Bump: ALMOST OVER! Wild Lights 2021/2022 at Magnetic Hill Zoo: Merry and Bright!!

* WILD LIGHTS SPECIAL NOTICE: "We invite all Wild Lights guests to bring a non-perishable food item or cash donation when visiting on December 3 and 4. Volunteers will be collecting these donations to be given to the Food Depot Alimentaire."

WILD LIGHTS at MAGNETIC HILL ZOO is where the Zoo (125 Magic Mountain Rd) is decked out for Christmas, plus there's Zoo stuff to check out!
- Wild Lights happens December 2 to January 8 (not open Dec 24 & 25 though)
- Hours are 5p to 9p.
- Cost is $11 for adults, cheaper for younger kids (CLICK for pricing details)
- Purchase tickets online here: https://tickets.moncton.ca/
- In case of bad weather or Monkey Uprising* HERE'S THEIR FACEBOOK
*monkey uprising is unlikely

More here: (https://www.moncton.ca/wild-lights)