Happy Cereal Day March 7, 2023: The Incredibly Successful Cereal that You've Never Tried!

Today on the radio show we celebrated Cereal Day with your votes on the best cereal of all time.
We also asked you if the fact that Taylor Swift likes Cinnamon Toast Crunch makes her some kind of psychopath. It turns out that the science isn't as clear as I thought on that. We put a pin in the subject, but plan to do some research of our own. We work with a bunch of psychopaths, so it shouldn't be too hard to prove once-and-for-all what type of cereal the psychopaths choose. To be continued.

This cereal timeline is pretty fantastic (via https://nationaltoday.com/national-cereal-day/).

But, like, What's the BEST cereal? Your votes later, but for now here are the top-selling cereals in the USA and how much money they bring in per year (hard to find Canadian stats on this, so we went with US stats.) Also, are there any of these best-sellers that you haven't tried? How is it possible that we haven't tried every one of these if they're top-sellers? That freaked my bean a little bit...
1 Cheerios: $435.9 million/year
2 Honey Nut Cheerios: $421.7 million/year
3 Frosted Flakes: $412.6 million/year
4 Honey Bunches of Oats: $375.2 million/year
5 Cinnamon Toast Crunch: $344.3 million/year
6 Lucky Charms: $283.4 million/year
7 Froot Loops: $269.1 million/year
8 Frosted Mini Wheats: $241.9 million/year
9 Life: $177.5 million/year
10 Fruity Pebbles: $172.3 million/year
These cereal fails are pretty interesting... *may contain swears*
... and what about the time they spent millions to market this cereal-and-milk travelin' pack? This one should have been the greatest cereal invention of all time! (via https://www.businessinsider.com/food-failures-2012-1#kelloggs-breakfast-mates-6)
What we noticed by your texts: 
- Most Popular Overall based on your votes was a toss-up between Honey Combs, Froot Loops, or Lucky Charms.
- Most Popular "Healthy" cereal based on your texts was Vector.
- Best New Cereal as voted by you is the Tim Hortons Apple Fritter Cereal.
- Most Popular Old-school Award went to Fluffs or some variation of the 'No Sugar Added' puffed type of cereal.
- Strangely Absent from your Votes was Golden Grahams, Rice Crispies, and Corn Pops. Hardly anybody voted for these and we were surprised.

Thanks for texting in on Cereal Day! More Lasso Montreal Weekend Passes to be won tomorrow! Tune in at (bit.ly/listentoscottyandtony)