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This is the show notes blog for the What a Weird Week Podcast: the top 10 weird stories from the news. Listen to the Episode Audio and Subscribe to the podcast! Here are the show notes for Fri Nov 25, 2022, Season 4 Episode 8 ...
❿Headline: Snoop Dogg launched a new pet accessories line...
- I love publicity stunts. I used to make fun of them, but now my view has changed.
*side note: True Story, earlier this year I had to attend an emergency  meeting at work to decide whether we should go ahead with throwing rubber chickens off a scissor lift even though there was going to be a hurricane. The team ruled that we hold off on the rubber chicken publicity stunt.
- When Snoop Dogg decides to come out with a new line of dog accessories called Snoop Doggie Doggs... it's a good reminder of how the world is now. In the past, this would've been done as a publicity stunt to sell more albums or something like that. These days, no one even blinks at it. It's a legit business no question.
- quote from article: "Snoop Doggie Doggs includes clothes and accessories that are “reminiscent of Snoop’s most iconic looks,”
- and " In addition to releasing 19 studio albums and receiving 20 Grammy nominations as a rapper, Snoop Dogg has also made a name for himself with unique investments and business deals. He’s worked on an animated kid series, released a gluten-free cereal called “Snoop Loopz,” and launched a wine label... has also sold his own branded line of cannabis products."
- pet products are a huge industry... should we do a podcast for dogs you guys? I tried to do a radio show for doggs once... it was ruff.

Link/media: (https://www.cnn.com/2022/11/19/business/snoop-dogg-pet-accessories-trnd/index.html)
look at that shipping offer!

❾Headline: Biggest Boat in the World is Really a Giant Floating City.

- this story is about a terayacht... a really really big boat... bigger than a super yacht, bigger than a mega yacht and even bigger than a giga yacht.
- according to the designers it'll cost 8 billion to make the biggest boat in the world.
- it'll be over a half a kilometer wide...  550 meters (1,800 feet) by 610 meters (2,000 feet). (so like 4 or 5 soccer fields-ish)
- it'll have hotels, shopping malls, parks and ports for smaller ships or aircraft because people will have to fly in or take a boat.
- they hope construction will start in 2033.
- then it'll take 8 years to build if all goes well.
- great to know: the giant boat will have solar panels on it.
- meanwhile they have crowdfunding going on where you can buy NFTs and virtual things. (remember, there's an 8 billion dollar price tag on this!?)

Link/media: (https://taboolanews.com/article/e5fdadc9-5eee-0874-a6b7-d91ccc7c0ef5)
photo of most famous boat in Canada

❽Headline: an Actor and a Scientist Walk into a Hotel Lobby...

- this is the story of the Brian Coxes... one is the actor you know from television's Succession...
- the other Brian Cox is a professor who appears on TV shows a lot and who happened to have a reservation at the same hotel...
- they were both booked to appear on BBC Breakfast.
- the both tried to check in at the same hotel...
- the hotel thought there was one Brian... and that Brian had booked two hotel rooms...
- they refused to give professor Brian Cox a room...
- Professor Brian had to get an assistant to book a room...
- once before Brian Cox and Brian Cox had a mix up with dinner reservations.
- Why are these guys traveling together so much? You're bringing it upon yourself, Brian Cox! You too, Brian Cox.

Link/media: (https://news.sky.com/story/brian-cox-and-brian-cox-involved-in-hotel-check-in-mishap-12750308)
and (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Cox_(actor)) and also (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Cox_(physicist))
they do look alike

❼Headline: "Belgium needs more incinerators to burn seized cocaine"

- when you think of mountains of cocaine, do you think Belgium? From the article: " astronomical quantities of cocaine from Latin America that are intercepted in Antwerp..."
- it turns out that Belgium has seized so much cocaine from smugglers using the port of Antwerp that the Belgian authorities need more incinerators
- if you don't have enough incinerator space, you have to keep the cocaine locked up somewhere until it can be disposed of... and that gets dangerous because people will try to steal it.
- they should have a contest and get people to submit ideas about what to do with all that cocaine... what about a ski hill? No wait, that's no good. To be continued.

Link/media: (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/nov/21/belgium-needs-more-incinerators-to-burn-seized-cocaine)
Belgium (file photo)

❻Headline: Will a guy from Saskatchewan break the world record?!

- Lee is a soccer fan from western Canada.
- He is planning on attending 41 games at the World Cup.
- right now the World Record is 31... it's held by a fan from South Africa.
- this made the National News in Canada... (it was a kicker. Get it? I just called the soccer story a kicker. I'll show myself out.)
- this is a lot like the time we talked about that guy who made the National News for having a lot of Legos... this is a news item about someone who can afford to do something a lot and so it makes the National News in Canada.
- Good luck and Godspeed Lee!!
(World Cup ends on  December 18th)
- afterthoughts: some day somebody over at CTV news is gonna find out who Mr Beast is and they'll be shocked! "you mean stuff like this happens all the time? and it doesn't make the national news in America? But, it's a World Record?!"

Link/media: (https://www.ctvnews.ca/sports/i-freaking-love-it-canadian-soccer-superfan-going-for-guinness-record-at-world-cup-1.6160668)
❺Headline: What Budweiser will do with all that World Cup Beer it can't sell...

- icymi the World Cup is happening and many football/ soccer fans enjoy drinking beer.
- in a last-minute change of heart by the World Cup organizers, they decided to ban alcohol at World Cup stadiums.
- Budweiser was left with a lot of World Cup beer and nowhere to sell it...
- Budweiser is going to send the unsold beer to the country that wins the tournament!
- the marketing team deserves a medal for this one... they turned a terrible disappointment for their business into a terrific publicity stunt!

Link/media: (https://taboolanews.com/article/2d98e837-71e0-d61f-ece0-7a818df647ed)
a lot of beer (file photo)

❹Headline: Government Agents Raid the Home of the Guy Who Runs Area 51 Blog. (via Gizmodo: "What were the feds looking for when they went rifling through the homes of the man who runs dreamlandresort.com so early in the morning?")

