on the show Thursday March 31, 2022: Update* Now with Parachute Pants* also Price of Gas Soars, Secret Safe Contents, are you ready for tomorrow #AprilFools

We gave away some money today... it started out pretty rough, but ended with Parachute Pants...
You guys, I might be getting back into the dancing game... (scroll down for the 1980s safe story... )
Did you see the lineup of traffic in Halifax for the new Popeye's Restaurant!?

⛽ Price of Gas Check-in: Not Good...

We're trying to shine a spotlight on the need for Blood Donors this week... They have empty appointment slots at Canadian Blood Services if you can spare a little time to give blood and make the world a better place...
1-888-236-6283 or Blood.ca or get the free app (iphone) (android). Click HERE for more info. Canadian Blood Services is at 500 Mapleton Rd.
*I'm currently seeking Angel Investors for a new dating app that combines your first date with an appointment to give blood! 
Concept: when you match, your first date is automatically scheduled as an appointment for you to both donate blood, side-by-side!
For the Win: you'll be making the world a better place, if you don't hit it off you can pretend to fall asleep, if you DO like each other you can get to know each other like crazy! If you really REALLY hit it off, you can make out the whole time.
If I can't get this off the ground, maybe Bumble will buy my idea?
Reach out Bumble... I got ideas!

Any Good Soundbites today??
- I want to post the trailer for Joe vs Carole, but even the trailer has some lofty swearing. The whole show is like a fever dream of swearing and wardrobes. I like it but it is getting terrible reviews. It is what I like to call: Hot Garbage©
HERE's a link to reviews and the trailer, just remember, NSFW!
And here's one of Carole's diary videos. idk, I can't figure out what the deal is with these... 
- icymi, here's the video of the State Senator who thought the schools were filling up with Furries demanding litter boxes...
Heads-up! Tomorrow is April Fool's Day! Don't let your guard down...
- Reader's Digest weighs in HERE
- How to survive it HERE and also HERE (there are a LOT of articles about avoiding getting pranked you guys)

This dog got so excited to go for a walk that it just couldn't wait for the gate to open, so it got stuck and had to be rescued...

When that crew renovating a theatre in Fredericton found a secret safe in the floor... I didn’t know what to expect...  (spoiler alert, all they found in there when they finally got it open was a little bit of change)...  I was hoping for a treasure map ... but then I read that the place was built in the 1980s... Not a big swashbuckling privateer hey day...  it got me thinking... what is the most valuable thing from the 1980s that they could've  found in there? Imagine for a sec that it's the 1980s and you've just installed a secret floor safe... What would YOU put in it?
Me? It's gotta be my Honky Tonk Man action figure. He was Intercontinental Champ for a very long time you guys.


on the Show Wed Mar 30: Wildlife Wednesday/ Ducks in the Maternity Ward/ Very Large Chicken/ Is this an Evil Deer?

- Wildlife Wednesday: these ducks...

- Wildlife Wednesday: photo of one of the the deer have been waiting to ambush me on my route to work... Thanks for your notes... there's not a lot of support for my theory that it's the beginning of the animal uprising, but there was this comment... "Maybe the deer are hunting YOU, Scotty. They're turning the tables!!"
100% agree.

Wildlife Wednesday: this very large chicken...
Can you believe somebody posted a very large chicken on Reddit on Wildlife Wednesday Eve? It's part of that Wildlife Wednesday magic I guess...

⛽ In the News: Price of Gas has a one-day sale price (https://www.newcountry969.ca/2022/03/30/whats-trending-wednesday-30-march-2022-brief-gas-drop/)

They have empty appointment slots at Canadian Blood Services if you can spare a little time to give blood and make the world a better place...
1-888-236-6283 or Blood.ca or get the free app (iphone) (android). Click HERE for more info. Canadian Blood Services is at 500 Mapleton Rd.

FastCash... sometime we don't give away the big bucks, but listen to how sweet Maggie is!! 

On National Doctor's Day we got to wondering who would win in hand-to-hand combat: Dr Phil or Dr Oz??
A million texts later and we are still divided on the issue.

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Oscars Roundup 2022: the Slapcademy Awards©

No one will remember anything else. The 2022 Oscars will always be the Slapcademy Awards. If you missed it when Chris Rock made a bad joke, and Will Smith got violent about it,  here...
Everyone has an opinion on who was the villain in this fiasco. 
I'm having this internal struggle because my brain wants to choose sides. Will Smith did this on live TV to a guy who didn't see it coming. Chris Rock had no idea that Will Smith was violently upset until the very... last... second.
That must've been 1) painful, 2) embarrassing, 3) literally traumatic.

