Facebook Marketplace Scam Awareness!

CBC News has a story about a lady in Fredericton who sold something on Marketplace and instead of the person paying her $30, they stole $3000 (*or tried to) from her account. How? It seems like she received a message about the e-transfer with a link... when she clicked that link, the lady thought she was logging into her banking site but the criminal was actually able to steal that banking log-in info (and steal money.)


Things To Consider when you Win Our Contest with Air Canada and the Greater Moncton Romeo Leblanc International Airport (May 2024)

ICYMI, we have a contest where you can win a flight anywhere in Canada, or North America, or a Sun Destination that Air Canada flies with our friends at the Greater Moncton Romeo Leblanc International Airport. (See New Country 969.9's Great Canadian Getaway contest page https://www.newcountry969.ca/new-country-969-great-canadian-getaway/).

Mental Health Info Sesh for Students and Parents Thursday from 6p to 8p is Open to All. Happens at Trimble.

Thanks to the crew at Anglo East for letting us know about this event...
"Hi fellas would you be able to promote the Mental Health Symposium for this Thursday At Trimble. It’s booths with resources, a great keynote where two great speakers from RCMP and YWCA are teaming up to help us understand what’s going on with our kids and social media and there is a place for high school age youth to get together and network. Much appreciated!"

Smile Cookies from Tim Hortons Help Kids and Charities right here in our area! Also, Alternative Uses for Smile Cookies!!

It's Smile Cookie season until until Sunday (May 5, 2024)!!
When you buy a Smile Cookie at your fave Tim Hortons you will be helping local charities like Timbits minor sports programs and more! Thanks for helping kids!
BTW, there are some places where you can order them online.

*Dog Depicts Usual Reaction. (via Tim Hortons website)

Thoughts, Tips, and Tricks:
Science has proven that Smile Cookies are delicious, but did you know that they're also good listeners? It feels great to have someone who'll listen to you complain about how you're the only one at work who does anything. After a nice conversation, you get to eat the delicious cookie, which is nice. 

Smile Cookies are good listeners

You can also use Smile Cookies to impress colleagues...

results may not vary. ever. this will happen 100% of the time.
Also utilize a Smile Cookie to rehearse the soliloquy from Hamlet...

You can even use Smile Cookies to end the constant slashing-of-your-tires by your disgruntled employees *recommended for members of management*

employees slashing your tires? buy them a smile cookie!


Spaghetti Supper on Thursday (May 2) from 4p to 7p at Shediac Multipurpose Center helps the Courage Centre

Shout-out to students at LJR High School who are putting on a spaghetti supper to benefit the Courage Centre! This happens on Thursday (May 2). Cost is $10. Hours are from 4p to 7p at Shediac Multipurpose Center on Rue Festival.
Buy tickets at the Courage Centre (66 Rue Calder in Shediac) or we also hear they are available at the door.