- according to Gizmodo (which is not a rando tabloid) FBI and US Air Force Agents raided two homes owned by the guy who runs a small blog about Area 51.
- The blogger says that the officers took all his electronics.
- Here's the statement that the authorities gave to the Las Vegas Review... “This is an open and ongoing law enforcement investigation between the Las Vegas FBI and Air Force OSI.”
- So are we just assuming it's about the Area 51 stuff? I mean, there are other reasons that the FBI raids homes...
- name of website is Dreamland Resort and I'm scared to click on it because what if I get on some list??
- icymi, Area 51 has strange lights in the sky sometimes and it's a government-run base... some people think there's UFO action going on there...
- blogger statement “Despite my repeated requests for an explanation, I was only told that the search was related to images posted on my Area 51 web site,”and they say that the search warrant doesn't say what the purpose of the raid was.

Link/media: (https://gizmodo.com/ufo-dreamland-resort-joerg-arnu-houses-raided-fbi-area-1849797422)
if anyone asks, this is Area 52. Harmless.

❸Headline: Somerton Man Mystery is over... ?

- this story had been a mystery for so long...
- in 1948, a fellow was found passed away on a beach... he had what seemed like a secret message poem on him... and more going on...
- for so many decades the authorities couldn't id the man...
- before he was buried they did a plaster mask of his face so that they'd be able to create a visual aid for people to help identify the Somerton man...
- many many many years later they run DNA on hairs that were stuck to the death mask...
- that pretty much did it but now we have even more evidence...
- the man's name was Charles Webb... but photos were not easy to come by...
- the story started making headlines again because they now have confirmed photos of Charles...
- so now we know WHO he was and WHAT HE LOOKED LIKE...
- P.S. he wasn't a spy after all.
- So if you hate Unsolved Mysteries because the darn mysteries remain unsolved, this deep dive is for you... mystery solved...

Link/media: (https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-11-21/somerton-manfamily-photographs-revealed-/101643524)
❷Headline: "Mystery of exploding toilet at Texas dental office"
... from the article: “In my 30 years of experience, I have never seen anything like it,” Lt. Ron Hutto said.
- quote from the story from someone who arrived for work in the morning: "There was this acidic, putrid smoke throughout the entire place – it burned to breathe."
- what they discovered was that the staff toilet at the dental office had exploded... another quote
“looking up at the ceiling where the vent should have been, there was just a black hole… I had no answers, just a lot of questions.”
- no injuries, thank Goodness.
- so whaaaaa happened? What left them with a ceramic stub where the staff toilet used to be??
- they believe that it was a lightning strike that did it. Maggie who works at the dental office started researching exploding toilets and this has happened to other toilets... lightning strikes the vent and ends up exploding the toilet!
- so many bathroom jokes exist that could go here. I want credit for showing restraint.
Link/media: (https://www.wcia.com/news/national/mystery-of-exploding-toilet-at-texas-dental-office/)
re-enactment. do not panic.

🏆Honorable Mention Headline: Hot Dog Vendor Turf War Gets Violent.

- it was LA doggers setting up shop in the area that the San Diego doggers usually set up in... that resulted in heated exchanges and eventually one dogger got stabbed in the back... non life-threatening injuries...  
- happened outside Petco Park last weekend.
- this was after a Duke Dumont concert but Duke's OK you guys... Duke didn't get involved.
- it's tough out there you guys, everybody's hustlin' and we need to try to find a way to get along... I'm glad no one got seriously injured... imagine the ketchup flying around in this brawl... how many people were bleeding versus how many people were just covered in ketchup?!
- also, they should settle their differences with a hot dog fight. Put down your knives and replace them with hot dogs... Pay Per View opportunity.


❶Headline: Jack Daniels versus Dog Toy Company...  going to the Supreme Court?

- the Jack Daniels company wants the Supreme Court to stop a dog toy company from selling the Bad Spaniels chew toy which is shaped like a Jack Daniels bottle.
- to me this seems silly but a lot of brands are hoping Jack Daniels wins this because it'll impact trademark law... so Campbell's Soup and Levis Jeans, brands like that want the Supreme Court to squish this chew toy company...
- it seems like what really got the Jack Daniels people angry is that the chewy stole the look of the bottle and label and then lampooned it with poop jokes like "Old No. 2 on Your Tennessee Carpet." instead of Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey... also the chewy is 100% smelly according to the label...
- the dog toy company says it's just good fun and if you can't do corny puns anymore, well that's just wrong. Why can't the Whiskey people take a joke? *paraphrase
- the Jack Daniels folks say jokes are fine, but that the chew toy company is making a profit off of Jack Daniels image/ things that are trademarked.
- it sounds like it's pretty easy to make a joke product for profit and just say 'this thing is just meant as a hilarious joke/ not a licensed product that we have to pay royalties on' *paraphrase.
- some people might think the chew toy is a product put out by the actual Jack Daniels company.
- a few more things:
-- these chew toys are up to $20 each.
-- a court stopped the chewy toy people from selling a Budweiser parody already (it was called Buttwiper... this was years ago.)
-- BUT, another chewy toy company got sued by Luis Vuitton when the Chewy Vuitton was introduced... (Chewy Vuitton hahahahahahahaha) the Louis Vuitton people lost their case.
-- So how does a hard-working parody dog chew company know where to draw the line? How does the whiskey company protect their trademarks before things get REALLY wild? That's how we ended up with the Supreme Court in the picture.
-- Official case name "Jack Daniel's Properties Inc. v. VIP Products LLC, 22-148"

Link/media: (https://www.ctvnews.ca/business/justices-asked-to-hear-dog-toy-dispute-will-they-bite-1.6161373)
maybe we should let the dogs choose?

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Light Up Riverview Holiday Event!! November 24 – January 8 #HolidayMagic #MarriageProposals? #More

🎅 Light Up Riverview kicks off Thursday Night (Nov 24th) at 7pm, along the Riverfront Trail (Coverdale Rd).

