what a weird week s3 ep 4: Canadian Thanksgiving and what to be for Halloween #SquidGame Oct 9 2021

What a Weird Week: the top ten countdown of weird stories from the news. Check (https://podcast.scottyandtony.com/) for links to all the stories and usual podcast stuff.

10 Those people who found that gemstone at a park... one time I found ten bucks at the bank machine and I felt so good... these people found a multi carat diamond! How does that work? This state park has diamonds lying around?! And you can go there and pick up the diamonds? And keep them? What the hay?
"A California couple vacationing in Arkansas discovered a massive diamond at a state park." (https://nypost.com/2021/09/30/couple-stops-at-arkansas-national-park-leaves-with-giant-diamond/)

9 Once again science comes through just in time for Halloween season to tell us what movies are really scary! (https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3684982/scientific-study-determined-30-scariest-horror-movies-time/)

8 What is the best Halloween decoration?
I think we can all agree that it's the homemade graveyard with work gloves reaching up from the grave, right?
This survey came out... it says skeletons, then pumpkins and spiders.

7 The invention of the Big Toe Sock has me pretty excited. Put it on then put a regular sock on. Double sock protection so that you don't have to worry about taking that first step... you are unstubbable with the big toe sock"

6 A couple people got drunk and broke into a waterpark where they got broken ankles. Now those breaker-inners are suing the waterpark.
You have to be careful with these lawsuits because our instinct is to be like "people be cray/ too many lawsuits ruin everything!" but then you read about that lady who sued *fast food place* for spilling hot coffee on herself and the truth of that case was way different than it seemed on the surface. (https://www.reddit.com/r/YoureWrongAbout/comments/pnbw7l/youre_wrong_about_the_mcdonalds_hot_coffee_case/)
Having said that... here are the waterpark avengers (copyright Weird Week Enterprises) on a British talk show speaking about their lawsuit... so you can decide how you want to feel about it... by the way, these two were not charged with anything after breaking in and being rescued by police/ first responders,

5 New Study Alert: This one is about how people who are the class clown growing up tend to be more intelligent.
This study is suggesting that smart kids are class clowns, not that class clowning makes you smart, but I say it's worth looking into having all the kids take comedy in grade school. All the kids need to have eight minutes of material ready to go.
If it makes the kids smarter, we need to get on that. Good Lord, remember public speaking in school and how awful that was to do? It aint gonna be easy, future geniuses, but let's get going on this primary school stand-up comedy!!
The shy kid can do a ventriloquist act maybe... you know, because we've solved bullying so there's nothing for them to worry about...
The Advanced English kids can do a whole set on Shakespeare... "Get it? He was using puns! Puns, you guys!!"
Athletic kids can do a lot of physical comedy... or prop comedy like Carrot Top... he's quite muscle bound, right?

4 Squid game is slowing down the internet?
Squid game is a super-hyped-up Netflix show from South Korea that nobody wanted for years... finally the creator gets it on TV, now Netflix keeps warning us that it's gonna be bigger than Bridgerton... which was Netflixed most-watched show ever. My buddy Tony says it's good, but I got burned before by one of his suggestions so I'm waiting a bit longer on Squid Game. Tony recommended the Nicole Kidman as a Russian Therapist show and so now I'm not ready to trust him yet... I'll get there... but not yet. Still, why am I waiting on Squid Game when it's slowing down the internet? There is a lawsuit by a South Korean internet provider that says Squid Game is slowing down the internet! If a show is that popular, I should watch it maybe...
BTW, I don't want to live in a world where one TV show can slow down the internet. Doesn't it seem like that shouldn't happen? They have shows that stream in 4K... why do they have shows that stream in 4K if there's a possibility that it will slow down the whole internet?
Add 4K to the list of things to keep an eye on...
- cloning dinosaurs
- Ai and the robot uprising
- 4K TV shows
We need to keep an eye on all those things or they might destroy society.
BTW, the internet slowing down is just a claim in a lawsuit, so it might not really be true... to be continued...

3 Think Twice Before Carving that Pumpkin this Halloween!
In Boston, there's a neighborhood trying to get out in front of a rat infestation that they believe will occur when people put out carved pumpkins this Halloween. They're asking people not to do it because it will attract rats. Rats find Jack-o-Lanterns delicious. This is another one that you can blame on lousy stinkin Covid. When restaurants closed during the pandemic, rats moved to people's homes... so... restaurants keep rats away from our neighborhoods, which is not nice to think about... anyway, these suburbs rats find pumpkins delightful and they will be out on Halloween getting their own delicious treats unless precautions are taken...
- don't put out pumkins
- I guess also, don't put out piles of garbage... because rats love that stuff... sorry if that was gonna be part of your Halloween display... like, some sort of haunted landfill theme...
The article uses the phrase "Keep your gourds indoors" which sounds like a lesser-known hit from Seals and Crofts, so I love that.

2 Cereal Check-in:
Promo People have a terrible job because you are constantly looking for ways to get a brand some attention in a time where people are fickle and have less attention span than ever... you might work so hard to get people thinking about buying Tide detergent only to find your brand trending because people are eating it by the spoonful on Tik Tok... so I try not to get too cynical about these publicity stunts...
They Pumpkin-Spicefied Cheerios for the Autumn season... I'm sure some people like them...
but what about that new Wendy's Frosty flavored cereal? It might be delicious (Wendy's Frostys are delicious) but when the coffee shop came out with donut cereal, it just didn't taste like chocolate glaze to me... I will reserve judgment on Wendy's Frosty Cereal. It's not easy for me to do that because I judge like crazy...
It should be out in December and they describe it as "cocoa-coated multigrain cereal pieces and chocolate-flavored marshmallow pieces, working together to create the Frosty taste you love." Do I let myself love again? What if Frosty Cereal breaks my heart?

1 More Halloween Costume stuff because it's Halloween all month...
Google always has the top Halloween costumes and different trends on their Fright Geist page... we had some other Halloween stuff in last week's podcast if you click the show notes you can get to the website and check that out...
According to the latest Google data, the number one costume for adults and wee little babies is Squid Game.
Having not seen Squid Game yet I'm just gonna go with fat vampire again this year.