Fake Hallmark Holiday Movies 2023: Even More Christmas Movies that Almost Were...

Here's our annual countdown to Christmas consisting of Fake Hallmark Holiday Movies that definitely should be made... check back for a new title every day until Christmas! 

Nov 26 Tonya Fitzpatrick and the Christmas Shenanigans 2: Mistletoe and Shamrocks.
Nov 27 A Christmas baked with love: Snoop and Willie's Green Christmas Adventure.
Nov 28 Christmas most fowl: a Thomlinson Turkey Farm Hilarious Holiday Adventure.

Nov 29 When in Rome 5: Tamara's Yuletide European Fling.

Nov 30 The Orphanage has No Tree: the Sister Margaret Longpenny Story  (from our Teachable Moments series!)

Dec 1 Lolly McBride and the Christmas Bingo Caper.

Dec 2 Sebasti├ín's Long Journey Home: a Pup Learns to Love Again at Christmas. 

Dec 3 Silent Night, Goalie Night 3: the Springfield Panthers and the Holiday Season Save.

Dec 4 Breakdown at the Sugarman Doll Factory! How Old Jeb Saved the Holiday.

Dec 5 Mathing All the Way! Principal Larry Learns a Lesson at the Christmastown Numeracy Bee.

Dec 6 Candy Cane and the Christmas Shakedown: Candy Fights City Hall.

Dec 7 The Elf from Guelph who Stayed on the Shelf: How Sparkle learned the True Meaning of Boxing Day. 

Dec 8 Dockin' Around the Christmas Tree 4: Mystery at the Holidaytown Yacht Club.

Dec 9 The Cool Yule Mule 5: the Christmas Race!

Dec 10 Jerry and the Magic Shovel: Love can Melt the Coldest Heart. 

Dec 11 Simply Having a Thunderful Christmas Time: Meteorologist Sunny Hope and the Storm of the Century.

Dec 12 The Holiday Visitor: a Cozitown Bed and Breakfast Festive Mystery. 

Dec 13 Snow Room at the Inn 3: The Innkeeper's Husband.

Dec 14 Runaway Toboggan 2: Slippin', Slippin', Slippin', into the Future.

Dec 15 Falling (in Love) for Christmas: a Renfrew Trapeze School Yuletide Romance.

Dec 16 Chaos in Marshmallow Land! The AI Uprising.

Dec 17 Silent Sleigh Bells: The Curious Case of the Time Slip Christmas. 

Dec 18 Roller Christmas 3: Electric Boogaloo.

Dec 19 The Church has No Manger: a Dennis the Squirrel Family Holiday Squirrel-venture!

Dec 20 The Ugly Christmas Showdown: The Year the Happy Ho Ho Sweater Company Went On Strike.

Dec 21 Santa Looked a Lot Like Caddy: the Golf Game that Saved Christmas. 

Dec 22 Goldi Scrooge and the Three Ghosts.

Dec 23 Who am I Engaged to? Amnesia comes to the Candy Cane Ski Lodge. 

Dec 24 Shipwrecked with my Ex 2: a Bermuda Triangle Christmas. 

Dec 25 Going Viral for Christmas: Karen's Yuletide Lesson of Love and Understanding.