There will be:
-Lights! (obvious)
- tunes! Flea Market Underground performs the rock and/or roll genre of music at the Riverfront Gazebo.
- treats! 
- holiday magic
- marriage proposals* (citation needed)
- friends
- family
- ghosts trying to get you to become a better person* (citation needed)
- the Youth Village will be along the trail past the covered bridge. It's where you can donate items for those in need (organized by Immaculate Heart of Mary Youth)... items being collected include CEREAL and HATS/MITTS/ GLOVES. Also here: delicious hot chocolate! Sold by RHS Dragonboat Team and in support of Atlantic Wellness. PLEASE BRING CASH FOR THEIR HOT CHOCOLATE SALE! Youth Village has a selfie station y'all!! AND colouring pages from the Riverview Youth Collective!
- mailbox especially for Letters To Santa! Note: after the event that mailbox will be relocated to Riverview Town Hall, 30 Honour Court, until Friday, December 9th. DO NOT PUT YOUR PROPERTY TAX PAYMENT IN THAT THING.
- booze and non-booze! The Fundy Chocolate River Station has drinky drinky drink dranks© and music by Felix Belliveau and Kyle Birt from 6-8p.
- The Light Up Riverview Market is in Choc Riv Staysh also!!
- RBC food drive truck will be behind Greco accepting food donations. I know it sounds sketchy that you're supposed to go meet a truck behind the Greco, but it's legit you guys.
- Wait, MORE HOT CHOCOLATE? Yep. The Christmas Barn has the gourmet stuff on the Chocolate River Station boardwalk. 

What a Weird Week Podcast for Fri Nov 18 2022: Kid Bites Snake/ Ice Scream/ Bread Jail #Podcast #WeirdNews

This is the show notes blog for the What a Weird Week Podcast: the top 10 weird stories from the news. Listen to the Episode Audio and Subscribe to the podcast! Here are the show notes for Fri Nov 18, 2022, Season 4 Episode 7 ...

❿Headline: Scream painting wins fight against intruders

- wait, there's more than one Scream painting? Am I a cultural dunce for not knowing this?
- there have been a handful of art masterpieces that got mildly vandalized* in the name of saving the planet
- this time the protest was shut down before anyone could glue themselves to anything... and idk if they were also planning to throw something at the painting... (they've done tomato soup and runny mashed potatoes... I think pumpkin pie filling would've been a good choice ... or ICE CREAM!!!!
- I'm trying to remain objective about these protests... on one hand you've got young people who are worried about the planet and have devised a way to get attention without violence or doing too much damage (like, you could imagine a scenario where someone suggested that they start burning down the museums or something... but instead they settled on 'Operation Krazy Glue and Mashed Potatoes'... and if they save the world through this I will be extremely grateful.
- the other side of this is that museum staff have to clean up the mess and museum patrons don't get to see the masterpiece that they paid good money to lay eyes on. A lot of the press reports include something like 'has climate change activism gone too far?' in the headline... so you kind of know where some of these news organizations stand... like, if you think mashed potatoes is too far, wait until the kids break out their squirt guns filled with clam chowder!

(https://artincontext.org/the-scream-edvard-munch/) and (https://www.newsinenglish.no/2022/11/11/anti-oil-activists-failed-to-vandalize-munchs-scream/) and (https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/famed-painting-the-scream-targeted-by-climate-activists-1.6148926)

❾Headline: the Head of Turkey's bakers' union has been arrested after calling bread-eating societies 'stupid'

- what the what now?
- do you feel attacked by his statement or do you feel hungry?
- the reason he was put in jail is political... what he said was meat as an insult to the president of Turkey I guess? "Turkey jailed a bakery union head for "publicly insulting the Turkish nation" on Nov. 9, state media reported, after he said society's "stupid" fondness for bread explained why it had elected President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's governments for two decades."
- You have to be careful what you say about the government in Turkey because they will throw you in jail...
- so I was angry going into this story, thinking that this fellow was insulting bread...
- the story turned into a freedom of speech issue so I'm cutting this fellow som slack... he was probably hangry too* citation needed.
- "In addition to insulting our nation and bread, this person's statements show that he is an element of the politics of hostility,"
- "He is now awaiting trial on the charge of “insulting the president'"

Link/media: (https://www.duvarenglish.com/turkish-bakers-union-head-cihan-kolivar-arrested-for-calling-bread-eating-societies-stupid-news-61518) and (https://www.irishlegal.com/articles/and-finally-doh)
me in the morning

❽Headline: You can give yourself goosebumps? Congratulations, super brain.

- "If you can give yourself goosebumps, your brain might be special"
- this study found that people who can goosebump themselves do it to "heighten emotional experiences, while engaged in activities like sex, listening to music or dancing."
- "Not only can people with this ability enhance pleasurable emotional experiences, but they also scored much higher on the personality trait of Openness"
- look, I mean no disrespect and maybe I'm just jealous of your amazing goosebump abilities, but if being open to things is a side effect of learning how to goosebump yourself, I don't want any part of it...
- I've been trying to self-goosebump for about an hour and I have a headache. 
❼Headline: When Chocolate turns white you should panic *citation

- Live Science has a piece about why chocolate turns white after awhile...
- if you're like "I've never seen chocolate turn white. wth?" Good for you! One life goal we should all have is eat the chocolate as fast as possible!
- so when chocolate gets that white powdery stuff going on, its still OK to eat... that's not why you should panic... it's just that if chocolate has turned white you should have shared that chocolate friend! Be a pal, share that chocolate before it gathers dust.
- it's called chocolate bloom btw, and the reason it happens is your bad attitude... jk it is a chemical reaction with the cocoa butter and/or sugar.
- Live Science did a whole story about this!?

Link/media: (https://www.livescience.com/why-chocolate-turns-white)

❻Headline: Toy Hall of Fame continues to be interesting

- this year these toys got voted in to the THF: the Top... Masters of the Universe/ He Man toys... and Lite-Brite.
- this means that several finalists were NOT voted in this year... sorry, Bingo, Nerf, the piñata, and Phase 10 - it just wasn't in the cards. HIYOOOOO!!! (Phase Ten is a card game you guys.) If you want me to retire that joke, quit denying Phase Ten a spot in your weird museum.

Link/media: (https://apnews.com/article/2022-toy-hall-of-fame-winners-cd340d994366de66f756e52db88cc6eb)

❺Headline: Chain Chain Chain♪ Chain of Beards♫ #WorldRecord

- happened the other day at a bar in Casper, Wyoming
- 74 guys lined up side-by-side, made ... beard braids? ... whatever you call it... they parted their beards and clipped it to their neighbor...
- 150 foot beard chain shattered the old record!
- they say it wasn't easy... you have to stand still and wait until everybody's clipped in... then wait for the official measure... no one can break the chain!
- what if you got an important call you had to take??
- also, I imagine at least a few of the fellows couldn't untangle their beards after the record was set and now they're trying to just make it work somehow... double dating... job sharing... driving in the carpool lane...

