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The What a Weird Week Show for Friday 2 June 2023: Fast Cans and Freedom!

subscribe to podcast episode shownotes blog YouTube Channel 5 star review? well if you insist Hi friends, I'm Scott. Thanks for checking out the show. If you're new, every Friday we do a Weird-News-of-the-Week Top 10 podcast , a show notes blog , and a YouTube video . Find everything at .   Shout-out to Wacky Alex and the crew at FunHouse Radio. Check them out at   This is Episode 36 of Season 4 on Friday June 2nd 2023: ❿ Headline courtesy the North Vancouver RCMP: "We think he was trying to make a clean getaway but was unsuccessful." - they're talking about a guy who tried to steal thousands of dollars worth of toothpaste from a grocery store. - the officers just happened to be near the grocery store on a non-toothpaste-related matter and they saw a guy running out a grocery store emergency exit being chased by staff... - the guy had a couple duffle bags full of toothpaste when police caught him... - estimated stree

National Doughnut / Donut Day June 2, 2023 #Donut #Doughnut #WorldRecord #SalvationArmy

National Doughnut Day began as a salute to Salvation Army volunteers who delivered donuts to our troops during World War One. Did you know that? Because I did NOT! We won the Great War by fueling up on donuts?! If you can, celebrate National Doughnut Day by donating a couple bucks to the Salvation Army!! Donate HERE   more info HERE It's a great day to set a doughnut world record! What about eating a bunch of jellies with no hands?! *please be doughnut safe! via Guninness World Records Some more doughnut records...  see GWR for more

Spring Fair at Riverview East School on Saturday (June 3) happens rain or shine! 11a to 3p

What: Super Fun Spring Fair! Where: Riverview East School ( 49 Chambers Rd Riverview ) When: Saturday! (June 3, 2023) from 11a to 3p  More: - Bouncy Castles, Carnival Games, Teacher Dunk Tank! Food, More!! - This is open to all and goes rain or shine! - Riverview East School website

Maplehurst Middle School Presents: Annie JR. on June 9 and 10 at 6:30p

 Maplehurst Middle School’s production of Annie Jr. happens Friday, June 9th and Saturday, June 10th at 6:30p in the cafeteria. Tickets are $10, available through school cash online , or at the door on the night of the show. *Note: Please bring a copy of your receipt if purchased via school cash online. Questions? Email See Maplehurst Home and School on Facebook and Maplehurst Contact info  

Gutsy Walk 2023: Sunday, June 4th from Noon to 3p at Centennial Park

Gutsy Walk is an event where people get pledges then walk/run/wheel around Centennial Park and it supports people living with Crohn's and Colitis/ IBD. Notes: - Gutsy Walk 2023 is Sunday (June 4) at Centennial Park from noon to 3p. - Here's the Facebook Event: - and the Crohn's and Colitis Canada (NB) Facebook Page - scroll down for more info on Gutsy Walk and ways that you can help. - usually there's a BBQ and fun stuff so even if you're not signed up for the walk you can drop by and maybe make a donation. - You can DONATE ONLINE too. We had a chance to talk to speak with Veronique and Mandi about the event...  When you're there on Sunday watch for a Gutsy Guy photo op! ... Here are some photos from the past...            

What a Weird Week Podcast for Friday May 26th: The Birds are Getting High on your supply, and, the saga of Cricket the Squirrel!

subscribe to podcast episode shownotes blog YouTube Channel 5 star review? well if you insist This week's top ten of weird includes birds getting high, the most expensive ice cream in the world, and a scientific life hack to sleep better. New here? Every Friday we do a Weird-News-of-the-Week Top 10 audio podcast with a full show notes blog and a YouTube video (@weirdweekpod) .   video podcast...  Here are the show notes for Fri May 26th 2023 / Season 4 Episode 35 ... ❿People reminded to wear clothes for Driver's License photo in Georgia* - now in the state of Georgia (USA) you can get a digital driver's license or digital ID. - part of the apply process is that you send them a photo... - the Georgia Department of Driver Services  posted this note on their Facebook the other day: "šŸ‘€Attention, lovely people of the digital era! Please take pictures with your clothes on when submitting them for your Digital Driver’s License and IDs. šŸ«£Let's raise our virtual g

Paper Airplane Day 2023 is Fri Aug 26. You should break the world record!

Earlier this Spring people from the Boeing Company set a world record after carefully designing a paper aircraft that was able to fly 290 feet! That's almost as high as the Statue of Liberty... or the tower of Big Ben... or one-and-a-half times as tall as the castle at Disney World. It took hundreds of hours of design time and also a a pretty fantastic throw. (They practiced for four months before making an official attempt.) If you don't have time to watch the video, the paper airplane design was based on actual hypersonic aircraft... if you Google ' hypersonic aerospace vehicles ' there's quite a variety but prolly the most common design is a bit like the space shuttle... the paper airplane kinda looked like a space shuttle to me... See: ( ) and World Records entry ( ) an