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What a Weird Week Oct 16 2021: the one with Vrimp! S3 E5

What a Weird Week: the top ten countdown of weird stories from the news. Check ( for links to all the stories and usual podcast stuff.
10 candy corn infused sausage might be delicious... or it might ruin two delicious separate things that, when combined, are super duper gross... but you gotta try... if you're a Butcher Shop feeling left out during pumpkin spice season, candy corn is your way to say, hey consumers who will try anything in the run up to Halloween, here's some meat... (

9 The other day when Hellman's Mayonnaise tweeted that we should try some in our coffee, it was divisive... no wait, not that... just  everybody hated them for it...
Hellman's tweeted: "hey weirdos, put our product in your coffee or else"... just kidding... they said something else but people got mad... it does seem like a gross thing to do to add Mayonnaise to your coffee... so why did Hellman's tweet about?
Like, who thought of it, why did they tweet it, and then why did they double down on it being perfectly normal?
A funny side effect of all this, besides people getting really angry at a mayonnaise company, is that Dionne Warwick apparently blocked Hellman's on Twitter because they shouldn't be telling people what to do...

8 the lady who almost got hit by a meteorite! The story is bonkers but here goes... lady hears a huge bang... something crashes through her roof... narrowly misses her and lands on her pillow... they think it's legit a meteorite...
Now the lady is like immensely jazzed up... it's like a a new lease on life... this happened in BC and there are a lot of eyewitnesses to a shooting star that made a bang the night this all happened... so it seems like the lady narrowly avoided getting hit by a meteorite... that would've been a weird investigation... somebody would've gone to jail over that... what jury would believe it was a meteorite?

7 I Can't Believe it's not Shrimp!
Nestle Foods has launched a plant-based shrimp alternative (shrimpternative?) that they call Vrimp. It's only available in a few European countries right now so, hang on, fans of shrimp-like food. What will they plant-base next?! Unicorns?

6 William Shatner went to space for minutes.
We talked about how it was gonna happen, and now it has... there was a lot of press coverage and excitement... my kids asked me who William Shatner was... like they kinda knew but were a little bit confused about the whole deal...  I took it as an opportunity to point out that he was in the TV movie "Kingdom of the Spiders" where he somehow survived spider attack several times while lesser actors died almost instantly upon contact with the spiders... he just knows how to show a spider who's boss, you know? (

5 Strange radio waves from center of galaxy?!
There are weird signals coming from the middle of the Milky Way according to astronomers. Here's the quote from the article: "The radio waves fit no currently understood pattern of variable radio source and could suggest a new class of stellar object."
A new space object, you guys!
I say, unlock the door to your bomb shelter or safe room, and just wait for further instructions... I've seen this movie before and it doesn't end well for us.
Another quote: "The information we do have has some parallels with another emerging class of mysterious objects known as galactic center radio transients, including one dubbed the 'cosmic burper."
Cosmic Burper needs to be copyrighted pronto... either a new member of the Marvel Universe or a drink you get at the Star Wars cantina??

4 Chinese Dancing Moms have been dealt a serious setback...
There is this thing that's been happening in China where big groups of ladies (think Moms and Grammies) go to the park and dance together with loud music playing. It bugs people because: loud music.
Also, no one wants to ask the large group of grammies to stop it because that's a little scary.
So now there's this speaker silencing stun gun that can turn off a speaker from far away that's got errbody jacked up! Some people are skeptical.
- Dancing phenomenon here: (
- Silencing Speaker Remote Gun info: (


3 Using Energy Bikes to Fry Doughnuts ...
CBS News ( had this story the other day (it's been in the news in Australia for a while)... you pedal for about twenty minutes on the stationary bike and it generates enough energy to fry a doughnut ... this school in Australia has kids using these energy bikes/ learning about energy consumption/ socializing while making the world a better place. They turned an unused a building on school grounds into an energy hub with solar panels, energy bikes, and I'm gonna say maybe a fusion reactor can't be that far off... imagine what it could do for us all if these energy bikes were put into gyms and schools and our homes... or even in a park somewhere so you could charge your phone... #GoodNewsStory   

2 That reporter who delivered his whole report while skateboarding.
He was doing a report at the skate park, about skate park stuff, and did his whole report while skateboarding. So Great! Here's my elevator pitch: a show featuring reporters competing to see who gets the cool assignments like the skate park story.
In my mind, all the reporters had a skateboarding competition to see who got to do the story and Vic won. I think somebody broke their hip trying to win the assignment. When you lose, you gotta take the bad assignment... like that broken hip reporter had to do the human interest story about how stress gives you bad breath, or something...That's a TV show I'd make an appointment for: "Reporter Royale".
If you know of any TV execs, let me know in the comments section.

reporters fighting for assignments (genius' envisioning)

1 Tinder wants to help you find a date for your friend's wedding...
It's a new feature called "plus one" and it is specifically for people who are looking to take a date to a wedding. I've been married way too long to know what Tinder even is, but this must be something they think is worth doing... I guess it's quite stressful to be single and invited to a friend's wedding... and this will help with that? What about a feature that generates legit excuses so you don't even have to go to the wedding? Like, you get invited to a wedding... you open the app and plug in the day that the wedding is... and the app books you into rehab that day... or arranges for have you kidnapped for a few months... still in the brainstorming stages but these apps, you guys... you can make MILLIONS!!  (

Also number 1 (we have a tie this week?! Seems arbitrary.)... Would you like it if your Apple Airpods could take your temperature and remind you to stand up straight?
Apple is working on that... idk it seems like somebody would say that we should be worried about oversharing private info to these corporations... Apple's also working on Airpods that help you to hear better...
Should we be excited or nervous? What if we're nervous, but then our Airpods tell us to relax? I'd like that a little bit I think... as long as they don't get too bossy...
Earphone: "Go easy on the gravy, sir."
Me: (loses earphone in bowl of gravy)

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