Link/media: (https://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/worlds-longest-beard-chain-1.6650985) and photo from Facebook...
❹Headline: Jeff Bezos gave Dolly Parton a hundred million dollars... that's weird, right?

- this was in all the news feeds...
- the founder of Amazon wants to give billions and billions and billions of dollars to charity.
- it's like that story where the main character is cursed and has to give away all his money and he has so much money that there's not enough time*
(*if that story doesn't already exist ©2022 Weird Week Productions.)
- Bezos is 58-years old and the fourth richest person in the world at time of recording.
- Dolly Parton has her own charities and seems very trustworthy so I think the money will help people... but let's face it, everybody loves Dolly so even if she spent it on fireworks ... or producing the world's largest 'coat of many colours'... I wouldn't even care.

Link/media: (https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2022/nov/14/jeff-bezos-fortune-dolly-parton-amazon-climate-crisis) and video...
❸Headline: "Man who ate 40 rotisserie chickens in 40 days says it felt like 'the right thing to do'"

- "It was something in my subconscious that was pushing me to the longevity of at least seven days, and then 30 days. And then at 30 days, I didn't feel enough pain, so I took it to 40."

Link/media: (https://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/philadelphia-rotisserie-chicken-man-1.6645084)
artist rendering of chicken consumption

❷Headline: " Chinese man, 50, runs marathon in under 3.5 hours while smoking cigarettes"

- he calls himself Uncle Chen.
- he placed 574th out of almost 1500 runners.
- placed number one in our hearts though?

Link/media: (https://www.cbssports.com/general/news/chinese-man-50-runs-marathon-in-under-3-5-hours-while-smoking-cigarettes/)
How to Smoke* (it's a terrible idea though)

🏆Headline: We got featured in a Bored Panda Article last weekend.

- thanks to Adelaide the writer who reached out about weird new!

Link/media: (https://www.boredpanda.com/weird-funny-news-headlines/#post-comments-area)

🏆Headline: Bulk Barn is well-received by United States visitor to Canada. WELL. RECEIVED!!

- ""Hey, guys, what the BLEEP is a Bulk Barn?" - Mason Tanner's mind was blown by this store we have in Canada that has big ol barrels of stuff that you can scoop out and buy in bulk.
- they must have something like this in the US? (Mason is from Michigan... do they not have something like this in Michigan???
- side note for US listeners: Bulk Barn has this effect  on people where it's like you're a kid in a candy store... EVERYBODY loses their mind at Bulk Barn at some point because there is so much candy...
- If you work or have ever worked at Bulk Barn... God bless you for what you do...

Link/media: (https://www.narcity.com/toronto/an-american-tiktoker-visiting-toronto-discovered-bulk-barn-she-was-mind-blown)

🏆Headline: "Bright flash of radiation sent through the universe after black hole rips star to death:

- That's how you write a headline when it seems like all the 'asteroid near-miss' reporters are getting people's attention!
- more from the article: "Scientists have watched the final moments of a star after it was torn to shreds by a previously unknown black hole."
- I don't like how all these surprise black holes keep showing up... they're sneaky.

Link/media: (https://taboolanews.com/article/f0d0cb3e-63ca-e7cb-95fa-2bf4e4be606f)

🏆Headline: "Drunk guest 'ruins' wedding by throwing cake over bride before groom punches him"

- headline paints the whole picture.
- the news story says the clip "resurfaced on Twitter" ... it's an older clip which somebody revived.

Link/media: (https://twitter.com/BornAKang/status/1590806263373627392?s=20&t=aItlysiS4i87Kf6RvinCvA)

❶Headline: Snake Bites Boy so Boy Bites Snake Back.

- "An 8-year-old boy recently killed a venomous cobra in India after recieving a venom-free "dry bite" from the snake and then biting back in retaliation."
- the snake did not recover from its wounds.
- the boy did recover.
- Why is this kid not on the cover of Time Magazine yet? "BadA$$ of the Year" edition??
- snakes choose to do dry bites sometimes to save on venom?! what the hay?!!

Link/media: (https://www.livescience.com/child-kills-venomous-cobra)

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What a Weird Week Podcast Fri Nov 11, 2022: They Just Caught the BIGGEST FISH IN THE WORLD!

This is the show notes blog for the What a Weird Week Podcast: the top 10 weird stories from the news. Listen to the Episode Audio and Subscribe to the podcast! Here are the show notes for Fri Nov 11, 2022, Season 4 Episode 6 ...

❿ Headline: "Random Corpses in Portugal Are Becoming Mummies, And It's Become a Real Problem" (ScienceAlert.com)

*At first you might think 'scary Haloween story' but it involves real people and a real scientific mystery so I mean no disrespect*
- in Portugal deceased people have been undergoing some kind of natural mummification.
- they have laws there where exhumations happen routinely and people are laid to rest a second time in a smaller space... they just don't have room for new cemeteries.
- For decades, families-of-loved-ones would get a notification three years after someone's funeral that it's time to have this happen.
- Well, something is happening where some of the deceased have become mummified.
- why is it happening? unsure!
- they need to solve this for practical reasons, but also it is upsetting to the friends and family who aren't prepared for it.
- The only way to check this is with gravediggers.
- scientists are a bit puzzled at the moment... it doesn't seem like it's something in the soil (it happens to some of the deceased people within the same cemetery but, only some.
- If any of this is too much for you, 1) sorry and 2) here is a link about grief (https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/end-of-life/in-depth/grief/art-20045340)

Link/media: https://www.sciencealert.com/random-corpses-in-portugal-are-becoming-mummies-and-its-become-a-real-problem

❾ Headline: "Man Claps 1,140 Times In One Minute For Guinness World Record"

- 20-year-old Dalton Meyer clapped 1140 times in one minute.
- That's 19 claps per second.
- They call him a speed clapper.
- it takes a special technique where you barely seperate your hands between claps and you almost move your hands like a swimmin' fish (see video).

