Gas Price Predictions are a bit of a Mystery. Here are a couple links to check.

Help Amherst Regional High School Band get to the Music Festival #concert #fundraiser

What a Weird Week Show Friday 16 February 2024: #poptarts and #Eiffeltower #redemption#weirdnews #oddnews

Valentines Day by the Numbers 2024 *portions of this post are PG13 and *almost NSFW

Pancake Day 2024 #ShroveTuesday #FatTuesday #MardiGras

Congratulations to HTHS Cheer Squad: Provincial Champs!

Best Superbowl Ads 2024

What a Weird Week Show Friday 9 February 2024: the one where we say Taylor Swift in the Title to see if it changes the algorithm

11 Year-old reporter gets sweet gig interviewing NFL stars

ICYMI, Canadian-made Guitar on the Grammy Awards was played in one of the greatest TV moments of recent memory!