Donate Blood in June and you might be able to get out of a speeding ticket! *citation

It's simple: when you donate blood you help to save somebody's mother or father, sister or brother, son or daughter!
From Trish at Canadian Blood Services:
"In Moncton we have 258 open appointments this month! As we head into summer, we really need people to make appointments to ensure we have the lifesaving products patients need across the country."

- This month there are over 250 open appointment slots.
- If you can't go you can still help by spreading the word!!!
- Appointments are still necessary (can't do walk-ins yet) BUT same day appointments are available!!!
- Call 1-888-236-6283
- Click
- Get the free app (iphone) (android).
- Link HERE gives more info.
- Canadian Blood Services is at 500 Mapleton Rd.
Ideas to plus the blood donor clinic experience:
- blood donor idol (blood donors sing the song of their choice and then are judged by industry professionals, someone gets a recording contract valued at $8 million.
- blood donor clinic is also a casino with gambling and a floor show.
- club blood (a new rewards club where you get points every time you donate blood and you can redeem those points for prizes like small stuffed animals and the BIG prize... a black and white TV!!!
- speeding ticket amnesty for blood donors! (donors get to drive over the speed limit without getting a ticket)