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❿ Please check your cookies for a diamond...
The lady who lost her diamond in cookie dough. And now they're asking that you check your cookie dough and be careful eating your cookie dough. This happened in Kansas. This poor lady lost a diamond off her wedding ring. It's worth about four grand. Figures it is either in the chocolate chip cookies that went out last Friday, or in the sugar cookies, or peanut butter cookies. So be careful eating those cookies. We link to the story and also to the Facebook post from SIS's Sweets Cookies and Cafe. It was on their Facebook where they made the announcement (be careful eating cookies may contain diamonds.) 

❾  Beard World Records and Facial Hair World Records were acknowledged this past week by the Guinness World Records folks. These were all set during the National Beard and Mustache Championships late last year. Just being acknowledged now and officially written up by the Guinness World Records folks over on their website. One of the records was Longest Beard Chain. This is where you stand side by side with some other beardos. And you divide your beard into two. Left side gets attached to the person on your left/ The right side of your beard gets attached to the person on your right. And you twist those beards together or maybe there's some sort of beard scrunchie involved sometimes? Anyway, you just form a chain out of those magnificent beards. And the new world record is... 195 feet and something of beards. They did a similar thing with mustaches. The longest mustache chain. 20 feet and something. To participate, your mustache or beard has to be qualifying / has to be a certain length and then of course it has to be robust in order to withstand all of the fastening to other people's beards... and I would say another skill is you have to be able to stand still because you gotta wait while everybody's beard gets attached.If somebody starts to wiggle & a jiggle, well, you're gonna come undone. And that's the end of that world record.
@guinnessworldrecords Longest beard chain πŸ§”πŸ»‍♂️⛓️ 150 ft 10.75 in (45.99 m) by US National Beard and Moustache Championships πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #beard #beardstyle #beardsoftiktok #facialhair #guinnessworldrecords ♬ HANDEL - ARRIVAL OF THE QUEEN OF SHEBA - Steven Openshaw

Next.. a Super Dangerous World Record involving a Lawnmower in the news! and one involving an Australian pumpkin... 
The Top Ten Weird News Stories of the Week: this is What a Weird Week.
❽  David Record Breaker Rush/ The fellow who wants to break all the world records. I believe that's official now that he just wants to break all of the world records and every week he's trying to break world records and he's going to get there you guys because he is determined and he seems like a good fellow. He uses the world record attempts to shine a light on education and especially STEM education. This one, you know, a lot of times it's a world record where I'll say, hey, try it this weekend. But This one, don't try it this weekend. The longest time for a lawnmower, which is running, to be balanced on your chin. That was the world record he set.
Nine minutes and 17 seconds of balancing this electric mower on his chin... nine minutes and change! What an insanely dangerous world record attempt. Congratulations once again to Record Breaker Rush.

❼  I like this headline a lot. Bloke's baffling act in New South Wales River. A world first.
They believe this fellow has a world record, the fellow who got into a pumpkin and started paddling that pumpkin.
First of all, it's the biggest pumpkin grown in Australia. 407 kilograms, so what's that, 800 and something pounds.
He hollowed it out, got inside and paddled it. Now this is something we've seen in the United States. And it, when I saw the story, I was like, of course, it is now autumn in Australia. It's pumpkin season in Australia now, as we come into almost summer, they're coming into sweet, sweet pumpkin spice season.
So that's kind of the whole story. He is the first person to ever think to do it or go on record as doing it. And it's a wonderful pumpkin paddling story.

Next... Goosenapped Geese Update and When is the Most Stressful Time of Day?
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❻  From San Antonio News, this one is chock full of puns like, oh, wild goose chase and birds of a feather and... She flocked off. I don't know if that one is in there. Actually, that one's not in there. Maybe too risque for the... San Antonio News... This story began last weekend when a lady's photo was posted online. She was absconding with some geese from a park. Someone snapped her picture. Where are you going with those geese? Where I live, we have the Canada goose and they're all over the place and they're not nice. They're very unfriendly. People think they're majestic, but they're somewhat evil. I don't know if that's what's going on here. I don't think you could pick up a Canada goose. It would probably knock you out with all the pecking and, you know... attempt to murder you maybe. Anyway, this, uh, this lady's photo was posted. The police were called. They were able to investigate. Oh, another pun, fowl play. They're investigating fowl play. This lady apparently just wanted the geese or wanted to be close to the geese. I'm not sure what motivates you to do a goose napping. Maybe she thought she was rescuing the geese? They were able to track the lady down. The geese were unharmed. No criminal charges. Partly because maybe a technicality, I don't know, the geese are domestic. So if they were migratory birds, there would be some federal laws that might kick in. Could have been more trouble for the person. Anyway, that's the goose napping story. 
❺ What's the most stressful time of day? This is from our friends at Study Finds. Just to cut to the chase, it's 8.15 in the morning... 8:16am is the most stressful time of the day, according to a survey as posted in Study Finds. Survey was of 2,000 British adults. heck, 51% of respondents feel often overwhelmed after getting out of bed. Right!?
I thought it was just me, you guys. But why so stressed? It's all the usual stuff. Getting the kids ready for school... you know, this is when you lose your keys or the toast burns... all that stuff. What am I going to wear? I've got that thing at work. Where are my lucky underpants? All of those stresses. And when they crunch the numbers, 8:15 in the morning!
In the article, they talk about ways to be less stressed out... It's all the stuff you'd think of though. I want some magic cure like, um... destroy all your clocks, you'll feel better. But no, it's... be prepared the night before, prepare for your next day. Have a routine. Get up early. All the usual. Still... next time you're stressed at 8.15a you can be like, Hey, I'm not alone... and then shake your fist at the sky.  

