What a Weird Week S3 E3: Bigfoot! Also, it's Halloween already you guys. October 1, 2021

What a Weird Week: the top ten countdown of weird stories from the news. Check (https://podcast.scottyandtony.com/) for links to all the stories and usual podcast stuff.

10 Big discovery has Bigfoot enthusiasts excited... Researchers have found the oldest-human-footprints-in-North-America in New Mexico ... in a dry lake bed. Clarification: they found these fossilized footprints years ago, but the new thing is that they analyzed seeds that were in stuck in those footprints, and the foot that stepped on those seeds did that around 22000 years ago* (non scientific rounding by me).
- Scientists are happy because they're getting new data about when people showed up in North America... it seems like it's a lot earlier than was thought...
- The Bigfoot guy I read was excited because conventional science was wrong about early man, and so they might be wrong about Bigfoot... that's my drastic summation...
- also believers in the lost continent of Atlantis were excited because they thought these footprints proved something... so a lot of excitement... (https://apnews.com/article/lifestyle-science-travel-fossils-new-mexico-97cb4b2ea0f499d6ea5fbfebab243413)

9 Gizmodo's list of worst Halloween costumes for 2021 includes "Sexy Safari Guide", "Sexy Buzz Lightyear", "Naughty Nerd". (https://gizmodo.com/worst-halloween-costumes-2021-1847736303)

8 90 year old actor, singer, and man-about-town, William Shatner, is going to space (scheduled for Oct 12th). This will be:
1) a world record for the oldest person ever to go into space, and
2) pretty much a commercial for the Jeff Bezos Space Tourism business.
Is no one else worried about this? Or is the whole publicity stunt meant to show that old people will do fine in space, so quit worrying, ageist jerks. ? (https://www.space.com/william-shatner-album-possible-blue-origin-flight)

7 Those hikers who found a dog in a cave and saved him.
Hawkeye the dog was thirty feet down and the hikers just happened to find him. They repelled down thirty feet and saved this dog! They were Rescue Humans (copyright 2021)

see @dodo for a million animal stories every day. ONE. MILLION.

6 That four-year-old girl in California who loves Michael Myers from the Halloween movies. She had a Michael Myers birthday party... she even said "I Love You" to Michael Myers. That's weird, right?

5 The town in Iowa that made 14,280 pancakes to get the Guinness World Record.
If you want to break this record you have to make sure each pancake is at least 5 inches in diameter and no more than .39 inch thick.

4 A museum in Denmark gave this artist around $80,000 to use in an art installment. The money was supposed to be featured in the art. Instead the artist delivered empty picture frames and kept the money. He called the exhibit "Take the Money and Run".
The museum wants their money back, but they also still put up the exhibit of empty picture frames. Art is complicated.

3 Followup from an earlier podcast: Rihanna continues to be very wealthy and has a hard time conceptualizing the billion dollars she has. That's basically the whole story. She remembers her humble beginnings. That's nice. She can afford to not be nice I guess, but she keeps being herself? I think that's what they're going for in the story. Not as common of a theme when you read stories about the wealthy... (https://uproxx.com/music/rihanna-billionaire-hard-to-accept/)

2 Netflix says ‘Bridgerton’ is its most-watched series ever... but wait! A new show is knocking on the door!! (https://www.marketwatch.com/story/netflix-says-bridgertonis-its-most-watched-series-ever-but-maybe-not-for-long-11632788864)
“Bridgerton” is that historical romance with plenty of scenes featuring happy happy fun times. So, it's Netflix’s all-time Number One but the Netflix people say keep an eye on that "Squid Game" show from South Korea. They expect big numbers from that one. idk you guys.

1 Earlier we had the 'What not to dress as this Halloween' story... now here's 'What to dress as' ... from the National Retail Federation.
For kids, it's Spider-Man, a princess, and Batman.
For grown-ups, it's witch, vampire, and a ghost.
What about the pets?!!!!??!!!!! Go with a pumpkin costume, a hot dog, or superhero.