Link/media: https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/watch-us-man-claps-1-140-times-in-one-minute-for-guinness-world-record-3494049

and Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwyrHyh_AxQ

❽ Headline: "researchers make device that can ‘see’ through walls. What does it mean for your privacy?" via (Toronto Star)

- researchers from University of Waterloo combined $20 worth of hardware with a drone from Best Buy and made a device that can detect where smart devices are.
- so the "see through walls" thing in the headline made me think they invented X-Ray Specs but it's more like "Find my iPhone" on steroids.
- it's very accurate with any device that uses WiFi so now they're worried the technology could "fall into the wrong hands".
*Editorial: Thigs hardly ever "Fall into the Wrong Hands" instead they are stolen into the wrong hands or sold to the wrong hands with the highest bid.
- the story gets into some specific crimes you could use this invention for... which is great for unimaginitive criminals... somebody casing a house to decide when to steal everything, or a bank robber tracking the movements of security guards' cellphones.
- The Good News is that this invention shines a light on a security problem that wifi networks have (even your private/ encrypted password network!)
- now they can get to work solving the prob.
- Security Tip: That's why we all need to start carrying burner phones you guys! and change your password to "password1".

Link/media: https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2022/11/05/waterloo-researchers-make-device-that-can-see-through-walls-what-does-it-mean-for-your-privacy.html
❼ Headline: "A new study has found that verbal intelligence may be more prominent in early-birds than night-owls"

- This is a study seems to indicate that people who get up early possess more "Verbal Intelligence" than people who stay up late... but wait! there's more!!
- btw, the article mentions the old phrase “the early bird gets the worm”, except in this case you are the early bird and the worm is your supersmart brain? Brainworms!
- Quote from the article: “we found that morning types tend to have superior verbal ability. This outcome was surprising to us and signals this is much more complicated than anyone thought before.”
- Congratulations, morning person! Some things to consider though... We ALL have an optimal time in the day to take a test or do challenging things... so if you're a morning person, you'd do better if they tested you earlier in the day... if you stay up late, your best test time is later... the researcher tried to factor all this in, but there's probably more going on here* (*I am a scientist. I science all day and all night you guys.)
- One thing that this study seems to show is that our brains like a routine, so if you have something challenging coming up some morning... try to get a decent bed time/ get outta bed before noon routine going.
- I need this study to do a followup... what about us people who stay up late... but also spend a good chunk of the evening asleep on the sofa with the Netflix remote in-hand?
Where's OUR study, science??
- *study is more complicated so click the link for the whole story.

Link/media: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/bedtime-your-chronotype-and-getting-things-done-study-looks-at-how-sleep-and-intelligence-are-linked-1.6141276?taid=636882d78257d1000166b31f&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter

and https://twitter.com/CTVLondon/status/1589468044182622208?s=20&t=5KsXKOK3nuDqTpYUOjIYfQ
❻ Headline: "Humongous asteroid heading for Earth. (Our earth? Yes, OUR Earth.)"

- NASA and NEO (Near Earth Objects) back this week with more disaster-filled excitement
- On Nov 8th an asteroid flew past us and got too close for comfort.
- Too close for comfort means within 5.4 million KMs.
- btw, it happened on Nov 8th, and the article came out on Nov 8th... so 1) the writer must NOT HAVE THOUGHT THE WORLD WAS GONNA END, because, who would finish their column for the Hindu Times if you really thought the world was going to be destroyed by a meteor? and 2) can't we get the warning before Day-Of??
- this asteroid was only discovered in September... Would That have given us enough time to hire Ben Affleck to go destroy it and save the world? It seems like it's not enough time.

Link/media: https://tech.hindustantimes.com/tech/news/humongous-232-foot-asteroid-heading-for-earth-says-nasa-check-speed-distance-71667886031552.html
❺ Headline: "Man Eats 10 World's Hottest Peppers In 33 Seconds To Break Guinness Record"

- Greg Foster is the guy who did the impossible.
- It was Carolina Reapers you guys... he ate 10 Carolina Reapers in 33 seconds to get a World Record.
- He owns a hot sauce company.
- There's got to be a trick to this right? The internet says "eat spicy peppers slowly" so he failed that. idk you guys, does it mean your a psychopath or something... no wait that's not it...
Scoville Scale roundup:
Carolina Reapers are around 2 million on the Scoville...
Jalepenos are up to 8000... Bell peppers are 0.

Link/media: https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/man-eats-10-worlds-hottest-peppers-in-33-seconds-to-break-guinness-record-3501645
❹ Headline: "Pumuckel the pony is really really little!"

- Pamuckel is a Shetland pony who visits kindergartens and retirement homes in Germany.
- Pamuckel is 20 inches tall... what is that in horse measurement? 5 hands maybe?
- Or... Pamuckel is 6 Crayons tall... or as tall as 3 soup spoons...
- Why did Pamuckel make headlines this week? As near as I can tell it's because of cuteness (it's a great photo.)  
- Is Pamuckel the smallest pony in the world? Yes. But the Guiness World Record ony gets awarded after a pony is four years old and Pam is only 3 right now... fully grown, but not yet eligible for the Guiness World Record.

If you only click one link this week it should be the one for Pamuckel because it's great, and the article also has these suggested headlines attached: "World's oldest living dog: TobyKeith, the chihuahua, is 'back on his throne'" and "'He just grew and grew like Clifford':Fenrir named world's tallest living domestic cat".

Link/media: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2022/11/07/worlds-smallest-horse-contender/8294560001/


❸ Headline: "Air Canada Has Horse Planes You guys!"

- They announced a new airline service for horses... so you can fly your horse to the Kentucky Derby...
- Other possible scenarios where you might need an airline for horses...
1) You're a wealthy devil-may-care horse who wants to impress a date by whisking them off to Vegas for the weekend...
2) You're a wealthy horse who wants to join the mile high club *PG13
3) There's a My Little Pony convention in Sault St Marie and you don't have enough time to gallop there.
- Right now there's a little horse somewhere dreaming of being a pilot when they grow up... and thanks to Air Canada, one day that horse's dreams will come true!
- I feel like they should look into hiring horse flight attendants too... wouldn't it be great if one day the entire airport ground crew... desk attendant... luggage handlers... everyone was a horse!? Horse Airport you guys!! That's the show we need! Horse trainers have 90 days to =get an airport up and running, staffed entirely by horses!!!!!!!!
Are we millionaires yet or what?

