ICYMI, Canadian-made Guitar on the Grammy Awards was played in one of the greatest TV moments of recent memory!

ICYMI, the Canadian-made guitar in one of the greatest TV moments of recent memory had a pretty cool journey...

... it all started with a lady named Judy who was teaching at University of Calgary... she met somebody who made guitars... eventually she decided to quit teaching to also make guitars... In 1999 she made one but no one in Calgary was buying, so she sent it to a store in California. It stayed in the showroom for quite a while... maybe because it was a bit smaller? Or maybe because the right person hadn't come along yet. In 2001 a guitar player walks into the place... the guitar player has a sore shoulder from playing a big guitar in concert... they bought the Calgary lady's smaller guitar!
Fast-forward to Sunday night, the Grammy Awards happen... the guitar maker, Judy, gets an email from a friend who says "You're guitar was on TV!" (paraphrase) ... it was, too. Judy's guitar was one of the greatest moments of the night... the person who bought Judy's guitar all those years ago was Tracy Chapman who performed Fast Car on Judy's guitar in a duet with Luke Combs!