Next... Prank or Criminal Behavior? and Woman accused of fake dentisty...
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❹ This one is a prank or criminal behavior... at first it seems like a prank but, I mean this student got in trouble. This happened to a Baldwinsville, New York high school student. According to the story... this is all alleged... Fox 8 news published the story and it seems like they have limited information on it maybe? because they say things like "reportedly this high school student has been arrested" ... what they allegedly did was send a fax pretending to be the principal of the high school... and the content of the fax was, the principal was resigning... so the student tried to make it look like the principal resigned as principal... the alleged prankster was a 17 year old student from Charles W Baker High School. If you're like me and it sounds like 'just a prank' ... there is something else... it was a bit elaborate... Allegedly the student had some fake school email accounts. Trying to get some personal details... good old-fashioned phishing... But the school, God bless the school, they figured out these emails seemed shady... So that didn't pan out and then... you know, if nobody's going to answer your emails, send a fax. That's what this student did, allegedly... and that is criminal impersonation...

❸ Woman accused of allegedly posing as a dentist and not really being one...
Story out of Illinois... according to the article, this lady who has allegedly pretended to be a dental expert... has also gotten in trouble for doing the same thing in Las Vegas... seeing patients,  giving them veneers, advertising on social media about their veneer business... Apparently it was all a scam. It was not good dentistry being done. She had a pretty great slogan, actually... "Changing lives one smile at a time." That's pretty good, right? This lady allegedly went through the motions of putting on the braces and then the patient called back like, "oh, this is painful. I'm having trouble." I mean, how would you know if you've never had braces before and someone's working on your teeth? You wouldn't know what's going on in there. You would just assume you got a legit dentist working on the teeth in there. They had such a good slogan! Anyway, when a patient called back to complain,the phone was disconnected at the dentist office.
It seems like an awful lot of work to do for a scam. You know? There are easier scams than actually going through the work of putting in braces, right?

Next...the Loch Ness Monster is in the news...
We're almost to the number one weird story of the week... this is the What a Weird Week Show.
❷ From Sky News, NASA is being urged to help find the Loch Ness Monster.
The request coming from the Loch Ness Center. They're urging NASA to help them out with a new hunt for the Loch Ness Monster that will be happening this summer.
There was a big search last year where they apparently heard some strange noises in Loch Ness. That's all the evidence I need, you guys! Strange noises! Come on! That's some sort of... Sea serpent. Loch serpent. So how they are getting NASA's attention... ??? it's not a formal request. They're just trying to spread the word on social media and hoping that NASA will be like, "Well, we're a TikTok trend, we better go ahead and help this Sea Serpent Search!" Click the article in our show notes, true believers!

πŸ… This is your honorable mention... I don't follow the NBA too much, but I love this story. The chicken promotion. The Houston Rockets in town to the LA Clippers the other night. This is their last regular season game. And they have this thing, the LA Clippers, where if the opponent misses two free throws in a row, you get free chicken. And so the center for the Houston Rockets, I can't pronounce his name. It's late fourth quarter. Season Finale. The center for the Houston Rockets is on the free throw line and he misses the first and then... I don't know if he knew the whole time, like, hey, if I miss this one people are getting chicken. It seems apparent that he blew at least the second shot. He blew it on purpose, knowing that everybody would get delicious chicken. It's pretty funny. He's a man of the people! I love that. What a great call. He's a man of the people, alright. Everybody left with delicious chicken!

Next...number one... the Reverse Art Thief!
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❶ Okay, from the Smithsonian Mag website, this is their headline, "Employee quietly sneaks his own painting onto the walls of a German museum." So you think you're going to be, this could be your big break, right? This is a fella in his fifties. He's an art enthusiast. It's part of the maintenance team at this German museum. One of his jobs is to put paintings on the wall... so he put one of his own paintings on the wall... I mean, even if it was just a prank, like, "Hey, look, this one's mine. I did this. Isn't that hilarious?" That alone is a work of art. You know what I mean? That prank alone would be a work of art. But this article kind of says that the fellow was serious... it wasn't a joke... he thought it would be his big break... is how the article reads...  He was hoping to be discovered. Anyway, it didn't work out great for this fellow. He got fired. And he might go to prison. He might go to prison for doing this!
This is a museum in Germany that has Picassos and works by Andy Warhol... They think he did about $100 damage, give or take, to the place. Because he drilled a hole in the wall... so he got fired and then they contacted the authorities and now there's an investigation for property damage... And they say you can get two years in prison for that. Would a judge really throw this artist in jail? Good lord!
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