What a Weird Week 3.13 for Dec 12, 2021: Does a Christmas Tree in the Bedroom Really Spice up your Marriage?

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10 Cream Cheese Shortage has bagel lovers feeling empty inside...
The late-night hosts and national news anchors had this one a lot this week... because of supply-chain problems  cream cheese is running low at delis and bagel shops... the New York Times had an article about it... I never knew that big bagel shops in places like new York City order huge amounts of plain cream cheese and then they mix it into whatever flavors they want... this year those big cream cheese orders are not coming in... some people are freaking out... this is a chance for Hellman's mayonnaise to swoop in with another weird idea about mayo on bagels I think...

9 Every year someone figures out how much the Twelve Days of Christmas would cost...
Don't get me wrong, I love it that someone figures out the partridge valuation...
If you go through the entire 12 Days of Christmas song and buy everything for your true love, it's supposed to cost $41,206 (US Dollars).
- 7 swans a swimming would be over thirteen thousand dollars
- 2 turtle doves went way up in price this year (50% increase) 
- 8 maids a milking is the best bargain at $58.
- partridge/ pear tree is $223 this year

8 The Substitute Teacher who got asked to leave the school...
Because of singing karaoke though!?
This substitute teacher in Austin (keep it weird Austin!) got some karaoke going in class and sang Toxic by Britney Spears. He was then asked to leave. Was the performance that bad? You be the judge... (https://www.kxan.com/news/local/austin/texas-substitute-teacher-who-brought-karaoke-machine-to-class-asked-to-leave/)

7 Having a Christmas Tree in the Bedroom: does it really spice up your marriage?
A store in the UK says it's true. They sell Christmas trees, so they might be trying to convince us that Christmas trees have magical mojo-enhancing abilities... They say it's a becoming a popular trend.
Why? Maybe the sights and smells make us feel more loving... maybe other... ???
Let's all put a tree in the bedroom and report back...
6 How to succeed at work and trick everybody into liking what you're about!
A new study says to climb the ladder of success at work, don't fix what's wrong at work... just be supportive of all the idiots around you who are doing terrible work... being supportive takes you further in your job than just pointing out the dumb things the idiots are doing... am I being too harsh? I'm not saying you're surrounded by idiots at work, but it's probably like a semicicle of idiots around you though, right? Anyway, that's the hot take, there's more to lending a "Supportive Voice" so click the article, then when you get a giant raise, join our patreon!

5 Christmas is a time of weight-gain for dogs too!
It's because we feed the dog more at Christmas... so it's because of humans... it's not Shirley Feeney's fault. *dog name may vary/ consult your own dog for more
I don't have a dog, instead, I have asthma... so you tell me if this is true... this new survey says that 80% of pet owners give their pooch a special holiday meal... I guess it seems fair that if we're eating something fancy, the pooch should get something special too... is it squirrel? Let us know in the comments down below! *there is no comment section/ don't really do that.

4 Alligator in Massachusetts River!
This is one of those stories where the headline is pretty much the payoff as well... a guy saw on social media that there was this smallish alligator in a Westfield River and he went there to find it... he did.
- it was first spotted in the Summer
- gator is about three feet long
- no, gators cannot survive a Massachusetts Winter
- it's not legal to have a gator as a pet in Massachusetts
Here's what it looks like...
alligators is real

3 Indestructible Box will keep our shame safe for future societies...
Here's a quote: "Australian scientists and artists are looking to hold the world accountable for the Earth's future by creating an "indestructible" storage device to record humanity's handling of the climate change crisis. Inspired by an aeroplane’s flight recorder, the "Earth's Black Box" will be built in 2022 on the remote west coast of Tasmania, an area deemed geographically and politically stable"
- the idea is that when we destroy the world with climate change and general bad behaviour, this black box art installment will keep the historic record of what we did safe... so at least there'll be evidence for whoever finds it... and they'll know who to blame.
- it'll be a thirty foot long metal box with solar power capabilities
- good luck, world.

