What a Weird Week Podcast Friday, March 31st 2023: Giant Gold Nuggets and Swimming Pool Spiders!


This week's top ten of weird includes the longest bar in the world and the longest charcuterie board!
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Here are the show notes for Fri Mar 31st 2023 / Season 4 Episode 27 ...

❿Headline: I say As You Get Older, Start Breaking Old People World Records because there are a bunch to be had!
- Colorado man is oldest person to cross the Grand Canyon.
- the guy is 91 years old.
- it's around 24 miles to hike from one edge of the Grand Canyon down through to the other edge.
- took 5 days.
- Did I mention he was 91? Because he was 91!
Link/media: (https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2023/03/24/Guinness-World-Records-oldest-person-cross-Grand-Canyon/4351679681602/)
❾Headline: how many drinks can the longest bar in the world hold?
- distillery in Tennessee broke the record for the longest bar in the world.
- it's 518 feet long.
- The Humble Baron whiskey distillery in Shelbyville beat the old world record by more than a 100 feet!
- so if you lined up shot glasses on that bar you could fit more than 3000 along that bar... 
- if you don't have a chance to watch the video, it's not one long straight bar, it's a long and winding bar with a bunch of twists and turns.
Link/media: (https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2023/03/24/Guinness-World-Records-longest-bar/6761679670060/
❽Headline: How fast is world record fast when it comes to solving those cubes?
- A 9 year old kid from China broke a Guinness World Record for fast Rubik's Cubetology©
- he solved the cube a bunch of times and then they took the average... which was 4.69 seconds.
- the video is fascinating... if you don't have a chance to watch... they let you look at the unsolved cube for like ten seconds or something, I guess so that you can solve it in your head... then you put your hands down and it's on your mark, get set, go! and less than 5 seconds later... done!!
- imagine having a kid and buying them this fun toy to keep them busy... and they're done it in 5 seconds. "You're done the cube already? What about your homework? Done. Go rebuild the motor in the Chevette." *suggested parenting. Results may vary.
Link/media: (https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2023/03/23/Guinness-World-Records-speedcuber-Rubiks-Cube-average-time/3691679593102/)
❼Headline: very large Cake Ball sets world record... also, what is a cake ball?
- Cake Ball? I was shocked to learn about a dessert that I had never heard of before.
- Cake Balls are what I would call Cake Pops.
- Scooter's Coffee, a chain out of Nebraska has made an enormous ball of cake that weighs 848 pounds!
- That's the biggest Cake Ball in the known universe.
Link/media: (https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2023/03/23/Guinness-World-Records-largest-cake-ball/9861679585282/)
I live in Tim Horton's country and never heard of Scooter's Coffee before but I gotta say, they are kind of hilarious...
❻Headline: Followup to the book thief story...
- we talked about this crime when the story first broke... this person was conning famous authors to get manuscripts of books that weren't published yet...
- a 30 year old fellow has been sentenced to time served after pleading guilty to one count of wire fraud.
- None of these manuscripts were leaked or sold on the dark web or anything like that...
- over a thousand manuscripts were involved in this scheme... the guy just liked reading these manuscripts before anyone else and got a charge out of this weird, not-for-profit con...
- But how did he do it?? He just pretended to be some kind of publishing bi wig, and apparently if you know the right words and who to email, they'll send you those bestsellers.
Link/media: (https://apnews.com/article/book-thief-filippo-bernardini-sentenced-9d45586dedaad6133a683dcdba09c960)
❺Headline: The Secret Bathroom!
- A British lady was renovating her bathroom and while investigating a leaky shower, discovered a whole other shower behind her present shower...
- there's a second shower with a tiled wall and even a mirror back there?
- who did that? Who decided that, instead of replacing the existing shower, they would just put a new wall up and start again with a whole new shower? That's weird, right?
Link/media: (https://www.newsweek.com/shock-woman-uncovers-tiled-shower-behind-leaking-bathroom-1790800)
@theottohouse This house has so many layers 😂 #houserenovation #housereno #renovation #bathroom #renovationnightmare #fyppppp #viralvideo #interiortiktok #renotiktokers #funnymoments ♬ original sound - The Otto House
❹Headline: How Big is the Biggest Charcuterie Board in the World?
- kids from a high school in California broke the world record for a charcuterie board that's over 204 feet long!
- that's a lot of salted meats and cheese you guys.
- They used recycled gym bleachers to make it.
- It had over 500 pounds of meats and cheese and also nuts, dried fruits, olives and other foods.
Link/media: (https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2023/03/28/Guinness-World-Records-longest-charcuterie-board/8271680021070/)
❸Headline: You know the Woolly Mammoth? Now you can eat Woolly Mammoth meat meatballs...  
- icymi (this story was in a lot of newscasts this week) they have grown Woolly Mammoth meat in a lab and they made a meatball out of it...
- a Mastodon Meatball you guys! You can't buy these meatballs yet, it's more of a proof of concept for lab-grown meats.
- we've heard of lab-grown meat before, but did you ever think we might someday be able to eat extinct meat? Dinosaur meat can't be that far off you guys.
- will this solve world hunger? or will it be something for rich people to do (eating T-Rex burgers or something.)
Link/media: (https://apnews.com/article/mammoth-meatball-cultivated-meat-agriculture-sustainability-30e0731838f52cc18fb22d1faee1f8ce
❷Headline: Another week, another ping pong ball world record attempt... and this one has me furious... 
- Elite athletes, you guys. They can break world records that the rest of us weirdos could never do.
- That's why I'm so enraged at these Harlem Globetrotters. They could've broken any basketball-related world record in the book, but instead they broke the Guinness World Record for beer pong, essentially.
- "fastest time to bounce a Ping-Pong ball into 5 cups." is the official name.
- Come on, Harlem Globetrotters.. leave the beer pong record attempts to us non-famous, barely able to walk up the stairs, normal folks.
Link/media: (https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2023/03/29/Guinness-World-Records-Harlem-Globetrotters-ping-pong-balls/3551680102494/)
🏆Headline: Nightmare Alert... spiders!
- Hannah Osborne writing for Live Science gets the headline-of-the-week award for this one... "Deadly spiders that can kill in minutes and survive underwater are hiding out in swimming pools".
- In Australia, people are finding scary and dangerous spiders in their swimming pools...
- this is weather-related (because of heavy rain washing the spiders into pools).
- I'm gonna pass on the pool party tfn.
Link/media: (https://www.livescience.com/deadly-spiders-that-can-kill-in-minutes-and-survive-underwater-are-hiding-out-in-swimming-pools)
actual size. jk. actual spider is bigger.

❶Headline: Gold Nuggets are still a thing you can find and strike it rich!
- an amateur gold-finding digger-upper in Australia found a great big nugget worth $240,000 Australian dollars.
- Found in an area known as the Golden Triangle.
- rock weighed around 10 pounds, gold was around 5 and a half pounds of that.
- I realize I have no idea how much gold is worth because I would've thought that 5 pounds of gold would be worth a kazillion dollars.
Link: (https://www.cnn.com/style/article/gold-nugget-huge-australia-intl-scli/index.html)


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