What a Weird Week for Feb 20, 2022 - Recorded Live from the Road

This is What a Weird Week, a podcast featuring Ten Weird Things from this week's news. This episode features me in the passenger seat while my wife drives... Full Show Notes and Podcast Links at (www.Shownotes.page). This is Episode 3.22

10 minister resigns after weirdest baptizing scandal I've ever heard of..  

7 Elan solves world hunger!?

6 drunken lady makes getaway on motorized suitcase...

5 the fanciest ketchup ever has got to be the queen's ketchup... 

4 giant strawberry sets world record... 
3 they discovered a new dinosaur and it had teeth that wouldn't quit...
It looks a bit like a Crocodile that maybe walks upright? Nightmare!

2 guy is named man of the year after helping his Tinder date deliver her baby...
1 Hank the Tank is on the run (do not approach)

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Super Bowl Ads 2022

The ad that made me most-happy was when Jim Carrey reprised his role as the Cable Guy...

If Alexa could read your mind...

embarrassing moment at the awards show...

Anna Kendrick is funny... (see here: https://www.usatoday.com/videos/sports/Ad-Meter/2022/02/14/ad-meter-2022-rocket-mortgage/6779428001/)

please enjoy responsibly (beer and Kenny G)...

some people will love this because: sloth. I don't know, you guys...

Larry David is funny...

Dr Evil...

star-studded dad joke-ish ad...

There's plenty more HERE.
What was your favourite? What was the WORST!? Comment if you want.

What a Weird Week for February 12, 2022: Last-minute Valentine's gifts and how to lift weights for three seconds

This is What a Weird Week, a podcast featuring Ten Weird Things from this week's news. This episode features Last-minute Valentine's gifts and how to lift weights for three seconds! Full Shownotes and Podcast Links at (www.Shownotes.page)

Now here comes Episode 3.21
10 Monkey Lovin' in the news...

9 Mr Beast Big Willy Style... (Willy Wonka)

8 Job Interview Mistake Goes Viral...

7 New Survey indicates that this might be the worst Valentine's Day ever...

6 Three Seconds of Lifting Weights is the new Goal...

5 What we want for Valentine's Day...

4 Need to hide an engagement ring in food but aren't sure what food would be best??

3 The Razzie Awards have made a brand new category to salute bad movies... Worst Performance by Bruce Willis in a 2021 Movie!

2 The lady who challenged a bunny to a salad-eating contest...

1 French Fry Perfume (just in time for Valentines Day!)

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WHAT A WEIRD WEEK for Sunday 6 February 2022: Revisiting the Stories from One Year Ago!



This is What a Weird Week, a podcast featuring Ten Weird Things from this week's news. This is a throwback episode featuring the stories we covered one year ago.
- Podcast links and all the show notes: (www.shownotes.page).
- Stream it like you mean it with the player below.
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Now here comes Episode 3.20
10 The guy on Twitter who shared his story of volunteering to be infected with parasite for science.
Good Lord.

9 Dunkin' Donuts will be offering weddings in the drive through this Valentine's. They say we're all nostalgic for good old Loving Love of Valentine's Day but lousy stinking Covid means no fancy dinner with violins and non-plastic cutlery.
So donut love is the answer.

8 Because Coors can't officially run an ad during the Superbowl because Anheuser-Busch has exclusivity, they are going to offer a video/audio experience on YouTube that's supposed to make you dream about Coors products.
They've worked with a psychiatrist to make this happen. Just to reiterate, they are trying to advertise to you in your dreams.
They'll be advertising new MK Ultra beer. Jk!

7 Reddit takes Game Spot stock up the mountain and everybody is intrigued or baffled or angry, or a combo platter of all of those.

6 Rolling Stone's 50 most anticipated movie releases of 2021. I can't believe they're gonna have an average of one anticipated movie per week almost. Are they anticipated because we've already watched everything, and we will literally watch everything!?
I watched the live cats YouTube for an hour yesterday just hoping the cats would walk by the camera once. They were nowhere!

5 Volcano mouse once thought extinct is actually 'doing great' If you've never hear of the Volcano Mouse, I know what you're thinking: "This is a mouse that has lava like venom that can burn through a bank vault in 20 seconds. We need to plan a Volcano mouse heist!"
It's a great thought, but no, the Volcano Mouse is a kind of mouse living near Mount Pinatubo when it erupted in 1991. Scientists thought that those mice didn't survive but hahahaha science, they did.
A study has been published, but we need a follow-up about how they survived exactly. Was it from eating cheese? Can cheese save you from a volcanic eruption? Probably not, but we just don't know!

4 The Subway Tuna Sub Lawsuit Allegations
A lawsuit out of California is claiming that Subway Tuna subs are not tuna. If that's true, what are Subway Tuna subs?
How do I choose sides on this?
If it's false advertising, then a sub shop oughtta be made to tell the truth.
But also, is this gonna be one of those deals where is tuna-ish... like good enough for tuna, and the lawsuit is just getting in the way of me and my delicious sandwich... which may contain goldfish and eel.
The people suing have run tests on the sandwiches and they haven't said what the results were exactly...
“We found that the ingredients were not tuna and not fish,” the attorney said in an email to The Washington Post.
Subway needs to get out in front of this or people will just assume that there's gross stuff in there.
MMMmmmmmm aardvark* (citation needed)https://digg.com/news/link/subway-s-tuna-is-not-tuna-but-a-mixture-of-various-concoctions-a-lawsuit-alleges-Uv6WEeGOzO?utm_source=digg&utm_medium=email

3 "TikToker horrifies viewers by making mashed potatoes out of a bag of chips, and a Michelin-starred chef says the hack is 'ludicrous'"
We live in a time where it is your right to be outraged at anything someone does...
- Wearing Crocs? Outrage!
- Changed your hairstyle? We're all allowed to be offended!!
- Boil some potato chips? You gave me an infarction and I am sending you my ambulance bill.
This guy on TikTok boiled a bunch of Lays Potato Chips (plain) , turned them into some kind of mush, and called them mashed potatoes.
Maybe they're delicious? They were deliciously anger-inducing online.

2 Pink Kraft Dinner! (Thanks for sending me this one)
A bunch of people sent me this one, thanks!
For Valentines Day, Kraft is putting out candy-flavoured Pink Mac and Cheese. It's a promo/ giveaway of a thousand boxes. Check their website.
So damn romantic.
The Cavalcade of Kraft Weird Mac n Cheese Kookiness Continues... if you're keeping score at home, the Pumpkin Spice made a splash, and the Send Noods campaign got more attention than they could've hoped for.

Number 1 Another Proud Canadian World Record
Calgary teen Max Ganakovsky, a teenager from Calgary, got on his bike, did the longest manual ever and got into the Guinness Book of World Records. The longest manual is like a pop-a-wheelie, except you're on your bike, you pop a wheelie, and then you coast... you don't keep peddaling like we used to when we were kids (we called that a Catwalk).
Ganakovsky coasted on one tire for 648 metres, almost double the old record.
Now I'd like to play the Canadian National Anthem to show how proud we all are of Max.