What a Weird Week Top Stories of of 2023: What a Weird Year!

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(transcript) Hi Friends, I'm Scott. This is the What a Weird Week Show, your Weird News Catch-up in a Top Ten Countdown. For audio, video, and shownotes see www.shownotes.page! Here's Season 4, Episode 66 first published on Friday Dec. 29th, 2023 ... the Year in Review episode ... What a Weird Year!
Highlights from January 2023 ...  
🍅 Headline direct from the Today Show because they wrote the perfect headline you guys:  "River of melted butter spills into Wisconsin canal after fire at dairy plant!"
- story says that "Firefighters on the scene were up to their knees in melted butter trying to get up the steps of the dairy..."
- they describe a molten river of butter flowing into the Portage Canal...
- no cheese was involved in the dairy meltdown incident...
- it seems as though the fire began in a butter storage area and... good night Irene!
- firefighters had to deal with all that slip-slidey melted butter!
- people in the neighborhood reported smelling delicious melted butter...
- no injuries reported
- the next day there were big hunks of butter floating in that canal. Link/media: https://www.today.com/food/news/butter-fire-wisconsin-dairy-plant-canal-rcna64519 and tweet embed...

🍅 Miracle Plankton will save us all from disease and future generations, you're gonna live FOREVAH! *citation needed
- researchers have discovered something new in the water and it's something that might not even kill us you guys!
- it's a kind of freshwater plankton that has an appetite for viruses. It eats the bad stuff you guys! That was an unexpected twist for me when I started reading about the new plankton discovery. I just assumed it was gonna be bad news. I was guessing it ate feet. It was a foot-eating plankton, but NO!
- *Citation* I thought we'd go to plankton hospitals all full of viruses and they'd put us in the plankton ward for a few days and then we would leave Virus-free!! Not even close you guys. Not Even Close!! But, still it seems like good news, right? That the plankton doesn't eat feet... that's good news, right? I'm taking the win and ending the show right here.

This is the What a Weird Week Show Year in Review ...
Highlights from February 2023 ... 
🍅 Asteroid might be worth more than all the money in the world... so NASA is sending a spaceship to it...
- They believe this rare asteroid could be worth 70 thousand times more than the Global Economy... so 70,000 X 100 Trillion Dollars... that works out to a 7 with eighteen zeroes.
- The thing is named 16 Psyche (which sounds like a store in the mall that sells earrings and cute tops.)
- Why is it so valuable? It's made of farm fresh eggs and diesel obviously. No wait, it's made of iron and nickel... enough iron and nickel to be worth quintillions of dollars.
- Not every expert agrees on that price tag... NASA hopes to arrive at the thing in the Summer of 2029.
- we'll find out then whether it was worth the gamble... er, I mean scientifically worthwhile.
🍅 The company who wants to bring back the Dodo bird is getting some of their funding from the CIA??
- The company named Colossal is working on Project "Bring back the Woolly Mammoth" and now they also want to bring back the dodo bird.
- That part of the story has been showing up in my feed for a little while, but what was brand new info to me was that one of the backers of "Project DODO" is the CIA!?
- Yes, That CIA. The Central Intelligence Agency. 
- The Colossal company has a bunch of investors, but one of them, through a venture capital company, is the CIA.
- 1) Is this a good investment?
- 2) Why does the CIA want in on this? Please send me your working theory (weirdweekpod@gmail.com) ... are they gonna be weaponized? Used as spies? I don't get this one.

Thanks for being here for our weird news countdown! This is the What a Weird Week Show Year in Review ...
Highlights from March 2023 ...    
🍅 Cars that will re-possess themselves are coming. What will happen to the hard working Repo Industry Representatives?!
- Ford's patent for "Systems and Methods to Repossess a Vehicle" has made the news...
- Part of this patent has to do with cars of the future... no, wait, cars of the now in some cases... cars that can drive themselves already and cars that will have the capability in the future is what I'm talking about... with the technology in the patent Ford Motors would be able to move your car to where a tow truck driver is waiting for it... or even move the vehicle right to the repo company... or even to the junkyard... assuming that in this scenario you are behind in your payments...  
- so the hard-working repo men and women will still have a place in the industry it seems...
- if this tech is already patented... we've got to be close to a future where they'll be able to repossess everything remotely! Don't you think??
Like, everything!! When you fall behind on your big screen TV payment, it'll wait 'til you fall asleep and then walk out the front door (robot-style).
Miss a payment on your bedroom set, it'll wait until you go to work, then it'll roll out the front door (I picture this one as using gyroscope technology and rolling down the street like a wagon wheel... )
- idk you guys, it's almost like we're gonna have to pay for the stuff we buy in the future...
🍅 The Rolls-Royce of Nuclear Reactors! (will be made by Rolls-Royce). Oh, yeah, and it'll be on the moon.
- Rolls-Royce co. got funding from the UK Space Agency to make a moon base nuclear reactor.
- this is about developing a small reactor for when we get moon bases up and running and the fact that the moon base will be powered by RR sounds so classy!
- it's your move, Grey Poupon.

