*Updates! CERN, the Large Hadron Collider, and Portals to Other Dimensions* #Portals #Cern #MandelaEffect #TikTok

TL;DR  Will the Large Hadron Collider open a portal to another dimension? No.
*UPDATE! World probably didn't end yesterday. If anything, it ended in 2012... 

People on TikTok and the Youtubes have been posting that when they turn on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN today, it will open a portal. An evil portal. So, why would they go ahead and turn that collider on then? Well, because CERN is evil also. That's the gist. As a True Believer© I feel like I'm supposed to believe that the end is near... but I'm not so sure about this story... I liked it better the first time, when it was called Stranger Things. (burn)
At time of blogging, the LHC has been switched on for a half an hour and so far, I think I feel OK. But I constantly keep checking the news to see if any creatures from the Upside Down have slipped through the CERN Portal to enslave humanity...
for reference
OK, so, maybe it's not an evil portal situation. But CERN doesn't know what they're messing with, right? At the very least they might tear a hole in the space-time continuum...  I'm skeptical of this, but then I read the thoughts of astrophysicist Martin Reese. Spoiler: he has concerns about CERN... um, ConCERNS? He's not Pro-CERN. That guy is an actual scientist... pretty sure he doesn't even have TikTok. 
So we have non-experts on social media saying it's all over for us... then we have an astrophysicist saying "Slow your roll, CERN!" (paraphrase). We ALSO have OTHER SCIENTISTS saying 'that Martin Reese guy is wrong'. idk, you guys.
AND how can we be SURE that the CERNies haven't ripped a hole in the space-time continuum and triggered a new timeline for our reality already? Maybe our memories have been altered! What about that Mandela Effect? That proves something, right? Well... the Mandela Effect is a real thing. It's just that all the evidence we have about the Mandela Effect points to it being a remembering problem, not an altered history problem. So I'm siding with the data on this one. At least until we can Time Travel and see a box of 1970s Froot Loops for ourselves. Oh wait, that one REALLY IS an example of changing product names. My bad.
Final thoughts: stay vigilant just in case. Luckily, us true believers usually have a Go Bag ready. If not, you may want to get one together.