Link/media: https://www.blogto.com/travel/2022/11/air-canada-planes-horses/
❷ Headline: We had that Beaver Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse this week... but we also had some weird space deal late last week...

- The other day (Nov 3rd) we had a solar storm that cracked the Earth's magnetic field.
- This caused some cool Northern Lights-type auroras but in a rare pink colour (usually they're green.)
- Background: *I'm no scientist/ reserve the right to have this completely wrong, but how I understand it is that we get auroras when charged particles interact with the earth's magnetic fied. The deeper those charged parices can penetrate, the cooler the sky is...
- the Hole in Earth's magnetic field has filled back in.
- I remain unsettled by the magnetosphere smashing power of this solar storm. Side note: Solar Storms you guys! If they're bad enough they can mess up electronics and cause power outages. That's why we need to cover the North and South Poles with aluminum foil.
We need giat sheets of aluminum foil floating in space. Sponsored by Reynold's Wrap. For all your Solar Flare Deflection Needs, ask for it by name.

Link/media: https://www.livescience.com/pink-auroras-solar-storm
🏆 Honorable Mention Headline: "Astronomers discover closest black hole to Earth" or "so THIS is how it all ends. Huh!?" *citation needed

- I did a speech on black holes in Grade 5 (*if you are from the USA, that is how we say 5th Grade in Canada. Oh, you already knew that? What about backbacon though? Are you aware that it's basically ham? Good talk.)
- the first line of my speech was "A black hole isn't really a hole in space." My classmates were pretty impressed at how I quickly broke it all down and set aside our biggest fear at the time - holes in space.
- science has moved the needle a little bit since my speech on back holes, but we still continue to call them black holes because no one has sued astronomers for false advertising.
- Astronomers have discovered the closest black hole to Earth which they call "Destructacon 4000"... jk instead they called it Gaia BH1. (I think mine was better.)
- Fact Sheet - - - it's dormant, it's 10 times the mass of the sun, it's 1600 light years away.
- What does this mean for us? I think we're gonna be OK.
- But, they describe a Dormant Black Hole as "not actively feeding" which is pretty great.

Link/media: https://phys.org/news/2022-11-astronomers-closest-black-hole-earth.html 

🏆 Honorable Mention Headline:  "Huge extragalactic structure found hiding behind the Milky Way"

- researchers found a "large extragalactic assembly hiding behind part of the Milky Way."
- there's a part of the night sky "that's mostly obscured from view due to a bulge in the galaxy." #GalaxyBulges you guys.
- scientists call that section of the night sky the "zone of avoidance" which is also what they call Larry's cubicle every Monday before he's had his coffee. HiiiiYooooooo!!!
(We like to tease Larry over at the lab.)
- idk you guys, the researchers may be the coolest naming researchers we've ever quoted b/c first they come up with the ZOA (Zone of Avoidance) and then they're calling what they found behind the Milky Way a "massive extragalactic structure." Maybe like 58 galaxies in there that they're just learning about.
- We need to figure out how to get there and steal all the lithium for our e-Bike batteries you guys. #ImportantDiscovery

Link/media: https://phys.org/news/2022-11-huge-extragalactic-milky.html

❶ Headline: "World Record Giant Sunfish is Heaviest Fish Ever Weighed... and a ‘Sign of Hope!" It's a good news story to end things this week!!

- Discovered in the Azores by Marine biologists
- the largest sunfish ever weighs 6,049 pounds!
- that's how much some of your favourite Ford Trucks weigh
- This portion of the program brought to you by Ford. Say it with Ford this Holiday Season. *Plus Freight and PDI. Dealer May Sell for Less*
- that's also how much a 2018 Cadillac ESV weighs. This portion of the show brought to you by Cadilac. Cadillac! Tell 'em Santa sent ya! *cannot be combined with any other offers. Member FDIC*
- Back to the good news... The researchers towed the big fish to shore/ got it onto a forklift/ weighed it... that's when they learned that Sunny was a Guiness World Record Breaking Fish!
- Sunny is around 10 feet long btw.
- The good news? Well "It means that the marine ecosystem is still healthy enough to sustain these large animals,"
- These big ol' sunfish are a bit of a mystery... researchers don't know where they spend most of their time or what they do for fun in the off-season* (bit.ly/citationlink)
Fun Fact: They flip over sideways to sun themselves and without doing one second of extra research I'm just goig to assume that the sunning behaviour is why they're called sunfish.
(time passes... you win. I did the research https://oceana.org/marine-life/ocean-sunfish/)

Link/media: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/world-record-giant-sunfish-is-heaviest-fish-ever-weighed-at-6000-pounds-and-a-sign-of-hope/


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When Tony Gave Up Coffee: a Behind-the-Scenes Exposé of One of Moncton Radio's Tallest Announcers


Scotty Note: My colleague on the morning show has given up coffee. I could never, and would never, do this. I need to find ways to put MORE COFFEE into my system. Anyway, it's still in the early stages so I will keep you posted on Tony's "life without coffee".
So far I've noticed:
- irritability
- lack of focus
- sleepiness
- lack of empathy
- lack of fcous
- lack of focus

And that's just ME, I'm sure Tony has a few symptoms too.
To be continued!!


"Coffee might be the secret to getting along with your coworkers, new research shows" (via CNBC) (https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/08/coffee-might-be-the-secret-to-getting-along-with-your-coworkers.html)

"Caffeine Detox: How to Quit Caffeine and Break the Addiction" (via Caffeine Informer which seems like they'd know a thing or two about caffeine) (https://www.caffeineinformer.com/my-caffeine-detox)


Skywatcher Alert: Total Lunar Eclipse 6:59a Nov 8th 2022 (or catch the next one in 2025) *update: you might see some fireballs

Early on the morning of Tuesday, November 8, 2022 it's the last total lunar eclipse of the year! You remember Total Lunar Eclipses... that's where Zombie AND werewolf activity has a significant increase*(https://bit.ly/citationlink).
It's ALSO where the Sun, Earth and Moon line up for your viewing pleasure. Here on the East Coast we get a great view! (unless it's cloudy). The greatest eclipse will happen at 6:59a on Nov 8th.

