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Skywatcher Alert: Total Lunar Eclipse 6:59a Nov 8th 2022 (or catch the next one in 2025) *update: you might see some fireballs

Early on the morning of Tuesday, November 8, 2022 it's the last total lunar eclipse of the year! You remember Total Lunar Eclipses... that's where Zombie AND werewolf activity has a significant increase*(
It's ALSO where the Sun, Earth and Moon line up for your viewing pleasure. Here on the East Coast we get a great view! (unless it's cloudy). The greatest eclipse will happen at 6:59a on Nov 8th.

*While all the lunar eclipse stuff is happening, it's also time for the Taurid Meteor Showers...
    "best observing time is before the full moon arrives on November 8. But, if you’re out on the morning of November 8 watching the total lunar eclipse, you might get lucky and spot some Taurid fireballs as well... If observing during the evening hours, look eastward. Those viewing after 2 a.m. should face west. If the moon is in the sky, keep it out of your field of view to avoid ruining your night vision." (via

🌕 Be sure to know what you're looking for... it's a Total Eclipse of the Moon, NOT a Total Eclipse of the Heart...
🌕 Next lunar eclipse will only be a lousy stinkin' partial eclipse and happens October 28, 2023... next TOTAL eclipse that we'll be able to see is on March 14, 2025.
🌕 This is safe to view with your eyes, there is no need for welder's goggles, Ray Ban sunglasses, 3D glasses from Cineplex, Minion Goggles from Spirit Halloween, or X-Ray Specs from CERN (we all know that CERN has those things, right?)
🌕 This full moon is known as the Beaver Moon which I like to shorten to BM... as in "Hey! Look at that BM!"
🌕 From start to finish this eclipse will take three hours and forty minutes-ish.
🌕 ICYMI, Here's how it should go (Eclipse Times are in Atlantic Time):
- 5:09a Partial umbral eclipse begins... Moon enters the earth’s shadow.
- 6:16a Total lunar eclipse begins... Moon turns dark orange or red.
- 6:59a Greatest eclipse... the eclipse moon begins to set in the west... total lunar eclipse ends... partial umbral eclipse ends...
- 7:10a Sunrise
🌕 Most of this info is via Gary Boyle ( including this explainer "A total lunar eclipse when the sun, Earth and moon are aligned, with Earth in the middle. Earth’s shadow falls on the moon."

*If you happen to spot a Secret Moon Base, report it to Scotty's Secret Moon Base Hotline at 506-431-3136 (long distance charges may apply) (I never answer this line)
*supplied by NASA

icymi, these posts got clicked a lot last month

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