What a Weird Week April 24 2022: What your fave flave of candy says about you! and the new Taylor Swift Bug!!

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BBC podcast about the war in Ukraine - if you want to understand what's happening there, it is a good way to get informed. It's called Ukrainecast (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0bqztzm) ... ways to help  Ukraine (https://www.scottyandtony.com/2022/03/here-are-ways-to-support-ukraine.html)

Here's the Top Ten... 

❿ What your favourite candy reveals about you...
I like the idea of some sort of therapy or psychological test where they give you candy and then diagnose you...
This research came out just in time for Jelly Bean Day (study was paid for by the folks at Jelly Belly)... 
- Sour Candy? You might be outgoing and sarcastic
- Chocolate? You're optimistic and shy.
- Mint? You are 100% a psychopath. No wait... you're thoughtful. My mistake.
- Lemon candy? Honest.
- Cherry? More likely to be dog person. Also introverted.
- Orange? Most likely to be a volunteer in their free time.
- *Most surprising note... Women are more likely to keep all the candy for themselves and not share. Not men?! I'm suspicious of that finding. 

Full study here https://www.studyfinds.org/candy-flavors-personality/

❾ *Listener Warning - poop talk here... There's a sea creature that was discovered in the early 2000s... and it has finally been seen pooping. This is the first time anyone has gotten footage of the deed... the sea creature is called the Bloody-Belly Comb Jelly and it has sparkly poop. The Monterey Bay Aquarium shared the video...
They're doing an exhibit featuring the Jelly... which really should be renamed the Sparkling Poop Jelly. I'm not wrong about this one.
❽ The other day the Guinness Book of Records tweeted about this guy who can turn his tongue into a ball and it has the biggest circumference in the world... it should be called tonguecumference and I'm mad that they didn't think of that.
If you want to break the thick tongue world record, put on some tongue weight and get a tongue that's bigger than a ping pong ball. It seems doable. But how do you bulk up your tongue? 
- special diet high in protein
- exercise
- hire a tongue trainer

❼ This bears-wrestling-on-a-tampoline story...
A lady in BC got video of two bears grappling on her trampoline the other day and it started trending because: Bears Fighting on a Trampoline! It's solid gold content... and at one point the lady asks Josh if he wants to go zip up the opening in the trampoline net... that's the play-by-play I'm here for. A bit of a zinger for Josh.
Extra thought:
Trampolines are bear magnets. What's up with that?

❻ This story of tenacity... if no one listens to you, you can either stop talking, or refuse to be silenced!! Somebody unhappy with the noise at Dublin Airport refused to give up... and they filed over 12000 noise complaints last year alone!
an average of 33 calls to the complaint desk every day. Exhausting.
Solution idea:
- Give that person free flights (you can't complain if you're ON the plane that's making all the noise, right?)
The airport actually has a plan where they will provide sound insulation if it's too noisy at your house... and they also are working on a deal where they'll offer to buy the house of anyone who's exposed to noise levels higher than 69 decibels.

❺ the new Taylor Swift bug ...
A big Taylor Swift fan from the scientific community was in a position to name a new millipede and went ahead and called it Nannaria swiftae. This twisted-claw millipede was discovered in the Appalachian Mountains.

❹ the world's largest hockey stick is in Jeopardy because: woodpecker. 
- biggest hockey stick in the world is in Duncan, BC
- it weighs 61000 pounds 
So they tried to fill in the hole but this woodpecker is unstoppable. 
So far, that's the story... but I predict they're gonna discover that the woodpecker was sent by people in the town with the second-biggest hockey stick in the world. They were sick playing second fiddle you guys. To be continued!
❸ M&Ms world record seems impossible to me...
A guy just broke the World Record by stacking 7 M&Ms on top of one another.
Points to consider:
- They're hard to stack plus they're delicious... who has the willpower to not eat the tower of M&Ms waaaaay before you get into World Record territory??
- The Guinness Book people say this is a highly competitive category,,, as soon as someone breaks the record somebody else is ON IT! So in case you thought "This will be a fun party game the next time the gang gets together!" Remember, it could lead to fierce competition and broken friendships. So get it all on video, we want to see that.
❷ the puppy who finds gold... is not a Golden Retriever. #MissedOpportunity
A guy in the UK took his new puppy out for a walk and that puppy dug up thousands of dollars worth of gold coins. This was the puppy's FIRST WALK! Ollie the dog (who's a lagotto romagnolo) found 15 gold sovereign coins worth about 6000 pounds.
Scotty note:
I don't know dogs but I have to say I was disappointed that the person who wrote the article didn't make any Golden Retriever jokes... or does that mean they're a good writer? It might mean "good writer" actually...