Reuters Science News (@ReutersScience) tweeted at 2:18 p.m. on Tue., Dec. 07, 2021:
Australian scientists and artists are looking to hold the world accountable for the Earth's future by creating an 'indestructible' storage device to record humanity's handling of the climate change crisis https://t.co/EsjXMmh5On 1/5 https://t.co/vlcQK5CdBe
2 Oreo Flavoured Wine is a thing...
We love to shine a light on publicity stunts that hard-working promotional experts carefully craft to draw attention to big brands... but how is this good? Wine enthusiasts will not like this, will they?
Oreo enthusiasts won't like this, will they? 
Sometimes I think the marketing executives get together and have a secret challenge - Who Can Do the Most Outlandish Brand Publicity Stunt and still Get Paid for it?
- Wine Name is the Barefoot Oreo Thins Red Blend
- Cost is $25
- Of course it sold out in a heartbeat

1 Chocolate Santa Scandal!
via https://www.tiktok.com/@councillorbell

A Tik Tok video from a City Council member in Australia seems to clearly show that the foil-wrapped chocolate Santa is really a chocolate Easter bunny that has been re-branded for Christmas...

#Cadbury you are very clearly trying to pull the rabbit over our eyes! This is no Santa 🎅… it’s an imposter Easter Bunny!! 🐇🐇 🤣

♬ original sound - Jarrod Bell

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What a Weird Week 3.12 for Dec 5 2021: Cats are psychopathish

What a Weird Week: the top ten countdown of weird stories from the news. Check (https://podcast.scottyandtony.com/) for links to all the stories and usual podcast stuff.

Bonus: As we record, there is a Blizzard Warning for Hawaii!?

10 Fourteen Seconds to make a gift impression...
A new survey in time for the holidays says that on average people decide if they like what you bought them for Christmas in 14 seconds... so if you care what people think/ trying to make a good impression, no slowburn gifts. Also no wrapping a box inside a box. No Russian Dolls either I guess, based on this data... you've got 14 seconds to make a good gift impression!

9 Cats are Pychopathish...
A new study involving thousands of cat owners indicates that cats tend to be psychopaths or at least psychopathish©. So cat owners, what do you do with that knowledge? Oh, you already knew that about your cat? Oh, your cat's name is Norman Bates. Good to know.(https://www.wfxb.com/2021/11/30/according-to-scientists-all-cats-have-a-little-psycho-in-them/?fr=operanews)

8 One way to avoid flooding problems of today... build a floating city... that is the plan in South Korea... a city that will float on top of rising waters, so they say it'll be flood-proof.
I pictured the major motion picture Water World starring Kevin Costner, put it looks more like a lovely World's Fair or a new land at Epcot... thanks for saving us from ourselves, futurists.

7 Those people storm-stayed in the bar for days...
- The Oasis cover band Noasis was performing.
- it snowed enough that people stayed over for a few days
- 10 foot high snow drifts!
- there is an Inn attached to the pub so the 68 patrons got to share some rooms at the Inn.
- no charge for the emergency lodging
- they did pub games and stuff to pass the time

6 The Little Kid Car Thief...
This 11 year old kid is allegedly the ringmnaster/ kingpin... the ringpin© of a bunch of carjackings in Chicago...
not like an apprentice or brought along for the carjackings by the babysitter... how wild is that!?

5 Loudest Burp Record set...
A guy in Australia burped loudly and now has a Guiness World Record. End of Story. 
Here's the burp if you want to check it out...

4 Holiday weight gain concerns? Try Prunes you guys...
Basically, eat prunes for a snack and it might help control your appetite, and maybe help you lose weight!? Here's the quoate: "Researchers from the University of Liverpool discovered that eating more prunes helped a group of dieters control their appetite better, consume fewer calories, and even lose slightly more weight than people choosing others snacks during a 12-week test."

3 What to buy for that person who has errthing? #HolidayGiftGuide
(Spoiler Alert: it's Chocolate, gift baskets, and gift cards.

2 Our Maple Syrup Shortage!
Here in Canada we have a secret supply of Maple Syrup?! I never knew about this and I'm from one of the Maple Syrup Provinces! I feel syrup shame. So our supply was running low and they tapped into our secret syrup reserve. Wild, right?!
- we released something like 50 million pounds of reserve syrup
- it can be stored safely for years (so consider stocking your bomb shelter with some)

1 That video game boat that someone bought for $650,000 in real life money...
Here's a pretty good summation from the article linked below:
"There are a lot of moving parts to this whole situation, so I’m going to try to break it down for those of us — myself included — who have no idea what on Earth is happening. This sale took place in something called The Sandbox, which is basically a virtual gaming world, a “metaverse” where players can “play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences,” the website claims.

I feel like this whole concept needs an example to make it make sense. Let’s say you built a house in Minecraft (or some other video game of your choice). Despite the fact that you built it, it’s still technically ‘owned’ by the makers of Minecraft. In The Sandbox, anything you make is owned by you, and you can sell it for in-game tokens that have a monetary value in the real world, theoretically."

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