When the Town cleans the sewer and you have to close the toilet lid... #Riverview #Sewer #Cleaning #2022

The Town of Riverview's sewer cleaning is important. It also means a chance of some sewer water splashback. They want you to be prepared.

*For entertainment purposes only. Do Not Attempt.

Notes/ Questions:
- Really? Yes.
- No, but, really though? Yes.
- No but REALLY? Does water shoot back up through your toilet when they clean the sewer lines? Last year Dave texted us about it and said it can really happen (if you have a faulty or nonexistent backflow valve.)
- OK but what about the part where they recommend closing the toilet lid? Should I also duct-tape it closed? Or put a cinder block on top of it? Definitely try that. *citation needed*
- What if I'm on the toilet when the sewer line team starts doing their thing? That won't be nice for you.
- Is it like getting a free bidet for a day? That would be a #BadBidet