*Update* "What Time is it" Trends on Google* Time Change Weekend Fall 2023: Nov 5th #FallBack #ExtraHourOfSleep #CheckSmokeDetector

Clocks Fall Back One Hour on Sunday! Daylight Saving Time will end at 2:00a on Sunday, November 5, 2023.
It's a great time to remember to put new batteries in your smoke detectors. Then put the old batteries in a tube sock and carry them around for self-defense. Or recycle them.   

BTW, We're still waiting to see if Time Change will go away forever. Some Provinces have already voted to get rid of Spring Forward/ Fall Back. Ontario wants to end the time change but can't do much until Quebec and New York State come on-board. We all need to be in on Time Change or it kinda doesn't work. #WaitToSee
Depicted: Autumn Time Change. Why does the clock have a human bed?
I am re-blogging some of these Time Change Factoids. I have vowed to continue my amateur research into time until we finally crack time travel! (or until I fall asleep).
I have found that the more you look into time-change, the more complicated it gets.
Every year I end up covering the same things...  Time Change is terrible... Time Change is brilliant... Time Change is both... Here come the links...
- There are stats about heart attacks, traffic accidents, energy consumption, and Ultracranky coworkers (not you, everyone else.)
- The time change might conserve energy, or it might not (depends on what study you look at).
- SOME studies say car accidents go up after the time change because our concentration gets all messed up, but another study showed that more daylight resulted in better driving outcomes.
- The time change also helps the golf industry make more cash.
- Also, we're all used to doing it, so it might be hard to adjust to never changing the clocks again.
- Has anyone asked the the team in charge of Big Ben how they feel?
Time Change is complicated. Even when we move clocks back an hour, it might still screw us up and be bad for our health and/or safety. Yes, we get more sleep, but it's darker sooner at night and the whole thing is stressful... and who likes stress? (correct answer is no one. No one likes stress.) 
How to deal with messed-up sleep patterns:
😠 Issue: Crankiness.
Solution: Just go with Cranky as your new normal. Maybe you used to be Happy-Go-Lucky... well, it's somebody else's turn to be nice now. Send an email to all your contacts explaining that you have chosen to become a jerk, and that people should "deal with it." and that they "need to calm down, Nancy."
Problem solved. (Fact: People love it when you tell them they need to calm down.)

😫 Issue: tiredness.
Solution: Get a pair of glasses with eyes painted on the lens. Wear them to the staff meeting and people will think you're super-alert... but really you're dreaming of kittens.

💔 Issue: increased risk of heart attack.
Solution: handcuff yourself to a cardiologist.

🚗 Issue: Traffic Accidents.
Solution: buy an Electromagnetic Pulse Device on the Dark Web and crank it up to 11. This will disable all the vehicles around you, rendering them harmless. Note: does not work on horses. It would suck to go to all the trouble of disabling every car for a hundred miles, then get run over by a horse. Don't get cocky.
Here are some other (better-researched) ways to counteract your lousy stinkin' time change mood...
- Force Yourself to Smile... (it can trick your brain into being happy)
- Stand up straight (you had it right, mom)
- Force Yourself to Make Small Talk (Pro Tip: if you're terrible at small talk like me, bring a microscope to work and carry it around all day. When people are like "what's the deal with the microscope?" You can say it's for small talk. It's a terrible Dad Joke, but the commitment is pretty hilarious.)
- Put your hands up (like you're gonna be arrested?! 30 seconds of that and you're less stressed somehow)
-Do a good deed!
⏰ Some Daylight Saving history...
I thought it was a Ben Franklin idea... but it might've just been a Ben Franklin sense-of-humor joke... 
a guy in New Zealand also thought about Daylight Saving in 1895... then the great great grandfather of the lead singer of Coldplay had Daylight Saving ideas too. Then Coldplay had that "Clocks" song!? There are no coincidences!!