Join the Wave of Change by coming alongside Atlantic Wellness! #YouthMentalHealth #WaveOfChange @AtlanticWellness

Support Atlantic Wellness! They are a registered charity that offers free mental health services for young people from age 12-21. Please consider donating so that Atlantic Wellness can help more young people! CLICK HERE to donate online or stop in to 225 Lutz St Moncton.
If you or someone you know is dealing with depression, anxiety, or any mental health issues you can get in touch with Atlantic Wellness at 506-501-5504 between 8:30a-2:00p or CLICK HERE. If it's an emergency please call 911.

Northern Lights Action tonight? (Fri Aug 19) Look up!!

Northern Lights (artist rendering)

The Weather Network says that tonight (Aug 19) we'll have a Northern Lightsportunity© so LOOK UP!!

Hoping that the weather around here will cooperate!