Storm Links for Winter 2024


Valentines Day by the Numbers 2024 *portions of this post are PG13 and *almost NSFW

Here are some Valentine's Day stats from
Wait, what's Tinder again? jk, I don't want to know.

Dogs are better listeners.

How much do you spend on Valentine's Day?
See for the full Valentine's Day rundown.

Then there's this stat we got sent to the newsroom... NSFW! VIEWER DISCRETION!
A survey by the Healthnews website ranked 30 countries by their interest in… grownup happy funtime gadgets. Canada finished first. Here’s the Top 5:
5) Brazil
4) Mexico
3) United Kingdom
2) Sweden
1) Canada
I won’t post the link because NSFW but you can find the story by searching “ canada number 1”. *NSFW!
They also shared this stat... 
idk you guys, seems dangerous... at least keep your lifejacket on


11 Year-old reporter gets sweet gig interviewing NFL stars

ICYMI, the most famous sporting event in the world happens on Sunday, and the press are covering the football all this week in Las Vegas. One of the stars who has emerged is a young fella named Jeremiah Fennell who is 11 years old and has been reporting on sports since age 7. He does a bang-up job interviewing these NFL superstars...