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Royale Greater Moncton Santa Claus Parade 2022! Saturday (Nov 26) #info #tips #bearsonfloats* (citation)

Royale Greater Moncton Santa Claus Parade Notes:  
🎅 parade is November 26, 2022, starting at 5p.
🎅 parade starts at Main St and Cameron, goes down Main Street, and ends at the corner of Champlain and Paul Street.
🎅 from organizers: "The parade begins at 5:00 p.m. at the corner of Cameron and Main Street in Moncton and ends at the corner of Champlain and Paul Street in Dieppe. If you gather before Cameron Street or past the corner of Paul Street, you WILL NOT get to see Santa Claus."
🎅 Theme is Rabies Awareness. No wait, that doesn't seem right. Theme is A North Pole Party!
🎅 Tim Horton’s will lead the parade with their food drive/ collecting non-perishable food and cash donations!
🎅 Canada Post folks will walk the route collecting letters for Santa!
🎅 Moncton Street Closures:
- From 1p until 7p Vaughan Harvey is closed from St. George to Canada Street (intersections are open though.)
- From 3p until 7p Main Street is closed from Enterprise to Cameron Street.
- From 4p until 7p Main Street is closed from Cameron, through to when it becomes Champlain Street and Champlain continues the closure up to Paul Street in Dieppe.
- From 4p to 7p Downing Street is closed from Main Street to Assomption.

🎅 PARKING: see this link (
- Parking meters are supposed to be free on Nov 26. (you can't use the ones on Main St.)
- Municipal parking lots are free on weekends from 6a to 6p.
- another good link is (
🎅 Dieppe Street Closures:
These streets will be closed on Saturday 26 November from 4p to 8p:
- Champlain Street, from the western city limits to Acadie Avenue
- Paul Street, from Champlain Street to Olivier Street
- Virginia Avenue, only the one-lane section

our Christmas Bear float concept ©

thanks for supporting the Tim Hortons Food Drive!

reminders: food donation and letter to Santa!

route map

in case you can't read a map like me - Scotty

did you take a really good look at this? currently seeking backers

icymi, these posts got clicked a lot last month

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