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❿ More romance in the news ahead of Valentine's Day...
Last week we talked about the zoo that will name a bug after your ex and then feed the bug to a zoo animal... Now A New Jersey animal shelter who will name a feral cat after your ex and then neuter that cat... (spay or neuter.) So if someone's wronged you, you can support the shelter and do the thing... at first it's funny and then I'm like, should we be doing this? ... I'm not a psychologist. Is it healthy to do things like this? I don't want to take away all the hilarious fun of having a feral cat neutered as a means of vengeance... just wondering out loud... Anyway, it'll help out the shelter and it is a way to control the feral cat population in New Jersey. So there's that. And an offbeat Valentine's Day activity... So there's that... As you celebrate the season of Love.
Hey Ryan, it's over.
❾ Super Swiftie breaks world record... This is a fellow in Pakistan... 20 year old fellow... who was able to break the record for the most Taylor Swift songs identified from their lyrics in one minute. The world record is now 34 Taylor Swift songs. Maybe you want to try to break that record this weekend. So it's quite straightforward. You have to listen to the lyrics, identify the songs. No peeking...  wear a blindfold. It looks like it takes intense concentration.
The Top Ten Weird News Stories of the Week: this is What a Weird Week.
❽ Mona Lisa gets souped up real good...
There's been another souping of famous artwork in the news...
We've covered stories like this before on the show... The Mona Lisa this time got souped...  a lot of times you hear the stories and it's like, 'oh no the Priceless artwork what's going to happen?!' the climate protesters whip soup or other gooey substances at famous artworks, but the art world folks are no slouches and all of the famous art is now behind glass or some sort of soup-proof protection barrier. So the Mona Lisa got souped and then somebody came along, somebody from the museum, came along and you know cleaned the glass and then people were able to enjoy the Mona Lisa once again. It did smell... I assume... it did smell a bit soupy for a while in the Mona Lisa Room. (MLR?) ... I'm not sure about this one. I believe that the environmental protestors are trying to save us all and that attacking priceless works of art is certainly one way to go. That's it. I don't know how to feel about it you guys. I don't understand art either. I mean, I don't understand soup, and I don't understand art. So I found this story very confusing.

❼ Lego man gets world record...  
A fellow named Milos from Czechia has enjoyed Lego since Age 5 and now has a Guinness world record for the largest collection of Lego sets... over 6000 Lego sets.
That was the last time they counted...  in the summer...  and now he has his official Guinness plaque. It was in the news this week.
One neat thing is... it's not just a situation where like you see now with people always collecting the Stanley Tumblers or whatever and they're on display like, 'oh, I'll never drink out of this one. It's my special collector's item Stanley mug,' ... but Lego Milos had the idea, 'Hey, I want to share my Lego with the world... I want to share my wonderful collection of blocks with the world!' and he started the Museum of Bricks in Prague. So you can see a whole bunch of Lego at the Museum there.
I'll tell you what, if you were thinking about getting into Lego and you're like 'what should I... if I just got one special set what Lego set should I get?' you want to ask this fellow... the world record holder! Because he's seen all of them and Milos is favorite set is the Statue of Liberty set you guys.
It's actually a pretty cool photo... link to in the show notes... all the Lego set up... Pirates and some sort of jungle theme and so. many. castles.

This is What a Weird Week. Thanks for being here.

❻ Giant world record bouncy castle in the news. We want to send a shout-out to Hoops at UPI, their weird news Guru.
There's a tourist attraction bouncy place in Pakistan. That is the largest bouncy castle in the world. They have Drone footage flying over the thing and it looks like a small village perhaps a town looks like you could live there you could just move to the to bouncy land and live there. Once it attains official Town status we could call it New Bouncington!
It's quite incredible. But I mean if you don't have a chance to click the photos and see the video, let me describe it for you. It's a bouncy castle that is very very very large... 15,000 and something square feet. That is the largest bouncy castle in the world.
They say you can fit 200 people on it.