When the voice in my head switches to Will Smith's point of view it goes like this...  'A comedian made an insensitive joke about my wife... does he know about Jada's alopecia? Does it matter? He still crossed the line. Some people need to be taught a lesson, don't they? Anger rises, ability to think rationally subsides. It's slap time.' 

Then I'm back to Chris Rock's brain... 
'Everybody loves it when Ricky Gervais makes fun of celebrities at the award shows. I makes fun of people for a living. I was just doing what I usually do. Why was it suddenly not OK to do it? Has Will Smith never seen my act before? I've said way worse things.'  

What about Jada? How is she holding up? Everybody's so focused on the other stuff that it's easy to forget that she's being drawn into this when it looked as though she was prepared to shake off Chris Rock's joke with an eye roll/ cold stare.

Then there's the other award winners... the big slap derailed the whole show. Will Smith apologized during his acceptance speech, but this year's Oscars will only be remembered as the Slapcademy Awards (sorry Coda, but congratulations anyway!)

Things I did not know before... 
Jada Pinkett Smith has alopecia... Chris Rock has a learning disability (NVLD).

Will Smith in his acceptance speech for Best Actor said - "I am overwhelmed by what God is calling on me to do and be in this world..."
I'm OK with God mentions. I'm a God guy. But to me, it sounded like Will was saying God called on him to stand up for his family and... I guess smack Chris Rock? Is that what it sounded like to you? I might be wrong about his meaning.
Whenever people do violence and then start talking about God, that aint good.

Losing control:
It's easy to make fun of celebrities. Behavior-wise, some celebs are just baffling. I guess you could say the same about Larry from our office who keeps trying to move staplers with his mind - "They're too heavy for my brain, but I'll get there!"
People are people. Sometimes we make good decisions, sometimes bad. 
I hope Will Smith learns to take a few deep breaths before throwing hands around. 
I hope Chris Rock rethinks his comedy choices. 
I hope Jada gets her best life. 
This whole thing has really soured me on the Sparkly Pizzazz of Hollywood.

For the Winners List go HERE


What a Weird Week for Sunday March 27: A look back at one year ago! yes, it's a re-run

Thanks for checking out What a Weird Week, a podcast with the Top Ten Weird Things from the news. This is episode 3.26 and it's a repeat episode because I thought I had Covid you guys.
In this glorious re-run we go back to a year ago this week.
For Full Show Notes and Podcast Links see (www.Shownotes.page). 
link to the BBC podcast about the war in Ukraine - if you want to understand what's happening there, it is a good way to get informed. It's called Ukrainecast (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0bqztzm) ... ways to help  Ukraine (https://www.scottyandtony.com/2022/03/here-are-ways-to-support-ukraine.html)

The minister who didn't know there was a Zoom filter on during livestream church. As he says in the interview, it could've been worse. He just looked cooler than normal. That was the end result, a fairly cool minister to start with, looked cooler than usual, end of Story!
God bless, kids, and church volunteers who took on new technological challenges at church during the pandemic.

Without looking it up, I wouldn't know the biggest movie of all time. Until someone tells me, and then I'm all like... yes, of course. Knew that. Just because I couldn't remember doesn't mean I didn't know. I'm THAT guy in the conversation 100% of the time.
Last Saturday Avatar became the biggest money maker movie ever... again. It WAS the biggest movie, then Avengers: Endgame came out and got to Number One... but they re-released Avatar in China and it made another 12 million last weekend to take the lead 
Which one do you like the best? 
I haven't seen either one (I've been waiting to be absolutely sure that they're good. Any movie can have a hot weekend or two and win the Box Office... I like to be cautious and play the long game. If the movie becomes the biggest movie of all time, THEN I consider watching it. 
It's my formula.)
- Avatar has grossed $2.802B
- Endgame has grossed $2.797B. 
- Both movies owned by Disney so they are like hahahahahahahaahahahahahaaha all the way to the bank... even if the bank is far far away, they're still laughing all the way to it.
- Before Avatar and Endgame, Titanic was the biggest.

