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Trojan Trek 2021: HTHS Kids Raising $ for the Neonatal Unit of Moncton Hospital

Jim the June Bug: our entire interview with a June Bug that was stuck to Scotty's screen door this morning...

What's Trending for Friday 21 May 2021: Covid Update, Vaccine Info, Habs vs Leafs

It's World Baking Day: You sent us some easy recipes to try... #May17 #WorldBakingDay

What a Weird Week Sun May 16: the one with Kitty Cats, raccoons, and sardines! Season 2, Episode 11

Support the Kids *Update: BGC's online Auction is over, but you can still HELP!! #BoysandGirlsClub

Hey Riverview, Did you miss Junk Week? Here's some good info!!

You guys! The Smarties McFlurry?!! Welcome back Dear Friend!!

Meet the Candidates for Mayor of Moncton

Monday May 3rd is National Paranormal Day! Do you believe in ghosts??

What a Weird Week Sunday 2 May 2021: the one with FREE McFlurries and second class Citizen Kane! Season 2, Episode 10