Gutsy Walk 2022: Sunday (June 5) Centennial Park. Register at 11:30a #ChronsandColitisCanada #IBD #GutsyWalk #Moncton

- Gutsy Walk 2022 is Sunday (June 5) at Centennial Park starting at 11:30a.
- Here's the Crohn's and colitis Canada (NB) Facebook Page
- scroll down for more info on Gutsy Walk and ways that you can help.

Here are some photos from the past...

Gutsy Walk is an event where people get pledges then walk/run/wheel around Centennial Park and it supports people living with Crohn's and Colitis/ IBD.
- Event is at Centennial Park in early June each year.
- usually there's a BBQ and fun stuff so even if you're not signed up for the walk you can drop by and maybe make a donation.
- You can DONATE ONLINE too.