Bill Ackman is an investor who got-in-early buying stocks for a company that everyone online calls 'the Amazon of South Korea'.
Is "got in early" something people say? Because it sounds like something people would say. 
The company is named   and the stocks did very well for Investor Bill. He has more than a billion dollars worth of shares in the company, and he's giving them over to charity. A BILLION DOLLARS TO CHARITY? 
Questions/ Answers:
- How much is Bill worth anyway? The internet says almost 3 billion dollars.
- Looking inwardly, should I give more money to charity? Probably, but I'm not a menius©. (Money Genius.)
- Is the term Menius© available for licensing? You know it is. You KNOW it is!
- How do I get rich like Bill? I don't know you, but generally I think the answer involves inventing a time machine and then placing bets on sports. (I suggest the 1986 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup run because, who saw that coming?) 

7 More Heinz sauces!?
In a world that only a few years ago thought that Ranch dressing was still pretty cutting edge as far as sauces go, (I am of course referring to my world... MY world, y'all!) Heinz has started thinking outside the box... the box of sauce... the Sauce Box© and now they can't seem to stop. They've opened up Pandora's Box-of-sauce, Pandora's Sauce Box©, and they just keep churning out new combinations of ketchup and mayo, and ranch. 
- Hanch is fun to say
- Hanch sounds like the nickname of a television motorcycle cop. Change my mind.

A lady in the Netherlands got a robot tattoo this week. Not a tatto OF a robot, a tattoo done BY a robot. There was a tattoo artist controlling the robot arm, but that tattoo artist was hundreds of miles away.
She had her arm in some kind of arm-holding frame, and the tattoo artist had some kind of device on his end, and a robot arm did the actual tattooing. We talked about tattoo robots before on the show, but they're calling this the first remote tattoo, ever. 
What was the tattoo? Some kind of abstract.
- I hope somebody was in charge of "being ready to unplug the robot" in case it became sentient and attempted total human extermination. 
- How soon before this technology is adapted for military gains, or for use in the adult film industry? Is it hours, or minutes?
- Some day will robots be the ones GETTING the tattoos as well as giving them? (
You know, after we're all enslaved by them.)   

A guy made news this week for breaking the world record involving drinking a Capri Sun fast. The record is 16.65 seconds... doesn't seem THAT fast, but you have to start the clock before you remove the little straw... so that takes some skill I guess.
Tips to break this record:
- get good at fine straw manipulation
- being thirsty couldn't hurt
Scientists grow human tear glands in a lab, and actually make them cry (https://cnet.co/3tspAzN)
The headline says it all... how weird is THAT?
- this is a result of stem cell research
- some people can't make tears so this would help them
- will this revolutionize acting-in-sad-scenes especially on television? Probably not, but MAYBE!

Scientists surprised by plants a mile under the ice in Greenland
Theses were plant fossils they found way under the ice, so it proves there wasn't always ice there in Greenland... but, to me, the weird thing is how they got the research... 
- in the 1960s, the military was looking to have a secret storage facility for nuclear missiles.
- as a cover for this secret project, they did some drilling and soil samples
- the soil sample from a mile under the ice in Greenland was collected in 1966, then kind of forgotten until a few years ago when they rediscovered it in a freezer.
- weird, right?

2 That assistant district attorney in Pennsylvania who just got demoted because while he was being an assistant district attorney, he was also making DoorDash deliveries... like during work hours. 

Engineers at Stanford University have finally figured out exactly why hummingbirds hum. 
It's because they don't know the words.
If you really want to dig into the research (it involved a lot of  high-speed cameras and years of ciphering the math... but it's pretty much what you think... it's flapping wings... but here's the link... 


School Kids Make Inspirational Hotline, World Gets Better!!

These school kids from California did an art project where they recorded inspirational quotes and advice as a Call-in Inspirational Hotline Message Machine!!
Dial (707) 998-8410 but remember it's long distance!!
We called the number and recorded some of the advice... 


Weird Wednesday: the giant potato debacle!

In case you missed the latest What A Weird Week podcast,  here's the giant potato recap...

To stream or subscribe search What A Weird Week wherever you get podcasts or click (https://podnews.net/podcast/i9vxl/all)


What a Weird Week for Sunday March 20: Dolly, Daylight Saving Mix-up, Dancing!

Thanks for checking out What a Weird Week, a podcast with Ten Weird Things from this week's news. This is episode 3.25.
For Full Show Notes and Podcast Links see (www.Shownotes.page). 
link to the BBC podcast about the war in Ukraine - if you want to understand what's happening there, it is a good way to get informed. It's called Ukrainecast (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0bqztzm) ... ways to help  Ukraine (https://www.scottyandtony.com/2022/03/here-are-ways-to-support-ukraine.html)

10 Dolly and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...
The Hall of Fame wanted Dolly in, Dolly politely declined because, she's not a Rock and Roll performer, then the Hall of Fame folks said Oops, we didn't anticipate that response... the ballots are already sent out... to be continued!
Should Dolly be in the Rock and Roll hall of Fame?

