podcast for Fri Nov 25 2022: Mystery of the exploding toilet #Podcast #WeirdNews #Blog #ShowNotes

Episode Audio πŸŽƒ Episode Blogs πŸŽ… Subscribe πŸ“‘   This is the show notes blog for the What a Weird Week Podcast: the top 10 weird stories from the news. Listen to the Episode Audio and Subscribe to the podcast ! Here are the show notes for Fri Nov 25, 2022, Season 4 Episode 8 ...   ❿Headline: Snoop Dogg launched a new pet accessories line...   Notes: - I love publicity stunts. I used to make fun of them, but now my view has changed. *side note: True Story, earlier this year I had to attend an emergency  meeting at work to decide whether we should go ahead with throwing rubber chickens off a scissor lift even though there was going to be a hurricane. The team ruled that we hold off on the rubber chicken publicity stunt. - When Snoop Dogg decides to come out with a new line of dog accessories called Snoop Doggie Doggs... it's a good reminder of how the world is now. In the past, this would've been done as a publicity stunt to sell more albums or something like that. These days

* UPDATES* Antler Breakfast 2022 is Fri Nov 25th at the Delta Beausejour and other venues #Christmas #HelpKids #BreakfastIsDelicious

    - The Antler Breakfast is a Big Ol' Breakfast served up with some Christmas spirit. - You also get antlers to wear to work, home, or to that important meeting! (Maybe the antlers will help you close that big deal!) - This event helps the Greater Moncton Progress Club do some good in our community. ( One thing they do every year is throw a Santa Claus Parade Party in the Pedway downtown for sick kids who can't stand out in the cold during the parade. ) - Ticket Link for Delta Beasejour location: *UPDATE: THIS LOCATION IS A SELLOUT BUT SEE BELOW FOR MORE OPPORTUNITIES - Note from organizers: "We are excited to be returning to our home base at the Delta BeausΓ©jour and look forward to welcoming you all back to their ballroom for this cornerstone community event.  For any of our guests who are not yet ready to gather in large groups, please consider buying your bubble table at one of our alternate venue location

Royale Greater Moncton Santa Claus Parade 2022! Saturday (Nov 26) #info #tips #bearsonfloats* (citation)

Royale Greater Moncton Santa Claus Parade Notes:   πŸŽ… parade is November 26, 2022, starting at 5p. πŸŽ… parade starts at Main St and Cameron, goes down Main Street, and ends at the corner of Champlain and Paul Street. πŸŽ… from organizers: " The parade begins at 5:00 p.m. at the corner of Cameron and Main Street in Moncton and ends at the corner of Champlain and Paul Street in Dieppe. If you gather before Cameron Street or past the corner of Paul Street, you WILL NOT get to see Santa Claus. " πŸŽ… Theme is Rabies Awareness . No wait, that doesn't seem right. Theme is A North Pole Party! πŸŽ… Tim Horton’s will lead the parade with their food drive/ collecting non-perishable food and cash donations! πŸŽ… Canada Post folks will walk the route collecting letters for Santa! πŸŽ… Moncton Street Closures: - From 1p until 7p Vaughan Harvey is closed from St. George to Canada Street (intersections are open though.) - From 3p until 7p Main Street is closed from Enterprise to Cameron Street. -