What a Weird Week Oct 29 2021: Halloween Special! Season 3 Episode 7

What a Weird Week: the top ten countdown of weird stories from the news. Check (https://podcast.scottyandtony.com/) for links to all the stories and usual podcast stuff.

For this episode we're going to circle back to the top Halloween stories of the season...

10 Giant skeleton in yard to promote Covid safety (https://abc11.com/halloween-skeleton-covid-raleigh-vaccine-display/10929934/)
This guy in Raleigh lost his mother-in-law to Covid... so to... I don't know... honour her? and to spread the message that Covid is bad and peoplke should do what they can to not spread Covid... he made like a haunted front yard with a giant Halloween skeleton... like, to show that Covid is scary serious... idk 
9 Gizmodo's list of worst Halloween costumes for 2021 includes "Sexy Safari Guide", "Sexy Buzz Lightyear", "Naughty Nerd". (https://gizmodo.com/worst-halloween-costumes-2021-1847736303)

8 That four-year-old girl in California who loves Michael Myers from the Halloween movies. She had a Michael Myers birthday party... she even said "I Love You" to Michael Myers. That's weird, right?

    "My daughter is in love with Michael Myers lmao. He came to her birthday party, she heard the Halloween theme song and started looking for him 😂🥳🥳 pic.twitter.com/C3j0CP29DK
    — 𝓇𝑜𝓈𝑒 (@vxmpyra) September 26, 2021"

7 Earlier we had the 'What not to dress as this Halloween' story... now here's 'What to dress as' ... from the National Retail Federation.
For kids, it's Spider-Man, a princess, and Batman.
For grown-ups, it's witch, vampire, and a ghost.
What about the pets?!!!!??!!!!! Go with a pumpkin costume, a hot dog, or superhero.

6 Once again science comes through just in time for Halloween season to tell us what movies are really scary! (https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3684982/scientific-study-determined-30-scariest-horror-movies-time/)

5 What is the best Halloween decoration?
I think we can all agree that it's the homemade graveyard with work gloves reaching up from the grave, right?
This survey came out... it says skeletons, then pumpkins and spiders.

4 Think Twice Before Carving that Pumpkin this Halloween!
In Boston, there's a neighborhood trying to get out in front of a rat infestation that they believe will occur when people put out carved pumpkins this Halloween. They're asking people not to do it because it will attract rats. Rats find Jack-o-Lanterns delicious. This is another one that you can blame on lousy stinkin Covid. When restaurants closed during the pandemic, rats moved to people's homes... so... restaurants keep rats away from our neighborhoods, which is not nice to think about... anyway, these suburbs rats find pumpkins delightful and they will be out on Halloween getting their own delicious treats unless precautions are taken...
- don't put out pumpkins
- I guess also, don't put out piles of garbage... because rats love that stuff... sorry if that was gonna be part of your Halloween display... like, some sort of haunted landfill theme...
The article uses the phrase "Keep your gourds indoors" which sounds like a lesser-known hit from Seals and Crofts, so I love that.

3 More Halloween Costume stuff...
Google always has the top Halloween costumes and different trends on their Fright Geist page... we had some other Halloween stuff in last week's podcast if you click the show notes you can get to the website and check that out...
According to the latest Google data, the number one costume for adults and wee little babies is Squid Game.
Having not seen Squid Game yet I'm just gonna go with fat vampire again this year.

2 Candy corn infused sausage might be delicious... or it might ruin two delicious separate things that, when combined, are super duper gross... but you gotta try... if you're a Butcher Shop feeling left out during pumpkin spice season, candy corn is your way to say, hey consumers who will try anything in the run up to Halloween, here's some meat... (https://www.nbc15.com/2021/10/08/trick-or-treat-madison-market-unveils-new-candy-corn-brats/)

1 Candy Corn Factory Hacked!
Who hacks a Candy Corn company?
Is it: A) Someone who hates Candy Corn
B) Someone who loves Candy Corn??
That's almost everyone. Almost everyone is a suspect. Authorities have named everyone a person of interest.
Here's what happened... it was one of those Ransomeware attacks and it was on the company that makes the vast majority of Candy Corn in North America.
It hurt production. Before Halloween. Ahead of US Thanksgiving and Christmas. What a disaster. The company has resolved the issue but they're still not at 100% production...
Did they hack the candy corn computers or what? There's not a lot of info being shared about the specifics... but stuff just got real - they're going after our candy, you guys. OUR CANDY!