*While all the lunar eclipse stuff is happening, it's also time for the Taurid Meteor Showers...
    "best observing time is before the full moon arrives on November 8. But, if you’re out on the morning of November 8 watching the total lunar eclipse, you might get lucky and spot some Taurid fireballs as well... If observing during the evening hours, look eastward. Those viewing after 2 a.m. should face west. If the moon is in the sky, keep it out of your field of view to avoid ruining your night vision." (via https://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/taurid-meteors-will-there-be-a-swarm-in-2022/)

🌕 Be sure to know what you're looking for... it's a Total Eclipse of the Moon, NOT a Total Eclipse of the Heart...
🌕 Next lunar eclipse will only be a lousy stinkin' partial eclipse and happens October 28, 2023... next TOTAL eclipse that we'll be able to see is on March 14, 2025.
🌕 This is safe to view with your eyes, there is no need for welder's goggles, Ray Ban sunglasses, 3D glasses from Cineplex, Minion Goggles from Spirit Halloween, or X-Ray Specs from CERN (we all know that CERN has those things, right?)
🌕 This full moon is known as the Beaver Moon which I like to shorten to BM... as in "Hey! Look at that BM!"
🌕 From start to finish this eclipse will take three hours and forty minutes-ish.
🌕 ICYMI, Here's how it should go (Eclipse Times are in Atlantic Time):
- 5:09a Partial umbral eclipse begins... Moon enters the earth’s shadow.
- 6:16a Total lunar eclipse begins... Moon turns dark orange or red.
- 6:59a Greatest eclipse... the eclipse moon begins to set in the west... total lunar eclipse ends... partial umbral eclipse ends...
- 7:10a Sunrise
🌕 Most of this info is via Gary Boyle (https://twitter.com/astroeducator) including this explainer "A total lunar eclipse when the sun, Earth and moon are aligned, with Earth in the middle. Earth’s shadow falls on the moon."

*If you happen to spot a Secret Moon Base, report it to Scotty's Secret Moon Base Hotline at 506-431-3136 (long distance charges may apply) (I never answer this line)
*supplied by NASA

What a Weird Week for Fri. Nov. 4, 2022: Don't Golf at the Grand Canyon!

What a Weird Week Podcast: the top 10 weird stories from the news. Listen to the Episode Audio and Subscribe to the podcast! Here are the show notes for Fri Nov 4, 2022, Season 4 Episode 5 ...
❿ Headline: Giant Satellite Dish issues Grim Warning before it FALLS TO PIECES!

- giant radio telescope dish in Puerto Rico collapsed a couple years ago- it's in pieces.
- you might have seen this dish in a few blockbuster movies, it used to be the biggest dish in the world,
- before it crumbled, it spit out some data about when we'll be destroyed.
- Terrific news!!!! According to their data, we might be safe from earth-destroying asteroids for the next 100ish years. *Unless you are reading this as a wee lil baby who will grow up to be 150. Congratulations on learning to read so early though. 
- the report said we need to keep an eye on a few space objects because if the orbit changes it could be, you know, time to panic.
- "Wait, is it PANIC or DON'T PANIC right now?" - person in charge of panic button, 2022. 

Link/media: https://www.sciencealert.com/destroyed-observatory-issues-final-asteroid-warning-after-fatal-collapse
❾ Headline: (three days later we got this report from Space dot com) "'Planet killer' asteroid found hiding in sun's glare may one day hit Earth"

- the glare of the sun makes it hard to see potentially troublesome asteroids. (by troublesome I mean deadly and terrifying).
- "largest potentially hazardous asteroid spotted in the past eight years and astronomers have dubbed it a "planet killer" because" (I'll end quote there because I don't think you have to explain what 'Planet Killer' means. The author of the article did explain it, but you don't need me to explain it. 'Planet Killer' is a very concise and accurately-depicted name.
- why would the writer of an article aimed at sciency types feel like they had to explain why the asteroid is called 'Planet Killer'? That's funny, right? (laughs until it turns into uncontrollable sobbing.)
- this article seems to be saying less that we should worry about this specific asteroid and more so we should be concerned that it's hard to see these asteroids because of the sun... so what else is out there?!

btw, on Nov 1st we had another asteroid whiz passed us...
"A large 'potentially hazardous asteroid'" came within six lunar distances from Earth. Did you know about that one? I'm always learning these things AFTER they happen.

Link/media: https://www.space.com/dangerous-asteroid-discovered-in-sun-glare
file photo

❽ Headline: "Escaped king cobra crawls back to Swedish terrarium"

- first, sigh of relief that the 7 foot long venomous King Cobra is back in the zoo...
- that this King Cobra could escape the zoo enclosure that was built to keep him in? That's unsettling. Because, I don't know if you're aware, but people go to the zoo, you guys. People walk around that place all the time, eating popcorn and taking photos. Imagine waiting in line at the meatball stand (sorry Sweden, is that not really a thing?)... you're standing there thinking your safe from all the zoo creatures and meanwhile this cobra is on the loose!?
- This cobra got out through a light fixture, and disappeared.
- they used an X-ray machine and saw the cobra in the wall.
- they drilled some holes to try to get at the cobra but it disappeared again.
- then it just came home to its terrarium at the zoo.
- they started calling it Houdini.

artist rendering
❼ Headline: The Longest Passenger Train in the World Award Goes to...

- the Swiss you guys. The Swiss win.
- The Rhaetian Railway company set the record with a 1.2-mile/ 100 coaches-long train trip through the Alps.
- it would suck if you went to take your seat on the train and they were like "No, This is the front of the train, your seat is at the back... you literally might have to walk a mile to get to your seat AFTER YOU GOT ON THE TRAIN!

actual photo

❻ Headline: Move over, other birds that fly very far distances, there's a new bird in town (that flies very far distances.)