❺ Crater of Diamonds State Park (Arkansas) is back in the news. This is a park where you're allowed to go and look for diamonds. We've talked about it before because every year somebody finds a diamond there that is substantial this time around its a visitor from France who found a 7.46 carat diamond. You just go to this place, find diamonds and you're rich. Why is this place not always lined up? I don't is it what am I missing here? They named the place Crater of Diamonds State Park. It's right in the name! The place should be lined up more than Disney World!

You're listening to the What a Weird Week Program. It's weird news! 
❹ This one made national news here where I'm at in Canada. The McRib is back.
I'm not sure if you have the McRib where you are, but the McDonald's McRib, a delicious pressed pork sandwich, was gone for ten years in Canada and fans rallied I guess for 10 years... every day for 10 years. There were protesters out in front of McDonald's headquarters *citation needed. Well, finally we've got the McRib back for a limited time (they did say that you never know, maybe it could be a permanent menu item some day!)
To those who fought so hard for the McRib to come back, enjoy your victory. 

❸ Woolly rhinos are in the news. First of all, I had no idea they existed. Well, they're extinct now but... 
Much like the woolly mammoth there used to be Woolly Rhinos. Rhinos wandering this great planet of ours that were woolly you guys.
Scientists have extracted some DNA of Woolly Rhinos. We've talked about how scientists want to bring back the DoDo bird, maybe clone the DoDo and scientists want to perhaps clone The Woolly Mammoth. And so I assume the Woolly Rhino is added to the list here, but it looks like maybe not yet... the article says the DNA sequence "might have considerable degradation." So to be continued on cloning an army of Woolly Rhinos. But here's why the story is fascinating to so many and getting shared... It's how they got the DNA for The Woolly Rhino. They got the DNA out of fossilized hyena poop. So where you and I might see a rock that at one time was poop, these scientists see an opportunity to get some DNA. There are scientists who study fossilized poop in hopes of getting DNA out of it.
That's weird, right?
Anyway, the article gets into how they extracted the DNA and what it was like to be a Woolly Rhino and where hyenas of old used to do their business. It's a little bit of all of that in the article from Popular Mechanics... 

We're almost to the number one weird story of the week... this is the What a Weird Week Show.
❷ There's a story in the news about a mysterious noise in Florida and fish. I'm sorry PG-13... I should have said PG-13 first. There's a story in the news about this weird noise in Florida that people are taking note of and it may be fish making fish babies. You can hear fish getting it on ??? I did not know that.
So, this is Tampa Florida. There's a scientist investigating a strange noise. The neighborhood folks say it sounds ... well, they describe it in the article... they describe the nois as penetrating. Oh good lord. Residents of a neighborhood.... here's a quote from the article...  "residents of a neighborhood in Tampa. Florida have been frustrated by a mysterious bass sound...and they've learned that the mating process for the black drum fish could be responsible for all the racket."
The poor people in this neighborhood in Tampa. I mean they've even called in noise complaints to the police. It's been going on for years.
Finally, they contacted a scientist. They raised money. And the scientist from a marine laboratory and aquarium is going to get to the bottom of it... the plan is to get some microphones underwater and followup on the fish theory ... that it's a Netflix and Gill situation. net Netflix. I hope they solve this thing.
artist rendering
🍅 We have an honorable mention about a lady in California and a world record. I'm happy this lady got in the Guinness Book of Records. She seems like a nice lady and she was smiling proudly holding her world record plaque... the world record's for the longest arm hair for a female. Seven point two inches long arm hair... once you see it, you can't unsee it. 

Hang on for number one!!
Catch up on the weird news of the week with What a Weird Week.

❶ Gizmodo headline "Japan zoo recaptures escaped man in costume in adorable emergency drill." 
So at the zoo, they have this thing where they practice what to do if a bear got away... they do it every year. I think we even talked about it on this program before But it made news again because, you know, it's kinda gaining popularity... they hire someone or an employee gets dressed up as a bear and then the zoo workers initiate a take-down. They get one of those bear traps and that's it! Just kidding. 
there is no need to panic
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