*UPDATE May 25th* Summer Job at the Radio Station: better than 27% of the jobs out there. APPLY NOW!

*This is an updated blog post because we still have a Summer position available at the radio station. 
How is this possible? It turns out that nobody wants to work with Paul McGuire because he seems cold and unapproachable. Great news everybody, we've removed any aspect of the job that involves McGuire! This would include picking up his dry cleaning and keeping track of his Orthodontic Retainer. See new job description below.
really a good guy*
*retainer has already been lost. We hope you're happy.

Good things about a Summer job at the radio station:
- looks good on a resume
- gets the parent or legal guardian off your back
- keeps the loan sharks at bay
- pays for that permanent eye shadow tattoo procedure you're saving up for
- makes your friends jealous
- the odds of being bitten by a venomous snake are almost 0%

Bad things about a Summer job at the radio station:
- need a clean driving record (we fought for a Fast and the Furious Summer job scenario but lost)
- need to be 19 or older (we told them to hire babies because everybody loves babies, but they said no)
- have to work some weekends (are you allowed to be hungover at the time? idk but probably)
- need to make eye contact with people
- basically have to be a NASA engineer to put those ballot boxes together
Clearly this job has potential to be mildly enjoyable. MILDLY ENJOYABLE YOU GUYS!
To inquire about this Summer job, Email Mary in the Promotions Dept msullivan@stingray.com or call 506-858-5525 and ask for Mary

if you scrolled this far, I am proud of you


Unknown said…
You need summer jobs for seniors lmao Bring it on hahahahaha