Little Kid/ Michael Myers mishap video #MichaelMyers #StrangerThings #CuteKids #FallingDownVideos

idk why exactly but everyone online is all jacked up about Michael Myers being in Stranger Things or something. I haven't watched the latest Stranger Things eps because of a Family Embargo©
Family Embargo© is that thing which I just made up where someone in your family tells you to wait and only watch Stranger Things when everyone in the family can watch it together. It's totally not fair and causes a lot of stress in the family. It's like when you start a new job and they withold your first paycheck until you give them your banking information because they'd "prefer to deposit the funds electronically" and they "aren't equip to pay you in buckets of dimes." ... the point is, everybody else is making the rules around here and I can't get paid in dimes for some reason, but whatever ... at some point I will watch Stranger Things and find out why Michael Myers is the talk of the town. Meanwhile, enjoy this video of a little kid in a Myers Mask falling down...