Honorable mention... Netflix lost subscribers, might crackdown on password-sharing, might be offering a plan with ads... everybody made a huge deal outta this one! 
❶ After much debate, we decided to go with Grape Pop Tarts for Number One!!
(Yes, we're controversial, but consistent.)
- it's a comfort-food story in a tumultuous time
- let the real news people tackle the real news... we'll stick with grape Pop Tarts.
They have grape jelly filling and purple crunch topping.
These were discontinued in 2017...


What a Weird Week Mon Apr 18 2022: Easter Monday, still Weird Things to report like How to Win at Wordle, and How to Win Ten Million Dollars with Rude People!!

Thanks for checking out the What a Weird Week Podcast, a countdown of the Top Ten Weird Things in the News from the Week that was. This is episode 3.29
I took Sunday off for Easter, but I'm liking this Monday release schedule a lot because it gives me an extra couple days of Weirdness before finalizing the Top Ten... 

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BBC podcast about the war in Ukraine - if you want to understand what's happening there, it is a good way to get informed. It's called Ukrainecast (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0bqztzm) ... ways to help  Ukraine (https://www.scottyandtony.com/2022/03/here-are-ways-to-support-ukraine.html)

Here's the Top Ten... 

10 world's oldest dog gets in the Guinness Book...
His name is Toby Keith and he's a Chihuahua who's 21 years old.
9 Wordle has revealed what the best word is to start your game... *Spoiler* it's Crane. Btw, the solution has never been Crane.
8 Harvard astrophysicist continues to be true believer...
An article came out this week featuring Avi Loeb from Harvard. The article was about how he number-crunched data from 2014...  Avi believes the thing that burned up over Papua New Guinea back then was a half-ton meteor... or maybe spacecraft... that came from outside our solar system. This is all based on the data... Speed and trajectory and that type of thing. So a few years ago the scientific community dismissed that theory, but the reason it's being reported again is because somebody  with the United States Space Force confirmed Avi Loeb's math was correct. Other scientists still aren't convinced. This might partly be based on Avi's theory that if things are arriving from outside our solar system, those things might be alien spacecraft... most of the scientists aren't there yet with the data. Btw, if this is from outside the solar system, it's the first object from there that ever hit earth... even though it burned up in the air it still counts... It was on a collision course... To be continued... https://www.inverse.com/science/interstellar-meteor-2014-discovery

7 Burn your physics textbooks and let's just start from scratch you guys... a few days ago the story started showing up in the feeds about a scientific experiment that contradicts how science thought the universe worked. The experiment was done in Chicago... it involved checking the mass of a tiny particle... and according to all we know now, the mass is wrong. The W boson sub-atomic particle is more massive than would be predicted by the physics formulas and theories that we've been using for years and years. The Standard Model of particle physics had been batting a thousand up until now... so it's been pretty reliable... maybe don't burn your physics textbooks yet... but get some starter fluid and a match ready because this tiny finding could change all the formulas. We're moving on from Einstein if these results are true... his brain will be referred to as "Just a Hat Rack." *Mustache remains magnificent though*
... to be continued 

6 The father-and-son who hung up ten items of clothing and broke the World Record!
I know... I was like, "fellow dads and sons... we are doing pretty awful at household chores if hanging up ten items of clothing is some kinda world record!?" Well it turns out it's how FAST they did it...
Ed (dad) and Rowan hung up ten things in 56.87 seconds to break the record.
- They did it at a pub.
- "The successful record attempt raised money for the British Heart Foundation"

5 the guy in Florida who saw Spiderman: No Way Home at the theatre 292 times... That's a World Record. 
- based on movie length, he was in a theatre for 30 days
- the rules state "no bathroom breaks or falling asleep"
- on some days he watched five showings back-to-back
- think of the money spent!

4 Pabst Blue Ribbon hid kegs on the weekend... Easter Kegs and anyone legal drinking age could find and keep them...
On Saturday they hid kegs in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Tampa Bay and Portland.
- there was a time limit
- not too many news reports of how it went but there is this one (https://billypenn.com/2022/04/18/pabst-kegg-hunt-philadelphia-easter-fdr-park/) which talks about a "semi-aggressive standoff over an empty barrel covered in pink polka-dots."

3 Irish Spring has this invention for gamers to bathe while still playing their game... it might be *understatement?* a publicity stunt because I think we can all agree that gamers don't bathe. HIIIIYOOOOOOOO!!!! JUST KIDDING, NINJA and other gamers.
- I can't make sense of the photo... it's like some kind of cleaning pod??
- I would enjoy having a reasonably- priced bathing pod, but I'm not a gamer. Do they make one for eating a sandwich? 

