Your Chance to Save Lives: Donate Blood this May!

It's simple: when you donate blood you help to save somebody's mother or father, sister or brother, son or daughter!



- This month Canadian Blood Services has over 400 open appointment slots to fill.
- Please give blood and invite a friend.
- Also, Please help us spread the word.
- Appointments are still necessary (can't do walk-ins yet) BUT same day appointments are available!!!
- Call 1-888-236-6283
- Click
- Get the free app (
iphone) (android).
- Link
HERE gives more info.
- Canadian Blood Services is at 
500 Mapleton Rd.

Additional thoughts on donating blood...
- excellent place for arbitration... maybe meet your enemy there, donate blood, and work out your differences! Slogan Idea: "Make Peace/ Give Blood"
- what about meeting your boss there, donate blood, and tell your boss why you deserve a raise? Any boss would be impressed by your initiative. I predict a big raise in your future! (*does not constitute a guarantee on my part. Some bosses are cold fish).
- I've been pitching this Dating App idea where your first date is at the blood donor clinic. Even if the date is awful, at the end of the day you've still saved lives by giving blood. I'm having a hard time finding investors. Silicon Valley is a tough nut to crack you guys. I just need to pitch my idea on a blog post, right? Silicon Valley will see it there, right? Am I doing this wrong??