What a Weird Week 3.8 for Nov 5th 2021: JetPack Mystery Solved? also: Very Large Objects!

What a Weird Week: the top ten countdown of weird stories from the news. Check (https://podcast.scottyandtony.com/) for links to all the stories and usual podcast stuff.   

10 A grocery store in Nebraska set a new world record for the biggest ice cream sandwich. It was almost 3000 pounds.
- a team of 30 experts worked 5 hours on it.
- they did it to draw attention to a couple charities that help to feed the hungry.
- they actually divided it up and gave it to a couple different food banks.
- no ice cream headaches were reported, which is a testament to their professionalism

9 Tom Hanks crashed a wedding again...
If you are getting married in a semi-public place, Tom Hanks might crash your wedding. He has what psychologists might call Nup-Nup Crashayitis (if psychologists allowed me to make diagnosis for them).
It's actually a nice story about a nice guy that everybody loves...
This couple were having a beach wedding in Santa Monica and Tom Hanks happened to be there... he watched from a distance but then was so moved by the ceremony that he went up to the couple to tell them that it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies he had ever seen.
He also gave the couple love advice, but no one's revealing what that was... I'm just gonna go with "Keep On Loving"??
Other infractions:
- Hanks crashed a couple's wedding photos years ago in Central Park.
- He was also posed for a photo with a bride in the early nineties when he was filming Forrest Gump.
If you want to meet Tom Hanks, getting married might improve your chances. This could be the way to get him that script you've written.

8 Our first Christmas story of the season! The bar that has Jukebox Rules concerning the playing of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" ...
This is a bar in Dallas... the rules are that you can't play the song until December 1st... and it's only allowed to be played once per night.
Mariah Carey heard about this and tweeted a picture of her getting ready to go to battle...

7 Seems like Elon Musk is just about ready to donate enough money to charity to literally end famine* *citation needed*
This all started (the campaign to get rich people's money I mean... not famine... famine started earlier...) This all started after someone from the United Nations World Food Program told CNN that the world's billionaires could donate 6 billion dollars and that would solve famine... Elon says he's willing as long as he gets a look at the plan first... he wants to make sure the money really is going to the solution... here's the quote: “If WFP can describe on this Twitter thread exactly how $6B will solve world hunger, I will sell Tesla stock right now and do it,” he wrote. “But it must be open source accounting, so the public sees precisely how the money is spent.”
Then the United Nations guy was all like 'the headline from CNN is misleading... 6 billion WON'T solve world hunger... but it'll help...' 
- - - "Alexa, is world hunger solved yet?"
To be continued...

6 Smelly Flower continues to gross out and fascinate the public...
The giant corpse flower has bloomed in California and people are lining up to see and I presume smell it. (https://www.news18.com/news/buzz/smells-like-dead-body-giant-corpse-plant-draws-crowds-in-southern-california-4397117.html)
5 Did they solve the Jet Pack Mystery? Maybe! (https://abcnews.go.com/US/theory-mysterious-lax-jet-pack-man-released-police/story?id=80926583&cid=social_twitter_abcn)
We talked about that Person in a Jet Pack sighting at LAX  before... commercial airline pilots spotted someone in a jet pack flying dangerously close to airplanes...who was doing that? Where did the Jetpacker get the expertise and the technology? Is this a Spaceman from Dimention Five? It's been almost two years of sightings and trying to figure it out and now they might have it solved... it might be that the JetPacker sightings were because of a Jack Skellington balloon.
The Los Angeles Police say that a helicopter crew got photos of a life-sized Jack Skellington/ Nightmare Before Christmas balloon near the spot where other sightings have happened... The FBI has said that they think that balloons could be responsible for these JetPacker sightings... The photo is creepy...

4 A very very big potato has made our countdown!
A couple in New Zealand dug up a 17.2 pound potato and named it Doug. Ever article about this says it MAY be the largest potato ever harvested... I think they're wording it that way because all the fact-checkers are busy on election stuff and Covid stuff, and they don't have time to chase down the potato story...
Here's an interesting part of the article from ABC10:
" Colin and Donna were weeding their garden in New Zealand when Colin's hoe struck something huge... Colin wondered if it was some kind of strange fungal growth... Colin pried it out with his garden fork, he scratched away a bit of the skin and tasted it."
SO first of all they discovered this giant potato by accident while weeding... then Colin was like, 'not sure what this is, I'll just give it a taste then...'
BTW, the current World Record Holding Giant Potato is 5 KGs and Doug the Potato is almost 8 KGs.
It kind of looks like a Walrus with his chin on his paw, having a good think...
3 This week the SpaceX rocket restroom reno was in the news...
When the crew from the International Space Station flies home in the SpaceX rocket, they will not be able to use the restroom because there's a problem with it... so until that gets resolved, they'll have to take care of business the same way astronauts did in the good ol' days... it got a lot of press coverage this week... there's something about space toilets that captures the imagination of a lot of reporters
2 A new study into whales shows that we were way off on how much whales eat... a blue whale can eat up to 50 million calories a day... someone crunched those numbers and that would be around 80,000 Big Macs.
If you had a fast food franchise for whales, you'd be the richest person on the planet.
1 New Time Change Study says keep doing the time change!?...

I always heard that the time change was bad... that there were more car accidents and medical emergencies... and I think the stats still indicate this ("There’s really no reason we should continue to do this back and forth,” said Erin Flynn-Evans, a consultant to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Public Safety Committee."). According to that expert we should stop changing our clocks.

BUT... now there's another study that says WE SHOULD KEEP DOING the Spring Ahead/ Fall Back Boogie©... ("The study author argues that canceling daylight saving time would mean people must deal with the impact of dark mornings and distorted sleep rhythms for three months out of the year — instead of twice a year for a couple of days."). BTW, the Spring Ahead/ Fall Back Boogie sounds like something dirty - I didn't google it just in case.

There are a ton of articles about what you should do with the extra hour that you're getting this weekend, but my favourite is THIS ONE from the BBC which suggests stuff like "Be Mindful" (for a whole hour you guys? nonpossible!) and "Read Shakespeare" (is Jackie Collins good enough?) also "Bake an Unusual Cake" (this one really hit home).

👉Please remember to put new batteries in your smoke detector this weekend too!