Pi Day 2023: Math is Hard?? Celebrate with delicious pie! *UPDATE: New Installment of Pie Memories with Gib Gibberson

Pi Day on March 14th is supposed to celebrate the number you get when you divide 22 by 7 (3.14).

Maybe you mathemagicians will get a charge out of fun mathy mathness today; as for me, I will be eating delicious pie on Pi Day.   
Last year we shared these pie stories on Pi Day and if they don't make you want to eat pie, well, congratulations! you're a psychopath!!
- Largest Cherry Pie in the World was baked in BC!
The BC Cherry Pie World Record was 17 tonnes!

"A lemon meringue pie weighing 1.3 tonnes (2,866 lb) was made by 20 students from Clarendon College, Nottingham, UK, on 4 June 1998."