What a Weird Week 3.10 for Nov 21 2021: Enormous Peanut Butter Cups and How to Rob a Bank *results may vary

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10 Fifty-two year old bank robbery Solved!
52 years ago, a bank teller named Theodore Conrad showed up for work at a bank in Cleveland. He was 20 years old at the time. When the work day was over, he stuffed $215,000 into a paper bag and left.
They've been looking for him ever since!
- in today's money that would be like stealing 1.7 million!!
- this happened on a Friday so the bank didn't even know the money was gone until the next week
- this was on Unsolved Mysteries and America's Most Wanted... the feds have been chasing down leads for decades!
Turns out he had moved to Boston and changed his name... the feds are closing the case but no arrest because Theo passed away this Spring at age 71.
How does this happen? He just walked out with a big bag of money... then got away with it for 50 years... !? Criminal Mastermind? or Very Lucky?
BTW, Stealing is Wrong. Even if it seems like the bank is basically asking to be robbed.
how to rob a bank (results may vary)

9 World Record in Curling Longevity?!
In the Capital City of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada a bunch of curlers are curled like crazy for charity and for a Guinness World Record! They were hoping to curl for 120 hours and raise 120 thousand dollars for charity... they did the 120 hours, but made over 160 grand!! The score ended up in the hundreds. If you've never curled before, it is cold, and the sweeping, Good Lord! You use muscles which you didn't know you had. It's a terrible, excruciating, unpleasant time. That's why all curling clubs have bars attached. So you can drink. To numb the pain and persistent gloom that is the sport of curling.
Good job, curlers!!
(https://www.facebook.com/CapitalWinterClub) and (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/fredericton-nb-guinness-record-curling-1.6256534?cmp=rss)

typical curling game

8 The Biggest Movies on Netflix...
Netflix used to not say too much about how well their movies and shows did... it used to be like "It is very successful" but now they are dishing out actual numbers... here are their top English language movies based on hours -streamed during the first 28 days of release...
1 Bird Box
2 Extraction
3 The Irishman
4 The Kissing Booth 2

The top English language TV shows of all time for Netflix are...
1 Bridgerton: Season 1
2 Stranger Things 3
3 The Witcher: Season 1
4 13 Reasons Why: Season 2
Use their link to find the good stuff (https://top10.netflix.com/)

7 New Survey: Telling lies to our Pets weighs heavy on our conscience...
80% of us feel bad telling lies to our pets. It's hard on us. Thank goodness we can lie like a cheap rug when it comes to other people. Imagine if your boss were a dog and you called in sick after the Superbowl...
"Uh, yeah, Mr. Captain Fluffy Pants, sir, I can't come in today... I'm having an allergic reaction to some medication... I... uh... DANGIT, I CAN'T LIE TO YOU! See you at the 9:00 meeting. I'll bring you a treat!"
Thanks goodness most of us aren't faced with that scenario. #DogBoss (I'd watch that show... if Disney Plus ever returned my calls!)
Also, what if you were in traffic court for something and you turn to tell the judge your sob story and the judge is that dog Beethoven!? You're going to jail at that point, aren't you? You can't lie to Beethoven.

we're going to the vet, aren't we? you sit on a throne of lies.
6 The Russian satellite that blew up...
They did it themselves with a missile...but now all the little pieces are floating around creating a space hazard for everyone else in space.
From The Atlantic: "The astronauts were still asleep when NASA called the International Space Station. “Hey, Mark, good morning. Sorry for the early call,” ... 'You need to leave the Space Station and go wait in the spaceship that's docked beside you...'
The Space Station folks had to get ready to make an emergency escape!
That is bananas! How can this happen and it be a surprise to everyone? Shouldn't there be some kind of courtesy call? Turns out, there is no system in place to keep everyone informed.
Also, isn't this the plot to a Sandra Bullock movie? (https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2021/11/nasa-russia-anti-satellite-test-orbital-debris/620728/)

5 They came out with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pie just in time for American Thanksgiving but it was too popular... It's the biggest Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ever made (that wasn't a one-off World Record attempt)... 9 inches across and over 3 pounds. So they made 3,000 and all of them sold out a little while later. But, I mean, there's no secret recipe involved here, so you can make your own... just buy 3 or 4 pounds of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and cobble together something... it might not look pretty, but are we going for looks or are we going for a giant deelicious dream-come-true peanut butter cup...right? (https://shop.hersheys.com/candy-types/new%21/HSY-008601.html)

4 Energy Clothes!
Scientists have made fabric that is breathable, flexible, and also generates electricity through people moving while wearing it. (any one of those things is pretty great by itself, so all three is pretty great.)
It doesn't generate a ton of power right now but we are on our way to something big!
Imagine if your workout clothes charged your smart device while you worked out! Or, imagine the part-time jobs that will be crfeated when rich people hire us to walk around their estates generating enough power to run  the jacuzzi... it's gonna be great you guys! #Dystobia

3 This story from Digg about how to walk got my attention... 
Really the article is about walking so that you get a good workout because we are doing it wrong? 
If you really wanna burn the cals, walk normally for a minute, then walk like your butt is on fire for 30 seconds... keep doing that for as long as your walk is and you are showing those calories who's in charge!
Also the article says carry weights on your walk.
I thought that could be bad for the joints or something but this article says try it. Please consult your workout expert or TV infomercial guru before attempting*

2 The Robot Battle Competition that the US Government put together...
Washington Post article: "The Pentagon’s $82 Million Super Bowl of Robots"
So this challenge is called the DARPA Subterranean Challenge and it might be the thing that makes people obsolete or maybe it will just make it so we end up serving our robot masters...
Really it's supposed to encourage engineers to make robots that can save people and do first responder type things, but I saw this documentary called RoboCop in the 1980s, and I'm pretty sure we're in trouble... also Black Mirror on Netflix is another great documentary to check out on the subject...

1) This new dog communicator should be called the Dog Collar/ Caller... also, will it have Collar ID? Hiiiiiyoooooooo!!!! ... *seemed more clever when I was tired*
The DogPhone is a new gizmo where your dog can video call you. This will help your dog with separation anxiety and also will be nice for when your dog wants to call and get permission to have a few friends over after school... 
Once your dog figures out how to call the pizza place though... that could be bad...
"another large with extra sausage?  Princess Pretty Paws, that's the 9th time this week!!"  

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