What a Weird Week for Fri May 13th 2022: Chainsaws on Chins and enormous (way enormous!) bottles of booze

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Thanks for checking out What a Weird Week, the Top Ten Weird Things from this  week's news. This is episode 3.33
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Here's the Top Ten... 

❿ Man continues to shine a light on education with chainsaws on his face...
Actually just one chainsaw... David Rush is on a mission to break world records until the Guinness World Record People put out a book that's just him... a Guinness Book of David Rush Records *citation needed*
He began the world record journey because he wanted to promote STEM education (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) ... so THAT's why he balanced a chainsaw on his chin... "furthest distance walked balancing a chainsaw on the chin"...

❾ Passenger with zero knowledge about flying a plane landed it safely with a quick tutorial from an air traffic controller...
- pilot slumped over on the controls sending the plane into a nosedive and sharp turn.
- "I've got a serious situation here. My pilot has gone incoherent. I have no idea how to fly the aeroplane."
- air traffic controller also happens to be a flight instructor.
- the passenger landed the plane safely at Palm Beach airport, the pilot is now being treated in hospital.


❽ California couple returns home to find that hundreds of birds are now living in their home...
- the lesson here is "NEVER LEAVE YOUR HOME for more than 30 minutes OR NATURE MAY CLAIM IT!"
- They think the birds got in through the chimney
We talked about it on the radio show this week...

❼ KFC in Singapore has come out with a fried chicken taco containing Mac and Cheese.
- it's called a Mac-n-Cheese Kentaco
- a bunch of Mac and Cheese wrapped by chicken
- that's all our editorial team needed to know
❻ Rabbit gets into Walmart and has a feast in the garden section...
- happened in Colorado
- the video started showing up in my feed last week
- rabbit will be fined $180 and ordered to pay three dollars restitution
- rabbit will have to wear an ankle monitor for the next 6 months
menace to society

❺ Science has finally cracked it you guys... how to use science to flirt with someone!!
- scientists are researching the most effective ways to flirt
- study involved almost a thousand men and women in either Norway or the USA
- they found that the most effective thing to do while flirting is use humour.
There's more science/ romance stuff in the article... they should call it SciMance right? 
Story HERE
❹ Andy Warhol painting breaks a record...
- This story got reported a lot
- painting is of Marilyn Monroe's face
- I don't know art...it looks like one of the photoshop filters a lil bit
- the Record part is that it got auctioned off for $195m so it's the most expensive piece of 20th century art ever!
- that's pretty good considering that the 20th century also gave us the Where's Waldo (or Wally in the UK) series of artworks in book form... Warhol had a lot of competition is what I'm saying.
story HERE

❸ Update on the methane-from-cows situation: you can see it from space now...
- now they can monitor cow gas using satellites 
- cow gas is a problem we need to solve to curtail global warming
- in 2019, the EPA estimated that nearly 27 percent of methane emissions came from... burping cows
- it's not all terrible news... now that they can measure cow gas accurately they can get to work on fixing the problem... they have a few ideas but my fave is: Capture the gas and use it for energy... once they get good at harnessing cow gas, we'll have cow burping competitions at livestock shows! *citation needed

❷ Science knows why teenagers don't listen to their mom?!
- brain changes at around age 13 make Mom's voice seem less important and easier to tune out
- so blame nature, teenagers... it's not your fault!?
- they think it's the brain developing a teenager's social skills so that more voices can be appreciated, mking mom's voice less of a priority
That's my take, but read the article HERE

Honorable Mentions:
- thanks for sending this one to me!
- Mexican Pizza: The Musical is coming to TikTok on May 26 at 8:00p Eastern
- Taco Bell says it's because of the overwhelming response they received when they discontinued Mexican Pizza... sort of like "Wow, it's so popular,, there should be a Musical written about it!"
- Mexican Pizza is coming back on May 19th*
*I live in a town with one Taco Bell and they never had Mexican Pizza?! 

Honorable Mentions:
- researchers fed them to mice
- No, I didn't know what Sea Squirts are
- Yes, it's fun to say "Sea Squirts"
- article title is "Eating sea squirts reverses signs of cognitive decline and aging"
- Sea Squirts are sea animals "that often look like potato tubes" 
- Eat them raw or cooked
- often are part of Korean and Japanese cuisine
- I always knew that something I never heard of would save me some day!

Honorable Mentions:
Sunday night/ Monday morning is the Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Spectacular...
- with special guest, the actual sky! 

Honorable Mentions:
They did not find a paved road to Atlantis in the Pacific Ocean...

❶ Big Bottle of Booze in the News!
- the biggest bottle of Scotch in the world is a bottle that's as tall as your average Canadian... 5 foot 11"
- volume-wise it's 311 liters of 32 year-old Macallan Scotch 
- a normal bottle of that kind of Scotch sells for around £3,000... this giant bottle is like 444 bottles!
- It's going to auction on May 25th and they think it'll go for the most money ever - the most expensive bottle of Scotch
- They call this gargantuan bottle of booze "The Intrepid"
story HERE