2 The person who bought the rights to the first ever Tweet... overpaid... 
We've talked about NFTs before... they are hard to understand at first... Some people say they're an investment... some people say they're art... NFTs are that thing where you buy the rights to something digital like an ugly monkey cartoon... and you have the rights to this virtual thing similar to the way you would a real-life thing that you could hold in your hands... that's an over-simplification but I don't understand it so great... 
Somebody bought Jack Dorsey's (THE Twitter guy) first tweet for close to 3 million dollars awhile ago. The tweet was "just setting up twttr".
That thing went to auction at an initial listing of 48 million dollars... but the closing bid was less. Way less. $238 bucks. Again, original price paid for this thing was almost 3 million... and the closing bid was basically the price of a hair cut and a nice meal out at the Irving Big Stop Restaurant.
The owner decided not to sell.

1 The lady who won 10 million because someone bumped into her...
This was at a lotto ticket vending machine that dishes out scratch tickets... the lady wanted to buy a different one, but some rude customer bumped into and LaQuedra Edwards hit the wrong button...
she usually goes for the cheaper tickets, but bump incident resulted in her buying a $30 Scratcher! She ended up winning 10 million.
She's going to buy a house and start a non-profit!
I hope it's called Bump Up... or something better than that because mine was sort of lame... sorry LaQuedra. You got this.


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What a Weird Week Monday 11 April 2022: Air Meat and Fishmatics

Thanks for checking out the What a Weird Week Podcast, a countdown of the Top Ten Weird Things in the News. This is episode 3.28
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BBC podcast about the war in Ukraine - if you want to understand what's happening there, it is a good way to get informed. It's called Ukrainecast (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0bqztzm) ... ways to help  Ukraine (https://www.scottyandtony.com/2022/03/here-are-ways-to-support-ukraine.html)

Here's the Top Ten... 

10 Invisibility Shield is here...

9 Vanilla for the Win...

8 Cannabis health benefits research shows promise...

7 Whopper size court case in Fla?

6 Fish Math!
5 What is Pixel Coke?

4 Beer Flavour Drops...

3 Advertising in Dust? #Dustvertising

2 Air Meat!

1 The Truth about Dryers!


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Friday shownotes 8 April 2022: We gave away $969.00 this morning. That's a nice Friday when that happens!!

We gave away $969 this morning on Fast Cash!!!! Congratulations to Brad White who picked Tony's envelope. I opened my envelope first (Scotty) and there was like $250 bucks in there that Brad missed out on. I thought we were headed for another heartache, but then Tony opened his envelope and it was almost a thousand bucks for Brad! 2 envelopes. 1 big decision. listen monday at 7:10a. search New Country 96.9 wherever fine radio is heard!!
Peanut Butter Cup Pie...
We were talking about the giant peanut butter cup that is being marketed as a pie (but really, it's just a single, very large peanut butter cup which should be eaten by a single person, right? Glad we agree on that.) 

Fact: the more you talk about a peanut butter cup pie, the more you WANT TO EAT PEANUT BUTTER CUP PIE. 
But they're expensive. We want management to pay for the pies. We're trying to convince them that if they buy us each an expensive peanut butter cup pie, we can eat it on the radio and it would make for a top-notch show!
It's not true, but management might be convinced if we caught them on a good day.

btw, the big ol' pbc pie sold out really fast and now is only available as an aftermarket pie at greatly inflated prices...
Recall Headsup: some Kinder Easter treats might be a salmonella risk...
HERE for more info 
Yesterday we talked to Jeff and after the contest, this happened...
Here's the monologue from Kimmel where he talks about that new mushroom research... mushrooms talk to each other you guys!? (Fast Forward to 7:45)
The RCMP Musical Ride folks are doing a baby-naming contest... 
#NameTheFoal What would be a good baby horse name?
Voldem... no wait, not that... what about Vivian Thee Stallion?!
Some more deets:
- Contest is for kids 14 or younger
- Name must begin with the letter V
- one entry per person please!
- deadline is April 22, 2022 at 11:59p EST
Still waiting to see if this gets more attention... there is nothing official about Lucky Charms cereal making people sick. There's a website called IWasPoisoned.com where people report foods that they think have made them sick, and it has a lot of reports linked back to possible Lucky Charms sickness (some from Canada). With a name like "I was poisoned dot com" the website sounded kinda fishy to me, but then I learned that a TON of food agencies around the world subscribe to alerts from this site, and it has been credited with being first to sound the alarm for past outbreaks of illness-caused-by-food-products.
U18 Hockey... Our Moncton Flyers are in the Provincial finals again. They are a powerhouse/ dynasty. (DynaHouse©?) 
icymi Dollarama is gonna start to carry things that cost up to five bucks, because: rising costs of everything. For now, they aren't taking my suggestion to change their name to Fiverama©. It has a ring to it, right? Except the 'paying more for everything' part. 
Fiverama might also be the name of an exotic dance club that my Uncle Leon used to frequent. To be continued...