This is the What a Weird Week Show Year in Review ...
Highlights from April 2023 ...    
🍅 Weird Cave Creature!!
- the article is about a scientific discovery of this creature in a cave in India, but it's written in such a dramatic way...
"For over a century, spelunkers in eastern India reported seeing a cave-dwelling creature. The reports persisted, usually as passing mentions or brief observations of the unknown creature. No one studied it in depth — until now." If every scientific discovery was written up like that I'd be more smarterer.
- The write-up is so mysterious and thrilling, but basically the researchers went deep into this cave and found some new frogs.
- Frogs are described as olive green and between 2 and a half inches and almost 4 inches.
🍅 on UFOs or UAPs...
- the Pentagon continues to investigate UFOs/ UAPs through their All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO).
- the folks that testified before a US Senate Committee on Wednesday (April 19).
- Part of the hearing was closed to the public.
- My take on those hearings is that not a lot has changed... the Gov says most everything is explainable (UFOs are mostly just regular things that have been misidentified) ...
- the Gov is leaning hard into the "it's Not Aliens" message...
- they did show a video that has some weird sphere flying past... it was cool.
- the investigation continues.

This is the What a Weird Week Show Year in Review ...
Highlights from May 2023 ...   
🍅 Should they add bulls to professional rugby games?
- In France, a bull ran onto the rugby field during warmups.
- It was chaos... The players scrambled...
- The bull was there for a pre-game parade to advertise local meat... but he broke free from his handler and then... Excitement!
- Video in the shownotes... Looks like everyone hopped over the fence in time to escape injury...
- I don't know much about rugby... One of my kids played in high school, and I'm not saying introduce it at the high school level... But Would live bulls add to the game of professional rugby? Either two human teams playing against each other and some bulls added in... Or maybe one human team vs. one team of bulls? Does the sport need to evolve?

🍅 PG13! The Birds are High af ...
- increasing reports out of Britain of seagulls stealing illicit and or recreational drugs from human people...
- essentially, people smoking drugs have their stash stolen by seagulls...
- maybe it was by mistake at first... like, maybe the seagulls thought they were stealing a delicious french fry or something... but now the birds seem to like the drugs... they are getting high...
- one fellow is quoted in the story from Metro UK said "Gulls will go for anything... If we were stoned and completely out of it, the gulls could just take the joint we were smoking and fly off."
- they really paint a picture of gulls, crazy on drugs, basically terrorizing bystanders.
Catch up on the weird news of the week, This is the What a Weird Week Show Year in Review ... 
Highlights from June 2023 ... 
🍅 Are the Whales Fighting Back?!
- I heard this on the Frontburner podcast... Killer Whales sinking ships?!
- It's happened... they ram boats... they bite rudders... they've sunk boats... and it seems to be happening more often.
- So what up, whales? They can't be doing it on purpose, can they? Yes, yes they can. Experts say some whales are doing it on purpose, and might even be teaching younger whales how to do it. At the very least, the young whales are mimicking what the older whales are doing... it might not be full-on boat-ramming lessons they're getting.
- So it's not really a question of Are They Doing It On Purpose... it's more a question of Why? Do they know what they're doing? Is it cold-blooded attempted murder? Do we need to lock up all the whales in some kind of Whale Jail©?
- Right now, the researchers are trying to figure it out. If you ask most people, they say the whales are finally getting even with us for all the nets and ships bumping into them and whatnot. Whale researchers don't really think that, but they're still trying to find answers.
See Frontburner https://www.cbc.ca/radio/frontburner/are-the-killer-whales-fighting-back-1.6859625 and for context https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/orcas-are-ramming-into-ships-off-the-coast-of-spain-180982234/
🍅 United States Supreme Court has sided with whiskey and not with the dog toy company.
- This is a follow up to a story we had...
- It's about a chew toy for dogs that looked like Jack Daniels, and Jack Daniels was like "wait, that's our that's our brand/ logo/whatever. That's our intellectual property. You're making money off of it. You did not pay us any of that money." That is me paraphrasing just in case you thought that I was reading from the court documents...
- Couple other things about the dog chew toys... There were more than just the Jack Daniels one, and they all seem to have the same theme which is poop jokes. This one's label said "Old number two on your Tennessee carpet" (the actual bottle of Jack Daniels would say "Old Number Seven.")
-The dog toy company lost a unanimous decision from the United States Supreme Court, which found that the toy is in violation of the trademark owned by the Jack Daniels company. BTW, these dog toys are around $20... Is that a good deal?
- The dog toy company's case (again, I'm not a lawyer) but I think their case essentially was "we are a parody product. We're just having fun." (paraphrase). It seems like the courts didn't agree, or at least thought this was more of a trademark violation.
- Jack Daniels felt like they had to come out with a statement to stress that they love dogs, but don't want to have their trademark violated by a company that has dog poop jokes adjacent to something that looks like a label for Jack Daniels whiskey. (paraphrase)
- a lot of different brands were hoping this is how it would go... Nike, Campbell's Soup, Levi Strauss, a lot of famous brands were like "Supreme Court, You need to side with the brands on this!"
See https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-65839800
This is the What a Weird Week Show Year in Review ... 
Highlights from July 2023 ... (coming next Friday!)
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