*UPDATE: we surpassed this year's goal!!* Radiothon 2022 #Friends #MonctonHospital

*** UPDATE JUNE 1, 2022 ***

Goal Met!!
The Friends of the Moncton Hospital Campaign Goal has been exceeded!
Lives will be saved thanks to your generosity - THANK YOU!
BTW, if you'd like to donate you can still do it HERE

*** End Latest Update ***

*** Update Feb 2022 ***

Thank you for making our radiothon an overwhelming success! More than $85,000 raised! Because of your generosity, lives will be saved!

*** end update ***

First things first, our 2022 Radiothon for Friends of the Moncton Hospital is Fri Feb 25. To Donate:

- CALL: 506-857-5488 (Press 2)
- CLICK HERE to pledge online
- SEND In a donation by mail to: Friends of The Moncton Hospital Foundation, 135 MacBeath Avenue, Moncton, NB, E1C 6Z8

And now, some outside-the-box ways to make extra money which you can donate to our Radiothon:
- Run a pyramid scheme: Is it illegal? Oh yes. 100%. Will you go to jail? So, I'm not a lawyer, but, yes. However, if you sign up a million people at 10 dollars each, that would be a wonderful donation to the hospital. Then, when you're up for parole, you can point out how you donated millions to charity. Also, you'll have all those prison stories to tell your friends. Obviously, it would be best to just not get caught, so maybe have a Go Bag stashed somewhere if you gotta leave town. 

recommended Go Bag dimensions for Ponzi Scheme enthusiast

Find a parking lot that doesn't charge anything for parking, and set up there like a parking lot attendant. You could probably make a lot of money downtown somewhere! What you need to pull this off: a uniform, cash box with float, ticket-dispensing machine, and a Can-Do attitude!

Forgeries are big money, if you can forge the Mona Lisa. I mean, that thing could make MILLIONS for charity. If you can't forge the Mona Lisa, maybe try a Jackson Pollock. Forge it, sell it to a rich person who won't miss a few million bucks, give the money to charity. It's not rocket surgery. 

I got one started for ya

- Have you considered embezzling from an evil company
An evil company pretty much has it coming. Get in there and embezzle the HECK outta those evil doers!! Like maybe the company that invented rubber spiders. Those things are scary, and only lead to bad feelings between pranksters and victims. idk, Just brainstorming evil companies here.
All I'm saying is find a cabal of evil doers and start there. But don't let them convince you to join them in their evildoings!!! Remember they're evil, so be careful. You know what, forget this one. I'm really worried you'll fall into the evil cabal trap and join them. NO CABALS!

uh oh, they're already online.