Bear Watch 2024: Be Vigilant. Never Give them High Fives.

We've said it before, this time of year belongs to the bears. Our parks, yards, even our front steps belong to the bears. 

- Update from Town of Riverview Facebook...
"We have received our first report of a bear sighting for the spring 🐻
A bear cub was spotted on the Dobson Trail last night by the firepit - and where there are babies, we know the mama is nearby. As bears and other wildlife become more visible over the warmer months, please stay vigilant and do not approach."

- Here's what Moncton posted on Facebook last year ...
"⚠️ Notice: The City has been advised of a bear sighting in Mapleton Park. City staff have installed signs at the entrances of the trails. Should you be going to Mapleton Park, avoid approaching the bear if seen and please report the sighting to our dispatch line: 506-859-2643."

- Here's what Dieppe posted on Facebook last year ...
"A bear has been spotted in several places in the municipality. 🐻 The black bear is generally shy and usually avoids humans, however, he will enjoy any food available to him. A reminder to avoid leaving trash or food out if possible. Details:"
- Noteworthy: we have a complicated relationship with bears...
Once Scotty posed with a bear and a bike for the newspaper

and the time we designed a live bear themed parade float

Tips from the Gov on how to avoid bear encounters include:
- Reduce garbage odor/ Rinse bins regularly and use lime or baking soda.
- Keep meat scraps in your freezer until garbage pickup day.
- Remove bird feeders, or at least take them in at night.
- Keep barbecue grills and picnic tables clean.
- If a bear comes in a yard, do not panic. Do not approach the bear or shoot it. Do not allow any pet dogs to go outside.
- Most bears fear people and will leave when they see you, however, if a bear woofs, snaps its jaws, slaps the ground or brush, or bluff charges, then you are too close. If you find yourself in this situation, back away slowly, go inside and wait for the bear to leave."