Radio Show Notes: Thurs July 4 2024

🌞⛅ A mix of sun and clouds. a bit Windy. High 27. Humidex 31. 
Firepit Index: currently a burn ban across all of NB
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CBC reporting on a possible strike involving Provincial Park employees...  more than two thousand public sector workers- including trades workers and park staff- could strike some time this month...  the union is seeking higher wages... the union includes workers at the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, also the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture.
Nursing Home Waiting List Woes... the list of people waiting to get into a nursing home in NB is the highest it's been in years... more than a thousand people... and ~ half of those folks are waiting in hospital.
Atlantic Nationals car show is on through this weekend ... some street closures downtown...
  • From 1p today (Thursday, July 4) til 3a on Saturday (July 6): 
    • Full closure of Main Street from Mechanic Street to Downing Street
  • From 6a Friday (July 5) to 3a on Saturday(July 6): 
    • Full closure of Main Street from Mechanic Street to Lutz Street with a detour on Foundry St. 
    • Full closure of Westmorland Street from Main Street to just past the entrance of the Moncton Market. 
    • Full closure of Botsford Street from Main Street to Queen Street. 
    • Full closure of Downing Street from Main Street to Assomption Boulevard. 
  • From 2p on Saturday (July 6) to 1a on Sunday(July 7): 
    • A full closure of Canada Street from Main Street to entrance of Indigo Parking Lot "

Atlantic Nationals street closures map

The Killam Drive roundabout is completely closed between 7a and 7p until Friday (July 5) while they do paving. You will be detoured. This'll impact you traveling in a lot of different directions (Killam Drive/ Purdy Avenue/ Collishaw Street/ and Russ Howard Drive).
Pretty big winner yesterday in the Food Depot 50/50: "CONGRATULATIONS Paul Bourgeois, WHO WINS $184,233.00" ... draws happen Wednesdays at 1p and support our food bank system. 

Feel Good Story... 
"July 5, 2024 2:30pm
Dear postal worker,
At our summer camp we made Postcards and one person sent one to their grandma without a Stamp. If you find it, can you Please return it to the MacPhee Center (across the Street) or use the Stamp on the back of this page? We would really appreciate it. Thank you so much!
The MacPhee Center for Creative Learning."

"Found it and stamped it!

- 6am hour... Irving Gas Card Text Topic: What DOES the fox say? Your answers included "Ding ding ding pow pow pow" ... this inspired by the pride of NB, the World's  Largest Silver Fox in Salisbury... 
- 7am hour... Atlantic Nationals Passes to be won!! If you had the power of invisibility what would you do? Many of you had grand plans of a life of crime. 
- Should I get Netflix again to watch the new Beverly Hills Cop movie? If I don't, who's gonna explain to my kids, in detail, how every joke is funny!?

- 8am hour... The Mothers Polishes and Waxes Classic Car Tune of the Day... 
in this series of classic car tunes we're exploring a classic track from the age of yesteryear, where fast cars and hot rods were racin' the back roads... but not everyone was driving fast and reckless... we're spotlighting some of the safer songs of the era... like this one about a car race that culminates in pulling over and letting cooler heads prevail.  ;) ...
👀 Tomorrow we give away a prize valued at $15000! (after 8:30a.) listen link