What a Weird Week 3.9 for Nov 12th 2021: French Fry Vodka and Hot Dog Trees!

What a Weird Week: the top ten countdown of weird stories from the news. Check (https://podcast.scottyandtony.com/) for links to all the stories and usual podcast stuff.   

10 Arby's Vodka that tastes like their french fries!
What a wonderful way to kick things off this week... a publicity stunt that can get you intoxicated... 
It's 80 proof... it is real... available for a limited time in the USA (https://www.arbys.com/)
- Who is the target market? French fry ethusiasts? It can't be Vodka enthusiasts because it sounds quite gross. What is even happening?

9 Lady runs marathon in personal best time... listen to this strategy though... 
It's a little gross... but it happens to everybody... this seasoned marathoner running in her thirty-something marathon developed stomach problems and had to stop 9 times at portapotties along the route... but she set got a personal best time!? Her strategy was to run as fast as she could to the next porta potty so she'd have time to use it... and ended up with a personal best!! 
So if you're a runner looking for a way to shave some time off your race, maybe treat it like you're running for the porta potty?  (https://www.insider.com/woman-stopped-9-porta-potties-during-marathon-got-personal-record-2021-11)
- This happened at the Philedelphia Marathon awhile ago but Deidre Keane was just featured in an aricle from Insider the other day... she's been featured on Humans of New York and has quite an inspiring story

8 What people do with their dishwasher is surprising...
A new survey came out the other day about dishwashers... 60% of people use their dishwasher to wash the dishes, but a big chuink of people surveyed use the dishwasher for other stuff (https://www.mediaite.com/weird/wait-what-one-sixth-of-americans-mainly-use-their-dishwasher-for-something-other-than-washing-dishes/)
- storage is one fairly common use for the dishwasher
- cooking things is also a legit answer... lasagne and poached salmon are two dishes you might want to try cooking with the dishwasher method... Here's how to do the lasagna... this lady says it takes 2 hours...  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmLCEtEoTKQ) 

7 Here's what's going into the National Toy Hall of Fame this year... 
American Girl Dolls, the board game Risk, and... Sand.
This is a slippery slope that the Toy Hall of Fame is going down to include sand as one of the greatest toys of all time... yes sand can be fun in the sand box... but if there are no rules about what constitues a greatest toy of all time then you're gonna end up with a museum full of sharp sticks and mud balls... if anything you've played with as a kid can get nominated... we're gonna need a bigger museum, and it's gonna have to be wrapped in bubble wrap... also they're gonna need to have bubble wrap inducted into the place...  ( https://www.instagram.com/tv/CV27WmnARiE/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link)

6 Little kids think there are hot dog trees...
According to this new study, over one-third of American kids (age 4-7) think that cheese, and bacon, and nuggs, and hamburgers and hot dogs... come from plants... but they don't think everything comes from plants so don't worry... they do think that french fries come from some kind of animal... so there's that... (https://sapienjournal.org/a-third-of-children-in-the-us-dont-know-how-meat-gets-to-the-table/)
Would you think french fries were a land-based animal, or something we fished from the sea?

5 My garbage can blows into the street on garbage day sometimes, and my nice neighbor brings it back for me... that is not our number 5 story, I just wanted to thank Jackobi for doing that... our number 5 story is about the garbage can that belonged to the City of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina which got away from them and ended up in Ireland. (https://twitter.com/MyrtleBeachGov/status/1457705557834485766?s=20)
While this story can be a great teachable moment about being good stewards of the earth... my favourite comment is from @DevotedKittyKat who says "Even the trash cans wanna leave Myrtle".

4 In Portugal it has become illegal for your boss to text you after work hours... the story got a lot of attention this week because I guess it was a problem there? Your boss could get in trouble for contacting you outside of regular hours?! It's hardly ever good news when your boss texts you after hours, is it? It's almost always "you need to cover off a shift" or "we just found your work diary in your cubicle and the disturbing stuff you wrote has got us all shook"  every time you guys!

3 I do not want to lose my All Audiences rating but we're gonna go ahead with the Demi Lovato story... it's nothing too wild, just a new business venture... which I am uncomfortable talking about because I am very buttoned down... it got some attention this week when the story came out that Demi Lovato has a new product on the market called the Demi Wand. It is a grownup happy funtime device. Demi hopes it will "take the stigma away from pleasure" but I also think Demi hopes it will take the stigma away from giving celebrities your money ? What I mean is, it costs $79. If you trust Demi's judgement on pleasure, and you have 80 bucks to spend, this might be for you. Link is PG13 (https://pagesix.com/2021/11/08/demi-lovato-releases-a-vibrator-called-the-demi-wand/)

2 More Christmas Weird: a judge in Georgia says Elf on the Shelf is banned in his county. So if you have kids who want Elf on the Shelf, but you don't, this judge has put the law on your side!
Is this a war on Christmas,,, a war on elves... or a war on shelves? Or a judge having some fun after some interaction with an elf and/or shelf... 

1 The feel-good story of the week: 40% of Americans say that going up or down one flight of stairs makes them realize how out of shape they are... so if you're winded after one flight of stairs, you are not alone! If you feel great after a flight of stairs, you are exceptional. This is a win-win feel good story you guys! The survey has a bunch more workout related stuff, but let's end on that happy note and go do a flight of stairs right now! Half a flight maybe... 
a runner works up the gumption to climb those stairs in the background (file photo)

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