9 Russian News Protester...
Everyone had this story earlier in the week... the reporter named Marina who held up an anti-war sign during a news program on Russian TV.
Everybody was worried about her. She was interrogated for 14 hours and fined a little under $300. She has resigned from her job. Will there be more repercussions? That's what everyone is afraid of. World leaders have issued statements about how brave she was to do this... France offered her asylum but Marina has turned them down. To be continued.
Here's the full message translation "No war, stop the war, don't believe the propaganda, they are lying to you here."

8 No more changing the clocks in the Fall and in the Spring?!
This week in the US they voted to keep clocks where they are... permanent daylight saving! It isn't a 100% sure thing yet, it still has to go to the House, then get signed by the President... but no one thought it would be a unanimous vote in the Senate - and that happened - so it might be that changing clocks will be going away *starting in 2023. If the US does it, will we do it here in Canada? Seems like that would make sense, right?
BTW, it passed unanimously, but that was by mistake. (https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2022/03/18/senate-daylight-saving-time-vote-accident/) and (https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-senate-approves-bill-that-would-make-daylight-savings-time-permanent-2023-2022-03-15/)

7 Starbucks Cup Plans...
This is a lofty goal I think... also seems like it wasn't an easy thing to decide on... but better for the environment... 
Starbucks wants to partially phase out disposable coffee cups and switch to a bring your own cup model or returnable cups...
I hardly ever make it to Starbucks and I drive by about 7 Tim Hortons on my way to the Starbucks so I don't know that culture too much... is that gonna catch on? The goal is by 2025 this would happen... but it's not a total ban on disposable cups... they say they want to make the disposable cup option less attractive... what do you think that means? (Cough cough maybe pay more for a disposable cup cough cough)

6 Dancing study says that it is good for manliness... 
That was kinda the headline I saw all over when this story started making the rounds this past week... and I'm like, why are they studying manliness? And why are they investigating whether dancing is just for girls?  But that's not what was going on. The research shows that when boys dance as youngsters, they grow up to be more confident and have qualities that are helpful as an adult... so it's like sports and other activities that kids do... it can be good for kids to do these activities... include dancing in there. Not sure if I ever mentioned it, but I once won a dance contest with my sister... did you notice how confident I am? Me neither.

5 Somebody put a giant KMART sign on a guy's front lawn in North Dakota... 
Pastor Paul Knight doesn't know what the deal is but he is hoping someone  takes the giant K away. His wife is also concerned about getting it gone.
It has attracted some attention and some Selfie-takers. Here's the photo. It's pretty great. And gigantic.

4 Don't use emojis in work emails according to a study...
It makes you seem weak or gives the impression you have less authority. Even if you are powerful in your company, using pictures or emojis will basically cause you to lose the respect of others... then you'll have to be twice as much of an A hole to people around the office to get them to take you seriously. Don't risk it, stop emojifying. 👈👀

3 Gross sounding ice cream flavors are still a thing...
*this actually came out a little more than a week ago but was still gaining steam this week*
Walmart in the USA is carrying Kraft Mac and Cheese flavour ice cream..  last year when the ice cream company put this flavour out it sold out in an hour... the same company also has an exclusive- to- Walmart Pizza ice cream flavour. Gross or great?

2 Mary Jones Soda...
The Jones Soda Co. who invented turkey and gravy Soda are leaning into a new product line called Mary Jones Soda in place where cannabis is legal. Cannabis infused drinks and other things... 
"The sodas will debut in the company's four most popular flavors of Root Beer, Berry Lemonade, Green Apple and Orange Cream with 10 milligrams of cannabis for a 12-ounce bottle, and 100 mg for a 16-ounce, 10-serving can."

1 that giant potato we talked in a previous episode did not break the world record as expected. The Guinness Book people say it's not a potato! So what is it?
"Dear Colin,” the email begins, going on to say “sadly the specimen is not a potato and is in fact the tuber of a type of gourd. For this reason we do unfortunately have to disqualify the application.”


It's Pi Day, or if you hate math, Just Eat Pie on 3.14 *Podcast Mini *What a Weird Week