Bookstravaganza 2022 is Oct 14, 15, 16 at Moncton Coliseum #LaubachLiteracy

Bookstravaganza is a Big Ol' Book Sale. 
Bookstravaganza is a book sale on steroids. 
Bookstravaganza is a book sale turned up to 11. 
dramatic re-creation. results may vary

You get good deals and Laubach Literacy gets money to help people! 
Bookstravaganza happens at Moncton Coliseum. Hours are:
- Fri Oct 14 5p to 9p
- Sat Oct 15 9a to 4p
- Sun Oct 16 10a to 2p
2nd reminder: While at the sale, keep an eye out for our autobiography, "Derp"...