Is it Bad that Clocks Fall Back Sunday Morning at 2:00am? #TimeChange #FallBack2021

I always heard that the time change was bad... that there were more car accidents and medical emergencies... and I think the stats still indicate this ("There’s really no reason we should continue to do this back and forth,” said Erin Flynn-Evans, a consultant to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Public Safety Committee."). According to that expert we should stop changing our clocks.

BUT... now there's another study that says WE SHOULD KEEP DOING the Spring Ahead/ Fall Back Boogie©... ("The study author argues that canceling daylight saving time would mean people must deal with the impact of dark mornings and distorted sleep rhythms for three months out of the year — instead of twice a year for a couple of days."). BTW, the Spring Ahead/ Fall Back Boogie sounds like something dirty - I didn't google it just in case.

There are a ton of articles about what you should do with the extra hour that you're getting this weekend, but my favourite is THIS ONE from the BBC which suggests stuff like "Be Mindful" (for a whole hour you guys? nonpossible!) and "Read Shakespeare" (is Jackie Collins good enough?) also "Bake an Unusual Cake" (this one really hit home).

👉Please remember to put new batteries in your smoke detector this weekend too!