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Photo: Our Office Costume Contest Entry...

Some Sandy Photos:

Carrie Underwood to play Harbour Station

Here's the Hurricane on Google Maps...

Tracking Hurricane Sandy:

Halloween links

SPCA Halloween Fun Fundraiser info:

Boo at the Zoo info:

Halloween Facepaint Recall Info:

Enormous, Mutant, Frankenapple©: Day 2

Kill time, carve a virtual pumpkin

Thanks for donating!

Our interview with Sophie from The Bachelor Canada

Saturday: Operation feed hungry people:

the view from our lunchroom

Friday stop-motion

Price of Ga$ Got Better Today

Bottle Drive info- Lower Coverdale School on Saturday

HTHS Trojan Trek is Today

Contest Winner Blows Winnings on Delicious Bacon

Now that we know that midday host Handsome Paul Thomas is going to be fine...