Carrie Underwood at the Stagecoach Festival: she finally got to sing with this superstar... #CarrieUnderwood #Stagecoach


Carrie Underwood had been playing some Vegas shows but if people who showed up at Stagecoach thought they were gonna get the Vegas treatment,they were wrong-o.
Even when the band started playing "Sweet Child O Mine" nobody acted surprised. Carrie loves GNR and has done their songs before. But then she was like "Give it up for Axl Rose!!!"



"Underwood is in-between stints on a residency at Resorts World Las Vegas that took a hiatus after April 2 and returns in May. The Stagecoach show was a substantially different one than what she’s doing in Vegas, and not just because of the bucket-list 10-minute cameo by Rose. Gone, of course, were the aerial rope tricks and getting drench while singing in a waterfall. Added were a lot more fireworks and pyro than the enclosed space of a casino theater could withstand… but also the live premieres of two previously unheard songs, “Denim and Rhinestones” and “Crazy Angels.” Those and the already released “Ghost Story” are teasers for an upcoming album, “Denim and Rhinestones,” that will arrive June 10."

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