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Will Smith's Second Apology is met with criticism from the folks at Variety Mag

Memramcook Fire NB Day Long Weekend: Thanks First Responders and Canadian Red Cross

Shakespeare in the Park starts tonight! (Fri Jul 22) #CentennialPark #MerryWivesOfWindsor #HubCityTheatre #LiveTheatre

Your chance to make the World Better: Donate Deodorant, personal items, sweats to St George's Anglican downtown

What a Weird Week Summer Series: Mariah Carey SUED for SONG THIEVERY!?

National French Fry Day 2022: can you eat this many fries??

Luke Bryan: Stumbles, Keeps Singing, begins to dance like a Sex Symbol

Hot Take: Newscasters should be allowed to have a few drinks during the news

*Updates! CERN, the Large Hadron Collider, and Portals to Other Dimensions* #Portals #Cern #MandelaEffect #TikTok

Little Kid/ Michael Myers mishap video #MichaelMyers #StrangerThings #CuteKids #FallingDownVideos

Canada Day 2022 in Moncton/ Dieppe/ and places all over! #Fun #CanadaDay #Moncton #Dieppe #Riverview #SouthEasternNB #Fireworks

Details! Moncton Air Show/ Festival is downtown today (Wed June 29) Flyover happens at 5p

Summer 2022 Links to keep handy #HeatWarnings #FloodWatch #SportsFieldClosures #BeachWaterIndex #FirepitIndex #SplashPads

What a Weird Week Summer Series: Weird Frogs Wed June 22, 2022

Parade of Planets 2022: see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn in Early Morning/ Also where to report a UFO

Dunk Tank Day at Maplehurst School was Cool!

Golf Tournament for the Kids is Aug 11th. Can your business be a sponsor? (Yes, yes it can)

Father's Day Car Show at Casely Park in Riverview

Donate Blood in June and you might be able to get out of a speeding ticket! *citation

What a Weird Week: Summer Series! Still Weird, now with more humidity! In this episode... Demon Cats!!

Charity BBQ in Hillsborough on Saturday (June 11th) from 11a to 3p supports NB Railway Museum

Royal Road for Kids from Riverview High School is June 9th, 1:30-3:30p at Caseley Park! #FamilyFun #Fundraiser

The Bears are Back in Town♪♪ Bear safety reminder *UPDATED 2022* #Bears #BearSafety