Mental Health and Wellness: There are people to listen and help! #Talk #Listen

Mental health is important. It's also important to know that if you're going through something, there are places to get help and people to talk to. So today, if you're struggling with sadness, depression, anxiety, or any mental health issue, here are some places where you can get help today: *Please Share this with someone who might need the info.

- If this is a mental health emergency call 911
- Atlantic Wellness Community Centre: 506-382-0298 or CLICK HERE
- Chimo: 1-800-667-5005 in NB or Click
- Kids' Help Line: 1-800-668-6868 or Click
- Tele-care: 811
- CLICK HERE for a list of NB phone numbers to get Mental Health help
- CLICK HERE for a list of links to Horizon Health Mental Wellness Resources  
- For a big list of local churches click HERE
- Resources for ANYWHERE in Canada HERE
- click or call 211

New for February of 2023:
- YMCA of Moncton has a new program called Y Mind. It's a free anxiety support program for people from age 13 to 30. It's meant to help you cope with anxiety and everyday stress.
This starts up in February and will happen on Tuesday and Thursday.
There's a Y Mind info session at YMCA Vaughan Harvey on January 26th at 6:30p.
More info?