the Pineapple Thing about Swinging *PG13

Scotty note: I am not a swinger. If you are one, that's none of my business but I would argue that you should have told me about the pineapple thing before now. (

@lindajeanw Oops no one told me 🍍🍍🍍#notswingers #oops #pineapple #ididntknow #fy ♬ original sound - Jazzy Fizzle

Good Lord, what if I accidentally wore some pineapple trunks to the waterslides or something?! 
Wait, I love pineapple on my pizza... am I already a swinger and I just didn't know it? The Swinger's Code is kind of fascinating...

This piece in the New York Post talks about a bunch of secret Swinger Codes... it's kind of old so I don't know if these remain a swinger code thing or if they've been debunked, or abandoned, or what...  (
*Update: a few of you have texted us to say that it's only an upside down pineapple that indicates swinging, but NOT according to THIS POST. But hey, I'm no Swinger and/or Produce Expert.

- black ring on right hand
- anklet, toe ring, thumb ring, wearing wedding ring on the right hand
- white landscaping rocks
-  pink or purple yard decorations
- pineapple door knocker, or other decoration of the pineapple variety
- pink flamingo on the lawn (wait, that WASN'T for Aunt Francine's birthday?)
- Garden gnomes (they've taken over gnomes too? not the gnomes!) 
What about Sponge Bob?
He LIVES in a pineapple. What does that mean? At this point we just don't know, and our researchers have all lost internet privileges here at work trying to Google for answers. Protip: don't Google stuff about Swingers and Sponge Bob at work.