What a Weird Week Summer Series: Mariah Carey SUED for SONG THIEVERY!?

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Thanks for checking out What a Weird Week! This podcast is usually the Top Ten Weird Things from this week's news, but for the Summer series the plan is less news/ more weird.
Keep it weird all Summer with What a Weird Week SUMMER!
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National French Fry Day 2022: can you eat this many fries??

Matt Stonie ate 5 pounds of french fries in like 20 minutes...  
*Professional eater on closed course. Do Not Attempt.

Scotty note: I gave up french fries for my New Year's Resolution on the condition that Tony would eat my share of french fries all year long. Today I want to beat the 5 pound french fry record to really make a splash on french fry day. What do you think? 7 pounds?? Can I do it!!!!??? Yes, yes I'm going to eat SEVEN POUNDS OF FRENCH FRIES!!! Except, it has to be Tony because I gave up fries for New Year's. Tony's got this, you guys. Even though he has a toothache, he's gonna muscle through the pain and break the french fry record for me!!! He promised!!!!!! To be continued.

French Fry Fact Sheet:
2) French Fries are delicious*

Happy French Fry Day you guys!

Hot Take: Newscasters should be allowed to have a few drinks during the news

This lady had a crazy-busy work schedule. She has been suspended by the TV station but I don't know you guys, I think she should be allowed to have a few cocktails during the news. I found her approach to be refreshing, honest, a little confusing, but most importantly, entertaining. BTW, she says she was just exhausted, not inebriated. Doesn't matter to me, I say "Let the anchors drink!!"