- according to bird experts, a young bar-tailed godwit has set a "non-stop distance record for migratory birds"... it flew over 13 thousand kilometers/ over 8 thousand miles from Alaska to Australia without stopping!
- this was a tagged bird with GPS so they're pretty sure about the numbers.
- it took 11 days.
- there are scientists who are trying to figure out how migratory birds are able to do these incredible feats and once that's figured out and they get the serum perfected, it will turn us into real-life super heroes... or super villains. It's gonna be so exciting you guys!!

actual bird

❺ Headline: "Fishermen plead not guilty to charges in tournament scandal" AND "Professional cornhole world rocked by ‘BagGate’ cheating scandal"
Yes it's a tie! Because both stories are so similar!!
First Headline Notes:
- followup to an earlier episode... two guys are accused of putting lead weights inside the walleyes they caught at a fishing derby... (around here I think we'd call them pickerel not walleyes).
- the prize money for this Lake Erie fishin' derby was over $28,000 for first place!
- these two guys were indicted on a list of things... felony cheating, attempted grand theft, possessing criminal tools and also unlawfully owning wild animals which is a misdemeanor.
- Do you think they'll go to prison over this? Some kind of white collar/ blue collar institution?
Second Headline Notes:
- First of all, yes, there is PROFESSIONAL CORNHOLE?! and the 2022 American Cornhole League World Championships this past Summer had some controversy that is making headlines now...

- They're calling it BagGate© because it involves illegal bag use... btw, if you've never heard of cornhole, it is a bean bag toss game...
- at the World Championships, a team got accused of playing with bean bags that were smaller than regulation... it turned out that the bean bags WERE smaller than regulation... but then those guys accused the first guy of illegal baggery and it turned out that EVERYONE'S BAG WAS NON-COMPLIANT!
- Officials let the match continue after some deliberation... they don't think anybody knowingly used an illegal bag... BUT the New York Post article about all this does say that players do all kinds of things to their bags to gain an advantage...
- from the article: "ACL’s top players earn as much as $250,000 a year from winnings, sponsorship deals and endorsements... players have been doing whatever they can to get a leg up on the competition, including doctoring their bags... Lighter and thinner bags can be advantageous and players have been boiling their bags or washing them with vinegar to make them more pliable."

A) First Headline Link/media: https://apnews.com/article/sports-ohio-cleveland-lake-erie-a02f6a69224b0adac8280399135af5a3
B) Second Headline Link: https://nypost.com/2022/11/02/professional-cornhole-world-rocked-by-baggate-cheating-scandal/

❹ Headline: Will Elon start charging for Twitter stuff? or How fast will people leave Twitter once Elon starts charging for stuff?

- Elon Musk bought Twitter.
- He's floating out ideas like an $8 per month subscription for Twitter Blue.
- Twitter Blue would give you longer videos, less ads, other things.
- it doesn't seem like people are that keen on it... people with blue checkmarks right now (many of them famous) are like "Pay to keep my Blue Checkmark? No Way!!"
- if you've always wanted a blue checkmark, now you can buy one.
- so it's going to be less of a status symbol.
- and the ability to post longer videos? Who even wants that? Everyone else is moving towards shorter videos...
- Timeline is uncertain on all this... at time of recording Elon hasn't changed his mind yet but that is also a possibility.

❸ Headline: U.S. National Park Service is forced to issue this statement: "Do we really need to say, ‘don’t hit golf balls into the Grand Canyon?’"

- a TikTok influencer hit a golf ball into the Grand Canyon... they also lost their golf club...
- it's illegal and dangerous.
- also, there was no way she was gonna clear the grand canyon with a 5 iron... her caddy should also be charged with a crime for that.

Link/media: story from Golf Week https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2022/10/29/golf-influencer-grand-canyon-national-park-service/

and image via https://www.facebook.com/GrandCanyonNationalPark

❷ Headline: "Tiger sharks with cameras on their backs map 'world's biggest' seagrass meadow in Bahamas" or Don't dive in shark-infested waters to get award-winning footage... instead just get the sharks to shoot the footage for you!

- they think this seagrass meadow is around the size of Ireland.
- now that they've discovered the biggest seagrass meadow in the world they can pave it and put up condos... jk...   seagrass meadows store carbon and are ecologically important!
- the video shot by sharks is pretty cool...
story link https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2022-11-02/tiger-sharks-wearing-cameras-map-seagrass-meadow-bahamas/101597578

and video link https://youtu.be/s_jdD5mxwlU

and how big Ireland is https://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/profiles/Ireland/Geography

🏆 Honorable Mention Headline: Costco sells a very big jigsaw puzzle and gets in the news for it!

- This made the news across the USA... what they refer to as a "mega jigsaw puzzle with more than 60,000 pieces" is at Costco. It's 8 feet long and 29 feet wide!!
- Sweet Mama! who has the patience for that? and the floor space?
- Costco says it's the biggest jigsaw puzzle in the world.
- Well done, Costco. Now I want delicious rotisserie chicken. If you're going to Costco for the puzzle would you grab me a rotisserie chicken?

Link/media: https://www.ktvu.com/news/costco-largest-jigsaw-puzzle-29-feet-wide-8-feet-tall
hard pass

❶ Headline: "Pentagon attributes UFO sightings to spies, airborne trash"

- we're back with another UFO story, true believers!
- Officials were supposed to deliver a new UFO report to Congress on Halloween... at time of recording there's not a lot of after-the-fact info about that report...
- there were a bunch of news reports just BEFORE the report came due though...
- The New York Times story on this says that Military officials claim most of what we see is foreign spies or airborne trash.
- They explained-away a bunch of the more recent famous UFO/UAP reports... like the video the glowing green triangles was actually drones... the GoFast video is an illusion... the Gimbal video is an effect caused by an image sensor.
- idk True Believers, it all seems quite plausible.
- But are there some weird things in our skies that aren't explained yet? Yes. Yes there are. I just don't think the Gov would share things that they can't explain... like, the real mysterious stuff is not put on YouTube for everyone to see...

Story Link: https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2022/10/31/pentagon-attributes-ufo-sightings-to-spies-or-airborne-trash/

UFO reporters worth following:
- Micah Hanks https://twitter.com/MicahHanks/
- Alejandro Rojas https://twitter.com/alejandrotrojas
- Jason McClellan https://twitter.com/Acecentric
- Ryan Sprague https://twitter.com/RyanSprague51
- Martin Willis (PodcastUfo) https://twitter.com/PodcastUFO

first order of business: adopt a prime directive

stream like a streaming freak!!