But I'll Have a Weird, Weird Christmas! The What a Weird Week Show Fri Dec 15, 2023

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* Note: it is Christmas Time, baby! So this week is less Weird Headlines and more Weird Christmas stuff. "You'll be doin' alright with your Christmas of White, but I'll have a weird, weird Christmas!"
(transcript) Hi Friends, I'm Scott. This is the What a Weird Week Show, your Weird News Catch-up in a Top Ten Countdown. For audio, video, and shownotes see www.shownotes.page! Here's Season 4, Episode 64 first published on Friday Dec. 15th, 2023... less weird news and more of a holiday Snow Pourri...  
❿ The airing of grievances has begun... The Tampa Bay Times asked people to send in their grievances - as is the custom - for Festivus. They've started publishing those... 
"My wife referring to the pet stroller as my “walker” while people nod sadly as I walk by. — Darrell Patterson, Tampa"
"When you bring a bucket of meatballs to the theme park to graze from like a modern feed bag and halfway through the day your wife dumps them out because, “You shouldn’t eat meat from a bucket!” — Rick Clarke, St. Petersburg" *Rick sent in a photo of the meatball bucket btw*

❾ The Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Toss and it's Storied Past. *Event happens this weekend in Bethlehem, PA
- It's for charity.
- people throw Christmas trees across a parking lot.
"participants throw a Tannenbaum across the parking lot at Mikes More Miles Automotive, 1458 Stefko Blvd., at 11 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 16."
- According to legend, this event started out of anger or frustration... "began with a frustrated auto mechanic chucking the garage’s evergreen into the parking lot. It became a tradition in 2002 when ... owner of Meineke Car Care, challenged ... More Miles Automotive down the road to a friendly contest."

A top ten of weird news items... the What a Weird Week Show!
❽ Article from Atlas Obscura claims that "Unusual Christmas Ornaments Make the Holidays Weird and Wonderful" ...
They asked readers to contribute... "To inspire your own weird ornament collection, we asked readers on our Facebook page to share photos and memories of their favorite unusual Christmas ornaments. From a daughter’s rubber Croc to the handblown Santaur, a very sexy Santa centaur, these treasures just might persuade you to purchase or make your own weird ornament for the holidays. Where we could, we’ve also included links to where you can buy these beauties."
- I cannot unsee the giant Teeth-on-Feet ornament. 
- also the aforementioned Santa Centaur may stir up some conflicting sentiments.

❼ From Delish dot Com: "25 Christmas Snack Recipes That'll Keep Everyone Full & Festive" ... 
- the article is a slide show which can be divisive (do not like!) but some of the highlights are... 
Pesto Pizza Stuffed Star Bread starts the slide show off ... Puppy Chow ... Deviled Eggs ... and a Cheese Ball in the shape of a Christmas Tree.

Thanks for being here for our weird news countdown! What a Weird Week.

❻ From Slate's Advice Column "Care and Feeding" by Nicole Chung: "Our Family’s Christmas Gathering Has Taken a Weird Turn, and I Want Out" ... 
A widow with two sons writes in to talk about visiting her brother-in-law and sister-in-law and how it's nice, but the in-laws' friends are cold and unfeeling (paraphrase). What should the lady do?
Nicole's advice: "It could be as simple and non-accusatory as 'We really appreciate the invitation, but we’ve noticed that some of your friends seem a little uneasy over our presence, and we wouldn’t want to intrude or make any of your other guests uncomfortable.'”
Also Nicole advises that "It’s totally ok to decline the invitation this Christmas, and any future Christmas if you don’t feel up for it..."
* I would add: Never underestimate the power of sarcasm to get you through the holidays!

❺From Women's Health Magazine: "41 Unique, Funny, And Weird Christmas Gifts To Get Your Friends This Holiday Season" ... 
They suggest a tiny winter coat for wine bottles ... socks with your face on them ... the "Grow a Boyfriend" novelty item ... and tiny fake hands to wear on your fingers ... 
The whole thing seems like a commercial with affiliate links...

You're listening to the What a Weird Week Show! Weird news! Top tens! Together at last!
❹ Christmas Puns from Reader's Digest ... they claim the puns are "Elfin Hilarious"
Some of these include: "Sleigh it ain’t so!" ... "Single bells, single bells, single all the way!" ... "Make it rein, deer." ... "Don’t mind the resting Grinch face." ... "It’s the most wonderful time for a beer!"
Q: Would Reader's Digest exaggerate the hilariousness quotient of puns? idk.

❸ The Pioneer Woman website article: "45 Funny Christmas Movies That'll Make You Say, 'Ho, Ho, HA!'" ... recommends Spirited with Will Ferrel and Ryan Reynolds ... Candy Cane Lane featuring Eddie Murphy ... also Krampus, Get Santa, and Home Alone. 
* Ho, Ho, Ha results may vary.
We're almost to the number one weird story of the week... this is the What a Weird Week Show.

Honorable Mention!
Holiday Drink Recipe... if you are craving Dorito-flavored booze and are disappointed that it is not available until after the holidays, create your own cheesy booze with this recipe!!
Step One: make some nacho cheese sauce. Step Two: add a bunch of booze to that sauce and drink it. Two easy steps you guys!! https://www.budgetbytes.com/5-minute-nacho-cheese-sauce/
* Limited Edition Dorito booze gets a limited release in January ... $65 per 750 ml bottle. 

❷ Weird Advent Calendars! (Maybe they'll be on sale by the time you hear this and you can get a great deal, plus you'll have a bunch of windows to open right away!)
This from Hello Magazine ... they recommend this ramen noodles advent calendar which sounds like a delicious idea! MMMMmmmsodium! Also recommended: a saucy grownup fun time one from Ann Summers, a sewing Advent calendar, one with cheese, and one where you get the pieces to make a radio.

Catch up on the weird news of the week, this is the Weird What a Weird Week Show!

❶ Rosie Taylor writing for the Sun: "I tested all the weird Christmas food ..."
Among the weird holiday foods she tried are: chips that taste like cheese and sparkling wine (6 outta 10), sticky toffee cheese (3 outta 10), Black Forest Christmas Pudding (it looks rough to me but she gives it an 8 outta 10), and chocolate wine (5 outta 10).
Depending where you're at, those might not be available to you but Rosie's article might give you the courage to try some other disgusting flavor of chips... or crisps.
OK, that's a weird holiday edition of the What a Weird Week Show! For Shownotes and more go to ShowNotes Dot Page. Next Friday we've got another holiday theme show lined up. BTW, If you're tuned in live, thanks! Every weekend we are one of the things you can hear on Fun House Radio. Ask your smart speaker to play Fun House Radio or see the link on our Shownotes Page.
I hope this season is treating you well.

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